Iron and the Clay

The kingdom of the antichrist is described in scripture as part iron and part clay (Daniel 2:33,41-43), but that these will not cleave to one another. The presence of these elements describes the fact that this final attempt by Lucifer to supplant God’s rule over mankind will not stand. Antichrist’s kingdom will be an attempt to subvert and co-opt the presence and glory of God in his Church so that the devil may express and broadcast what he perceives to be his own glory instead. But the devil and his ways are not glorious, they are hideous, and the resulting domain will not be internally coherent. The iron and the clay will not adhere, and when put to the test the kingdom will fail.

Lucifer first attempted to subvert and replace the presence and glory of God in the garden of Eden when he offered Eve his “knowledge of good and evil,” and then again when he sent his fallen angels to earth to co-mingle with the daughters of men (Gen 6:4). The result of this co-mingling was the rule of mankind by an elite “serpent race” before the Great Flood. There is considerable evidence for this, but for the current point it should just be said that the existence of this special ruling class is reflected in the ancient Egyptian belief that their Pharaoh was deity and that his bones were therefore made of meteoric iron (bja). The fallen ones and their hybrid offspring are the race of iron.

Lucifer’s serpent race will be present in his final kingdom in the form of a ruling elite: the antichrist and his (racially distinct) ruling class. This serpent race is the iron in the iron and clay formulation of Dan. 2. All people, with few exceptions, will aspire to become like them.

Clay refers to God’s people, under the image of the potter’s clay (Isa 64:8). In the kingdom of iron and clay the people in God’s churches (the clay) will have turned their back on God. Lucifer can not rise into power until the world churches have apostacised and rejected the Word of God in preference to the Luciferian “knowledge”, or “light”. Spearheading this spiritual campaign Lucifer will have his false prophet who will assist in leading believers in the Luciferian faith. What is apostacy except the infiltration of the Christian church by Lucifer and a fusing of his ideas and spirituality with those of the church? This fusion is the iron and clay.

The antichrist is described (in Dan. 7 and Rev. 13) as the eleventh king, who arises over ten kings and who then rules over their ten realms. When he arises, he will appear as the savior of the world both physically and spiritually. He will characterize himself as the messiah.

This is why in Revelation he is described as the beast arising out of the earth. He is called the beast, because although he may look human, he will not strictly speaking be human. And earth, in this reference refers to the Church. The Church rises out of humanity as the earth rises from the sea. Antichrist will emerge from the Church, appearing to be the flowering of the Christian faith; the perfected Christian man! He will deceive mankind into worshipping him as the messiah.

Posted on January 19, 2014 by icliks

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