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Birth of Zion, Feast of Trumpets

What the scriptures say about the redemption of Zion. Are heavenly signs today confirming the scriptural clock as per the ancient Hebraic Mazzoroth? Gen 1:14 “Let there be lights in … heaven … for signs … .”

Part I: The Goshen Story, Daniel’s Seven Years, and the Feast of Trumpets 2011

Notes from the video follow:

The Law of Moses provides a prophetic narrative recognizing some passages describe configurations of the heavenly bodies.

There will be a national redemption (Ezek 37:11-28) that includes both Jews and gentiles; which occurs through faith conversion. Verse 22 describes restoration of Zion as a unified nation. This conversion and restoration begins the millennial reign. It requires first a spiritual cleansing.

There is no pre-tribulational rapture (Rom 11:25-27). An end-time cleansing ministry will apply the Law of Moses to our faith walk today. No one is raptured until that cleansing accomplishes the conversion of all the elect.

This study will be in eight parts:

1. Timeline of Gen. 45-47;
2. Goshen Parable / Chiasms of the timing of the Joseph meeting;
3. Current heavenly signs;
4. Timing of Israel’s exile;
5. Jewish view of the end of the exile, and timing of messianic era;
6. Divine Law tells what about the cleansing from death/exile?
7. Prophesied lawful order of the divine cleansing and return of the nation of Zion the Bride;
8. Yahweh’s end-time message to the exiles that won’t listen.

Genesis 45-47 the Prophetic Parable of Joseph: the Goshen Story

Joseph delivers his people.

Gen 45:1-11 Joseph was sent before by Yahweh to preserve the posterity of his brothers in the earth. This refers prophetically to the millennial reign.

The story is in a chiastic form. The center pivot is that two years of the famine have passed and five more remain. Going into the third year of the seven years of antichrist, we may expect an invitation to approach Goshen through the Elijah ministry calling us to repentance. The family has (we have) become aware that they(we) won’t be able to make it; and so they (we) go to Egypt. The Egyptian people (people of the world) go into slavery to Pharaoh, while Joseph’s family are kept and protected.

When does the seven years begin? Sept 30 – Oct 10, 2011 (Feast of Trumpets – Day of Atonement) a heavenly sign fulfilled Rev 12:1-3.  This is the sign of the birth of Zion. This birth occurs at or towards the end of the second of the seven years.

Part II:

In the scriptures and as confirmed in the heavenly signs. “Biblical astronomy” (not astrology) declares the oracles of Yahweh in the heavens.

Rev. 12:1-3 A woman travailing to give birth; and a dragon causing stars to fall with his tail.  A woman who travails describes a heavenly sign. Gen 45 Joseph began to dialogue with his brothers towards the end of the second year, and the third they went up to get their father to bring him to Goshen.

The signs in the heavens described in Rev 12:1-3 refer to Joseph beginning to stand up to deliver his people. Comet Elenin was promoted in 2011 as a doomsday comet, but it was a pointer, like a clock striking 12:00. Around Sept 10, 2011 it broke into fragments. It moved through these constellations in the Mazzeroth: Around the Feast of Trumpets, 2010, it was discovered in Bethula (Virgo). Around the Feast of Trumpets, 2012, it “finishes” its course in Gemini (it had already broken up before then), ie, restoring the two houses of Israel.

The ancient Hebrew understanding of the solar system:

Sun = Jacob
Moon = Rachel
Venus (Morning Star) = Isaac, Joseph, and Messiah, and the righteous remnant.Mercury = a Messenger, the archangel Michael
Mars = Esau, Edom
Saturn (Sabtai) = Sabbath
Jupiter (Ssedeq) = King of Righteousness, Jesus in his second advent

In Micah 5:2,3 when the woman travails and brings forth; then the remnant of the household of Jacob will return to Israel. On the Feast of Trumpets 2011, Rev 12:1 was fulfilled. The woman in the heavens travails and brings forth. At this time (Micah 5:7,8) the remnant shall be in the midst of many people. Sept 18, 2011 it starts; and completes on Sept 30, the Feast of Trumpets. (about 38 minutes into the video.) with Elenin in the crown and the moon at her feet, etc.

The sun, according to Joseph’s dream in Gen. 37:9 represents Jacob and the moon, Rachel. The twelve stars above Virgo’s head represent the house of Israel. Sarah gave birth to Isaac. We are Isaac. Luke 21 says there will be signs in the sun and the moon, and the stars and upon the earth perplexity of nations and the seas roaring, and etc. But when these things begin to come to pass, lift up your heads for your redemption draws nigh! We will be brought from the four corners of the earth.

Day of Atonement 2011 follows Trumpets 10 days later on Oct 10, 2011 Venus the morning star is born with Mercury (Michael) accompanying or standing up to protect; and Joseph standing up to redeem his people.

Third year begins mid-March 2012.

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