Every race has skeletons in its closet, and the Basques appear to be no exception. Here is what appear to be their roots. What is written below has no bearing on the current general population of this people, and is not meant to be offensive.


I surmise that the Basques are one of the vestiges of an ancient worldwide “Atlantean” power that had presence on the Iberian peninsula, the Americas, the Gobi, and elsewhere. They mined and controlled the strategic and money metals of the bronze age, tin, gold, and silver.

Genetic Research on the Ancient Basques:

They are not European.

“In an effort to measure the mtDNA types present in the ancient Basques, a group of Spanish geneticists obtained dental samples from 121 individuals buried in four separate prehistoric Basque sites. In addition, bone samples (femurs) were used to confirm results. The burial sites were carbon dated from 3,000 B.C. to 1,400 B.C.

“The surprising results showed that not a single individual in the ancient group had the expected haplogroup V. The most frequent haplogroup found was H (at 37.2 percent). This type (H) is the most common mtDNA found in all modern-day European populations. … The geneticists were forced to conclude that Haplogroup V entered the area after 3,000 B.C. …

They are … Altaic, Middle Eastern, and North American, and of course, Basque! They carried on an Atlantic trade. I don’t know about the Pacific.

“Extremely significant in light of the Cayce readings is the presence of haplogroup X in ancient Basque mtDNA. … The X type is frequently found in modern descendants of the (North American) Iroquois and in ancient burials in Iroquois’ lands. The X haplogroup has also been identified in the Middle East and, in 2001, it was found in a tribe living in the Altaic Mountains of the Gobi. All of these of course are areas where Cayce specifically stated Atlantean survivors fled in 10,000 B.C.

“The Editors of Ancient Mysteries, along with John Van Auken, have hypothesized that the X haplogroup may be the genetic link to the ancient Atlanteans.”


This would be the Phoenicians, and/or proto-Phoenicians, who carried this tradition, mining these metals around the world and worshiping the sun by human sacrifice.

Today’s world-class occultists (particularly those that practice human sacrifice) seek the rebirth of the Phoenix, which is the rebirth of this power through the return of their god-king. The Phoenix is depicted on the great seal of the United States with this prophetic hope in mind, and high-level politicians such as Hillary Clinton wear the Phoenix pin to express their allegiance to the cause.


The once and future king.


Atlantic and Mediterranean.


By esoteric study, and subterfuge (i.e., conspiracy).


They think it is their birth-right and that they are the super-race.

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