Disclaimer: If I write or post against the Qur’an or the Talmud I will be accused of being racist. I am not a racist, but I say those two guides for living are wrong and teach people to do evil things. You can not trust their followers; they are taught that you are their enemy and you are not to be told the truth. You can only hope to persuade them to recant.

That being said; here we go!

Below are some of the purported conspiracies vying for world domination. Their success will set the stage for the antichrist. I can’t say I know who it will be, but if the bible prophecies hold true (and they will), he is Assyrian (Isaiah 14:25, etc.). This does not help prove specific identity, as prince William or any other contender could claim Assyrian lineage, but it does point toward the ancient stream from which the antichrist agenda comes: Mystery, Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots (Rev. 17:5).

Mystery Babylon refers to the secret tradition of Nimrod and his wife/mother, Semiramis, who gained great fame in the ancient world for overturning the patriarchal authority of Noah.  They engineered an intrusion of angels, whose hybrid angelic/human offspring, the nephelim, who temporarily became worshiped as earthly rulers. The intent was to rule the world again as had been done prior to Noah’s time. This movement was broken with the destruction of the Tower of Babel, and since then the mystery tradition of Babylon has sought to reinstate this worldwide kingdom.

Of the conspiracies below, an authentic one would be rooted in this mystery tradition of the Babylonish kingdom. The Talmudic tradition, then, becomes an immediate choice, since it was birthed among the Jewish pharisees (priesthood) during exile in Babylon. But the endorsement of conspiracy, theft, fraud, rape, murder, etc. against outsiders is shared by several if not all of them – certainly this claim is made against the Talmudic, Qur’anic and Jesuit traditions.

Turkey may be the pivot embodying the reason why the Talmud and Quran can be so similar in philosophy, and how the antichrist can sign a covenant between the Muslims and the Jews regarding the temple in Jerusalem, and why for some Muslims the Islamic Mahdi (the Christian Antichrist) comes from Turkey (Check out this history, as posted on Lunatic Outpost by The Seeger).

It seems there are presently several antichrist campaigns, working independently but sharing certain strategic goals. This situation could be the cause for some of the coming political and military conflict that is prophetically described.

As in the Highlander story, in the end there can be only one.

The Biblical Gog

Islam and the Beast

The Qur’anic Islam

Is it president prince el hassan bin talal (of Jordan) who is Assyrian, muslim, 42nd generation decedent of muhammed and “the prince that shall come”?

Revelation 13:18, 666 and the Muslim Misbillah

The Qur’anic Mahdi

Talmudic Zionism

Brother Nathaniel’s Antichrist

The Ashkenazi Rothschilds


The Satanic Cult That Rules the World

The New Catholic Power


The Broken Cross a history of the infiltration that became Vatican II church.

The Plan of the Freemasons and Communists

The Nazi Christ

Barak Hussein Obama

The Merovingian

Antichrist and a Cup of Tea, and all that

The Nephelim Phoenix

Nephelim Return


The Nine

The New Age Christ


Theosophist Antichrist

New Age New World; Safe for Democracy

The Christ of Shambhala

Shambhala in the Altai Mts

Be advised; the above website belongs to a gnostic heretic who endorses group sex, saying that this practice was taught to and by the early church. “Jesus taught them group sexuality, to love HIM and love one another.

The Rabbinical Apocalypse

Messiah ben Joseph

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