Apollo’s Olympic Torch

From whence comes the fire in the Olympic torch that is carried across the world? Does it symbolize the enlightenment that was carried to mankind in ancient times by the Olympian gods? Why yes, it does.

According to the Jesus Messiah network of Websites, the 2000 Olympic Torch was lit in Sidney Australia. Here is how they say it went down. The high priestess and witch of Hera, Thaleia Prokopiou, called fire down from heaven in a prayer to Apollo, saying, “Apollo, god of the sun and the idea of the light, send your rays and light this holy torch for the hospitable city of Sydney.” She then invited all to kneel to the gods as she lit the Olympic
flame from an ancient parabolic mirror used to “call fire down from heaven”. The article continues that, emulating the first recorded Olympic games of ancient Greece in 776 BC. which were held at the temple of Hera, “she led a ceremony involving 20 other witches dressed in pleated, cream-colored robes. They marched out of the ruins of the temple of Hera and danced before Deus (Zeus) to the beat of a drum. They took the fire to the sacred altar of Hera and there lit the Olympic torch. Hera is the wife of Deus (Zeus), one of the most important goddesses in the ancient Greek pantheon of gods.” A troupe of priestesses apparently danced and sang,

We dance, dance, to thee O Zeus god of heaven and earth.
We dance, dance, to thee O Hera bless the games we pray.
We dance, dance, to thee O Apollo god of the games.

And at another point in the ceremony it was said, “Oh Apollo, god of the divine sun and idea of light you have sent your rays and the sacred torch was lit. Now you, god Deus (Zeus), bless all the peoples of the world with peace and crown those who have mastered the sacred contest.” (Olympic 2000 Sports Dedicated to Greek Gods)

Technically, the torch relay celebrates the passing of the sacred flame/light/knowledge from the Greek gods to each generation.

Pastor G. Reckart asks, “If this witch of Hera, Deus, and Apollo, can call fire down from heaven and millions run with it all over the world in a massive open display of rejecting Jesus as the true light of the world, what will happen when a false prophet/priest calls fire down from heaven in Jerusalem on a sacrifice on the temple mount?” A good question.

Zeus, his wife Hera, and his son Apollo represent a pagan trinity in which Apollo was a sun god said to be “born of the light of Zeus” and who served as the oracle of Zeus, declaring his father’s will to men. Even though he was depicted as a man of peace and holding a branch of laurel, his name, Apollo or Apollon, identified him as the “destroyer” of the wicked or in other words the one who destroyed or drove away evil. He had more influence on the Greeks than any of their other gods (Apollon). The god Apollo is equated with the Egyptian Horus.

Apollo, then, is a figure that substitutes for the Christian Son of God. The light that he embodies would be the enlightenment or “knowledge of good and evil” offered to Eve by the Serpent in the garden.

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