Israel/Iran War and the Rapture – Dr. Owuor

Notes below the videos. And check out the links at the end!

Notes, starting with part 3:

9/27/2005 Dr. Owuor dreamt what would befall earth: a nuclear facility at the foot of a mountain in (or of) Iran will be hit by 2 missiles and this will cause a fire blast of historic proportions, as high as the sky and  to the horizon in the east and the west. He has repeated this message all over the world since then (as of March, 2012).

On April 2 of some later year, but before Sharon fell into a coma and could no longer serve, Dr. Owuor saw that there would come two changes in power in Israel, and that the 2d change would bring Benjamin Netanyahu and a hard-right government back to power. This has come to pass. After that, he says, the messiah will come for His church.

Dr. Owuor says in March, 2012, that the two missiles will be nuclear and the war might engulf the entire middle east. He says, any moment now, as of April 10, 2012, this will take place. He mentions one or two months to fulfillment (This probably identifies him as a false prophet, btw). He reads news releases from mainstream sources worldwide saying they expect April, May, or June of 2012.

He then teaches on Rev 19 and Ezek 38,39

In Rev. 19:6-10 the wedding of the Lamb has come. He interprets this as the rapture of the Church (I agree). In the rapture, the holy dead will rise first, and then the holy living are also resurrected. The heaven will open and the two groups will enter, and the cloud will close (He mentions no e.t. ships as other “prophets” have. That’s good for him at least, since the e.t. version is false.).

In 2 Thess. 2:7 secret lawlessness is already at work. The Holy Spirit will be removed and the lawless one will be revealed and will deceive by counterfeit miracles. This lawless one is the antichrist. When the wise virgins, the vessel of the Holy Spirit, are raptured this removes the Holy Spirit from the earth (I strongly disagree). I believe this verse describes God’s withdrawal of His Holy Spirit from the churches and they will then fall into the depths of apostasy they have been begging for; but this does not occur through the rapture. The rapture occurs later.

In vvs. 11-21 he sees that following the rapture, Christ comes to do battle. The White Horse, whose rider is faithful and true, is the Word of God. He strikes the nations, followed by an army on white horses robed in their righteous acts. In v. 19 the Beast and kings of the earth are seen gathered to together to make war against God’s army. The beast and false prophet are captured and thrown alive into the fiery lake of burning sulphur. Their followers are killed by the sword of the rider of the white horse. Since these events remove the antichrist, the false prophet, and their followers from the world stage, this war must occur at the end of the tribulation. It is not the war between Israel and Iran that Dr. Owuor has seen in his dream (Check out the Millennial Reign).

Rev. 20 Describes the saints that were martyred for their testimony. But when the messiah comes with the saints from heaven they ask when their blood will be avenged.

The first four seals are the four horsemen. They ride before the rapture. The fifth seal (Rev. 6) shows the souls of the slain under the alter at a time when the Church is under persecution. In Rev. 20 these must wait while the rest of the saints are beheaded and join them. He says that this time-frame is after the rapture, during the tribulation. I agree that it is during the tribulation, but not after the rapture. These martyred saints, both martyred throughout history and martyred during the tribulation, are resurrected when the messiah comes at the end of it. Then they then reign with him for 1,000 years (The Millennial Reign). These are raised at Christ’s second coming, which is when the rapture occurs.

Also , Rev. 19:11-21 describes the events of the day of the Lord’s coming; when He is coming from heaven to Jerusalem. They describe armageddon – not the Israel / Iran war, which is earlier.

Dr. Owuor describes where March of 2012 is on the timeline. He says that time has run out. The Israel / Iran war is immediate, followed or preceded by the rapture  and then the signing in Israel of a 7-year peace treaty, which commences the seven years of the tribulation. The Israel/Iran war is not necessarily post-rapture. But it must occur before the signing of the peace treaty (Well some war precedes the peace-treaty; maybe the war of Psalm 83). The Israel / Iran war will be severe. Iran will retaliate after Israel’s pre-emtive strike, led by Russia. There is the tribulation plus the great tribulation … totaling the 7 years. The 7-year peace treaty will be false. The false prophet will by false wonders encourage and delude Israel’s enemies. At the end of this 7 years the Lord returns and establishes His thousand year reign. During the thousand years the devil is bound, but is released at the end of it.

Iran is Persia in the bible. When Daniel saw the ram and the goat, he was in the capital of Persia. Lots of Jews live in Iran presently. Ezek 38 describes the last day – nations that will ally to destroy Israel. Iran is included. The book says Israel will be isolated.

Who is Gog/Magog of Ezek 38 and 39? It is clear, according to Dr. Owuor, that Russia is leading the coming Armageddon alliance including Iran, Syria, Turkey and many others in the battle of Armageddon.

