Eastern Orthodox Prophecies

Apocalypse Predictions: Threat from the East and Fire from the Sky

Margarita Troitsina

In his “Centuries,” Nostradamus (not an Orthodox Saint, but from the Russian realm, which was Orthodox in his time) mentioned a “threat from the East” that will cause the apocalypse. The famous prophet also spoke of “fire that will fall from the sky.” Saint Matrona Moskovskaya of Russia predicted a cataclysm when “everything will fall through the ground.” “Everything will melt like ice,” predicted Vanga, a famous Bulgarian prophet back in 1979. …

Advent of the Anti-Christ

There were many prophecies regarding advent of the Anti-Christ. Russian Saint Seraphim Sarovsky (1759-1833) predicted that the entire Earth would burn down and nothing would be left, and this would happen when the “Anti-Christ” comes to Earth. He also mentioned several times that Russian Kazan Cathedral would be “lifted into the air.” …

“Everything Will Fall Through the Ground.”

Saint Matrona Moskovskaya (1881-1952) predicted the Great October Revolution, World War II, and many other events. She also had some obscure predictions like “There will be no war, you will all die without a war, there will be many victims, you all will be lying on the ground dead…In the evening everything will be on the ground and in the morning you will rise – everything will fall through the ground.” …

“The Three Days of Darkness and “ The Era of Light”

Padre Pio (1887-1968), a Capuchin priest from Italy , is one of the most famous prophets of the last century.

In the beginning of the 21 century, he said, an earthquake would destroy “one of the most powerful cities in the world.” He said that on the last night of “the three days of darkness” the Satan himself, spreading fear and grief around the world, would appear. Then, the Blessed Virgin would come, bringing the era of light.

“Everything Will Melt Like Ice”

Back in 1979, a famous Bulgarian prophet Vanga (1911-1996) said: “Everything will melt like ice.” She was confident that apocalypse was unavoidable. But before it happens, the human race is to experience terrible diseases, hunger and thirst …

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Orthodox Eschatology

St. Nilus the Myrrhstreamer vs. The Truth about the Prophecies of St. Nilus the Myrrhgusher I don’t know which side of this is true, but if the prophecies say that the monks of Mt. Athos will enter apostacy then can we trust Mt. Athos to testify to their veracity?

Saint Ephraim of Syria

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