Orthodox Eschatology

St. Nilus the Myrrhstreamer vs. The Truth about the Prophecies of St. Nilus the Myrrhgusher I don’t know which side of this is true, but if the prophecies say that the monks of Mt. Athos will enter apostasy then can we trust Mt. Athos to testify to their veracity?

Saint Ephraim of Syria

Elder Daniel’s Prophecy of WW3 (Sorry, I lost the real link to this.)

Prophecies of the churches

Mandela and the Van-Rensburg Prophecies

Observations on Bible Prophecy
(by me)

Bismillah, the Mark of the Koran, and the Chi Xi Stigma (666) of Revelation

The War against Israel of Psalm 83 during the end-times.

The iron and the clay – Mother of All Secrets

Gog, King of the North

The Two Witnesses of Revelation

The Woman Clothed with the Sun the Birth of the Manchild, and 1/3 of the Stars cast down to the Earth

The Woman Clothed with the Sun (Rev. 12:1-5) is Fulfilled

Astronomical Alignment to fulfill Revelation? – Autumn, 2011

Rapture – Caught up, or Fallen Away?

Pre-Trib, the Rosicrucian Rapture

Contemporary Prophecies
Just because they are listed here does not mean I think they are from God.

Norway Prophecy of 1968

USA Invaded Collection

Jonathan Hanson Prophecies When Rev. Jonathan Hanson was interviewed by Sid Roth on “Its Supernatural” Rev. Hanson said that following the Northwest earthquake, both the stock market would collapse and civil unrest would follow. (TribulationTruth)

John Johnston

American Holocaust

Unleashing the Dragons

The Four Horsemen

After the Warning, Jim Fifth

The Watchman’s Cry – Nathan Leal appears to have had some truly prophetic dreams. He has also offered an excellent analysis of the 2012 Summer Olympic ceremonies.

Emerald Ministries – A Christian ministry out of Houston, TX that posts prophecies.

Wings of Prophecy

Some Catholic Group

Rick Joyner

The Great (Catholic) Warning

Hildegarde Prophecy and Hildegarde Prophecy

Our Lady of the Roses Prophecies

United States Prophecy (John Johnston)

Watchman2009 – still Watching


Urgent Message from David Wilkerson, May, 2009.

John Shorey quotes Wilkerson from 30 years ago.

His own words prove that Wilkerson not a Prophet of God

Turtle Island Prophecies

A Prophecy from Norway

Dmitri Duduman critiqued – I would start from #33 to the end. These to me are the most damaging to Duduman’s case.

The Alamongordo Website of Prophets and Prophecies

Likely Victims of a Mind Control Program (In my opinion)

Newkirk, June 30, 2012 Prophecy over USA

Sherri Elijah

“The Prophet of God”, Dr. Owuor

Non-Christian Prophecies

The 9 Hopi Signs and Red Kachina

Hopi prophecy of the Blue Kahina

“4] On October 24, 2007 “Comet 17P/Holmes shocked astronomers on Oct. 24, 2007, with a spectacular eruption. In less than 24 hours, the 17th magnitude comet brightened by a factor of nearly a million, becoming a naked-eye object in the evening sky. By mid-November the expanding comet was the largest object in the solar system–bigger even than the Sun.”

“5] Hopi and Mayan Elders met and agreed Comet Holmes was the star foretold in their prophecies. The seven year period has begun.” (Biblically this can not be the seven years of the antichrist, or certain things would have already happened by now – 6, 2012.)

List of “False Prophets”

Kim Clement – False Prophet!

Tom Deckard

Dr. Edward Owuor – God’s Prophet / Dr. Edward Owuor – not God’s Prophet – Unless someone proves to me that he is not pre-trib rapture, I am leaving him here. Also, his immanent war with Iran (2012?) is taking a lo-o-ong time coming around.

Ronald Reinland – Wrong

USA Prophet – Stephen Bening. Said that something significant would happen in his life  and his associate, Matthew Stephen’s, life by late 2012. As of the spring of 2014 his website has no follow-up. Surely there would be one if his prophecy regarding this had been fulfilled.

Vine Ministry International – Matthew Stephen gets to be down here since he is in a “prophetic partnership” with Stephen Bening, above.

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