So. Is the rapture real of fake? Or are there two? Is there a fake one and a real one? Check these out:

Pre-Trib Rapture – NWO Hoax

Rapture – Caught Up, or Fallen Away?

Pre-Trib, the Rosicrucian Rapture

Gandalf: Dee, and the New Jerusalem

Oops, the No Rapture. Zinsky youtube is gone!

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55 Responses to Israel/Iran War and the Rapture – Dr. Owuor

  1. serwer says:

    benamensparty is centre-right not hard right…..

  2. Leonard koech says:

    Really by the show of events,The MESSIAH is coming.The wars and earth quake.wars in Israel,Iran are to lead Armagedon.I have known today.May the Lord rapture me that I may not see tribulation.

    • icliks says:

      In my view the tribulation occurs during the second 3 1/2 years of antichrist’s reign. You may be interested in this study on the Two Witnesses of Revelation if you haven’t read it yet.

      You can see it here:


  3. Anonymous says:

    no war with iran in 2012

  4. george says:

    never can devil tell church to repent jesus is coming that i know .please let prepare as mighty prophet of lord have said ;dr.DAVID EWARND OWUOR. SHOLOM .MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

  5. sam says:

    Dr Owuor is a true prophet. look at the situation surrounding the world including the stepping down of the pope.
    all im asking is for Almighty God to count me among His children.

  6. Wanyeki Francis Njoroge says:

    After all have been said and done,there is only one thing that will matter,Did I live in Jesus and do i have sins.?

  7. All these events,shows our rapture is at the door.This is the period christians must dedicate,consecrate to the Lord,For our redemption is near.

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  9. Anonymous says:

    Prepare the way, the Messiah is coming

  10. Anonymous says:

    The only thing to do is to embrace repentance and produce fruits that meet repentance.BE BLESSED MAN OF GOD

  11. kurgat kiplagat says:

    For sure, He is coming soon!

  12. Surely may the Lord counts me when He comes because it wil come Sharply to fulfilment according to Prophet's Tongue says:
  13. WAMBURA DANIEL says:

    Let’s make our ways straight with the LORD for no one knows the day of the LORD.All these distresses befalling the face of the earth are to show us that time is over.

  14. Anonymous says:

    everything is now coming to pass we kenyans are previlaged and we dont have any excuse God have mercy on me please

  15. Tom koko says:

    time is over.we thank God for His prophet

    • icliks says:

      Though you may doubt Dr. Owuor and perhaps specifics of when the rapture may occur, before of after the antichrist arises; have no doubt that if you put your trust in the triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), and the work that God the Son did for you on the cross – if you come to him as a little child, confessing your sins and your unworthiness, and repenting of your sins and trusting in His mercy … He will come to you … and He will save you!

    • Thomas bugah says:

      Dont daubt sister!Read James1:1…… Trust the word the prophet speaks, for it is the word of the lord. The prophet is a vessel carrying the message. Repent and ask Jesus to fill you with the holy spirit to be a son as to enter. The holy spirit is the guarantee to be raptured….Romans 8, 2Cor 5:1-5. Do the good you would like others do for your. Pray for everyone and wish them well,moreso enemies and feed them, but dont do the evil they do for you have been redeemed by the sacrificial death of our Lord Jesus. Receive the HOLY SPIRIT NOW.

  16. John wade says:

    Hebrew10:37_38 Behold the Rapture of the church has drawn near,let’s repent and go back to our first love(message of the Blood and the Cross)

  17. Anonymous says:

    i love dr owuor.he is true prophet of the most high God.who will be against him.

    • icliks says:

      My litmus test might be the rapture. Anyone that teaches that the rapture occurs before the rise of antichrist is a false prophet. What does Dr. Owuor teach on that?

    • icliks says:

      There was no war with Iran in 2012, or even 2013. Put your trust in God through Jesus Christ His only begotten son to save you! False prophets there are many.

  18. George Koech says:

    The Prophet Of Most Highest I Felt Humbled

  19. George Koech says:

    Lord Remember Me On That Day Of Rapture

  20. eliudnjenga says:

    it true u have to b preprd people he iz comng messiah

  21. Hillary says:

    i only need prayer

  22. kos says:

    I agree that Dr David is among the end time prophets
    rapture has got to do with what’s going on in middle east the role of Russia is now glare and a
    temporary truce is in the offing

  23. Maurice says:

    Time is over there is no question about it,Lord God Almighty has sent His prophet Dr David Owuor to announce His coming to all the nations of the earth and the call for repentance MUST be embraced!
    Lord save your people.

  24. LENAD says:


  25. Wilson thairu says:

    The Lord Who Is Messiah King of Kings The Lamb of God The holy one of Israel is coming please Lord take me with you when you come for your bride.because I have already seen the end time prophet who is in Malachi 4 and He is preparing the way for the Lord.not one else but mighty prophet of the Lord Dr.David Owour.

