Prophecies of Kosmos of Aitolos


The martyr Kosmos lived and taught in Greece in the second half of the 1700s. He gave a number of prophecies, many of which have been fulfilled already.

The Turks occupied Greece during his lifetime, and he prophesied when that would end. They occupied Greece for 400 years, and this ended when he said it would.

He also said that the Turks will return and the Greeks will not be able to resist. He  said they will stay 3 days, 3 months or 3 years and an outside army will fight for the Greeks. This will be the blond race – the Russians – and will be a Christian army. He advised that Orthodox Greeks make the sign of the cross so the Russian army won’t kill them as Muslims, and/or paint a cross on the forehead. As a result of this campaign 1/4 of the occupying Turks will die, 1/4 will be driven out, and 1/4 will convert to Orthodoxy.

Now Greece has fallen on hard times. Dark forces in Greece have determined to destroy the Greek language and the Orthodox faith there. The language has been altered. the majority of Greeks have lost the faith. Greece has been inundated with Muslim illegals . They are coming from Turkey but derive from many Muslim nations. There are about 5 million illegal Muslim immigrants in Greece; and there are 10 million Greeks. That is about a third of the population. Soon by Kosmos’ prophecy the Turks will take control. When Turkey rises it will be not only against Greece, but against Bulgaria, Romania, and possibly other countries. This conflict will involve a third of the world or the third world. We are therefore talking end-times. Russia will intervene.

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