Kali Yuga

2012 & the Kali Yuga

by Bruce Fenton 2012 Rising

One of the most interesting calendar coincidences in relation to the Mayan 2012 information, is the similarity between the start dates of the last long count cycle of the Mayan system and the Hindu’s Kali Yuga. Yuga’s are vast periods of time, epoch’s that relate to the Earths journey around a cosmological central sun. …

Most 21-12-2012 researchers are aware of the 3114BCE start date of the current (Mayan) long count cycle, less people are aware however that the Kali Yuga, a predicted era of moral decent and spiritual bleakness, began in the year 3102BCE. A startling similarity, a mere 12 years difference for systems on different sides of the planet. …

It is however a mistake  for people to seek a link between the Mayan 2012 end-date and the closing of the Kali Yuga. Though their starts may have links the ends do not (although some suggest this is an error). The Kali Yuga is set to continue on for a vast period of time, at least 432,000 years …

Its worth noting that the Buddhist philosophy does not tend to hold with the idea that a time of any great Universal significance will happen in our near future, (but rather) every moment carries the same inherent problems and their solutions. … There have been suggestions in relation to 2012, that the next Buddha will arise at this time in a rather Judeo-Christian end of days scenario. Unfortunately anyone educated in Buddhist lore will know that it is made clear that fully enlightened Buddha’s only arise millions of years apart. …

21-12-2012 may close a cycle of time related to consciousness change within our species, after all the Mayans were highly focussed on biological and environmental cycles. …

It is wise to perhaps disregard the position which suggests suddenly every person on Earth will automatically become fully enlightened spiritual beings … The last time a Great Year period ended we did not have this happen, nor in prior cycles … Whether perhaps some certain persons… ascend to a higher dimension remains possible, but as stated that’s not everyone on Earth. …

(the website quoted above is written from a Buddhist perspective)

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