  26. calvins onyango says:

    my tears cant stop flowing when i see how the church is lacking wisdom.this is HIS servant whether you agree or doubt the day of reckoning is coming when you will come to confess that he was GOD’s vessel on earth,please prepare the way for the coming of JESUS

  27. Joseph says:

    You people let us listen to this message. It is coming right from the throne of ALMIGHTY GOD. Never abuse this opportunity. I repent of all my sins committed knowingly and unknowingly. Please Dear JESUS remember me and my family when you come to take your very own. Amen.

  28. khaemba says:


    • mark kibet says:

      Pliz precious pple let we not be against our coz as u go against the mighty servant of the lord u r going against God so am praying God to guide me so that i wil be among the raptured one.AMEN

    • icliks says:

      I am not mocking. Follow the links in my post above and you will see that. (2 Timothy 2:15) Thank you for your comment!

  29. Silas says:

    When he announced the distress all over the world, have they not come to Pass? Let us not view the Bible with regard to Theology but rather allow the MIGHTY HOLY SPIRIT of THE SOVEREIGN LORD to reign in us and help us understand. Whether he is false, sinner, devil worshiper, that I have no comment BUT one thing I know, when I was in sin: Pornography, masturbation, fornication, disobedience and a paganism, I listened to the POWERFULLY MIGHTY MESSAGES he preaches and I got born again. Meaning, all these fled. A false prophet cannot preach the eternal message. They dont see RAPTURE. No encounter with the Messiah save for HIS Fearful Wrath on them. The LORD is returning and you need to REPENT for confusing the CHURCH OF GOD. I have seen the Messenger of the Covenant-Prophet Dr. David Edward Owuor. Now I Pray that I may see the LORD too. Remember also Job 28:28 And He said to man, Behold the Fear of God is Wisdom and to shun evil is understanding. Going by this, you CANNOT understand the Prophet of GOD when you are in sin. REPENT WELL (am not judging but urging in case) and you will understand him well. SHALOM AND MAY GOD GRANT US MERCY IN THIS DAY.

    • icliks says:

      You can be saved by anyone, false prophet or not, if you truly come to believe in the saving grace that God the Son, Jesus Christ, offers you! Welcome to the kingdom! As for Dr. Owuor, many things have come to pass but several years ago he prophesied the U.S. would attack Iran with missiles and that during 2012. It did not come to pass. If it does come to pass now it is too late to say that he prophesied it because he said it would come to pass during 2012. This is per my notes from his videos above. So that’s one thing. But the big issue I have with him is that he preaches the rapture comes before the beginning of antichrist’s seven year reign. If I am correct that he preaches this then he is no prophet of God because it is false doctrine. The rapture does not come before the beginning of the seven year reign of the antichrist. But no matter who Dr. Owuor is, put your trust in Jesus Christ! Put your mind and heart in the presence of Jesus Christ and His sweetness will win your soul. He will win your love and your worship. To me that is the core of the Christian faith and where the power of it is. God bless!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Hey if you look exatly wat happenning nowadays there symbols and signs tha indicates that we ar at the last days lets prepare our hearts coz those walks with Hollyspirit that day will not pertake em

  31. David michuki says:

    God blessings

  32. wabuke protus says:

    The rapture is real and i repent of all my sins especially those i did in secret places. Let the LORD come and get me ready shallom

    • icliks says:

      Thanks for the comment! You and I agree that there is a rapture. My belief is that it occurs either in the middle of the seven year tribulation or at the end of it. Here is a link:

      • Anonymous says:

        Can you stop leading people astray :how dare you say that rapture will happen “either at the middle of the seven years or at the end ” who told you ? You are lieing because the bible says that nobody knows the DAY NOR THE HOUR even JESUS nor ANGELS IN HEAVEN
        Who are you to deceive people saying that for you you know ????

      • icliks says:

        Do you also say this to people teaching that the rapture precedes the tribulation?

  33. Anonymous says:

    Look for the true word of God!

  34. ERIC OTIENO says:

    The Lord Is coming and only the wise will understand the season and the times, even ln days of his prophet people took lt lightly till the prophecies were being fulfilled ln there eyes, no argument ln Gods word the holy spirit ls ateacher and help. SHALOM

  35. andrew says:

    The Lord is coming. I know that for sure , and I am a big sinner . We all need to pray for mercy , because we don’t deserve to be caught up to heaven . Please repent
    God have mercy on your souls. Amen.

  36. Rael says:

    Time is over people, prepare for the coming of Messiah, live in righteousness and holiness.Be washed by the blood of Jesus Christ and flee from any kind of sin.

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