God’s Energies

Here, I am musing on the nature of God. Take it as fiction.

The Thomists see God, following the “monad” of Acquinas, as an unchanging, indivisible essence and the prime cause of all things. I think you can’t equate God’s unchanging essence with his actions. Action is by definition, changing. I can think of the impulse or predisposition to act as part of God’s essence, but the act itself is not. God’s impulse finds many expressions.

Thomism  (as per Dyer) equates creating with God’s essence and this makes creating an unchanging constant. This, however means that God always created the universe. Since God has no beginning, then so would the universe. The ideas makes the thing being created eternal. But scripture says it is not. It has a beginning.

A corollary to these Thomist ideas is that since all things in creation are changing, then God can not be present in it. (So do they believe that logic is in creation or that it is in God? Would they say that logic is in God and we see a reflection, or image, of it?) These things lead to the statement that we can not know God directly but can only know about God.

The Orthodox east uses a different model to define God. The east says that God exists in the form of his essence and also in the form of his energies. His essence is unchanging and unknowable. His energies are changeable and they are present in creation. They are God himself within creation. Thus, we can know God directly.

Musings on my dream (which was itself a musing):

God in his energies

How could the outer perimeter of God reach and touch the outer (inner) perimeter of man? Could they overlap? While God knew the end from the beginning, and never had to speculate and retry, God used his creation (man and the angels) to define and shape how God should express himself in his energies. God is in creation, holding it together and drawing it forward to its appointed fulfillment. This is not coercion. Creation is free.

Man has free will and so freely judges what is right and wrong. The creation, history, is the court in which the goodness of God is judged and affirmed. All creation, seeing this case, worships God as right and in all ways worthy. As  God raises man up in consciousness, man can better see God and approach the hope of this fulfillment.

The monks and ascetics (and those closest go God, spiritually) are the pinnacle of actualized humanity, and it is in their life energy that God is entering the world … I am not nearly expressing this as I dreamt it. The relationship these monks have with God form his presence in the world. They are formed by God and the nature of his presence is formed.

The idea that I had was the God determined what shape to take through creating, and synchretistically took shape and knowability in response to his creation.