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July/August of 2015 is astronomically significant. It seems likely that the solar eclipse in the summer(? September!) of 2015 is the sign of the rising of the Antichrist. There are conjunctions of Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and the sun (I think) in the constellation Leo.

The Horns of Taurus

The video details the significance of the “Jeshurun” of Deut. 33:17, 26, 27. I will summarize here. In v.17 the horns of Taurus have pushed Ephraim and Manasseh to the ends of the earth. The video doesn’t quite get to explaining the meaning of this. I am taking it (for now) to refer to the powers of the antichrist pushing the body of Christ to the fringes of world thought, out of the churches, and in many cases to the edges of society (soon in the U.S.). But it should also have reference to the rise of Turkey, which is represented by the constellation Taurus, and possibly to a military campaign led by Turkey that succeeds in capturing Jerusalem.


In scripture, Jeshurun represents the king of righteousness and refers to the planet Jupiter. The first advent of Jesus Christ, in Bethlehem, was accompanied by the appearance of a notable “star”. This may have involved a conjunction of Jupiter with something that caused it to wax bright. In Deut 32:15, “Jeshurun waxed fat and kicked (but) thou art covered with fatness … and lightly esteemed the Rock of (your) salvation.” Waxing fat is a conjunction. At the time of this conjunction Israel forsook God. Jupiter waxed fat and kicked at the time of Christ’s first advent; and the Jews rejected Him.

Taurus and Jeshurun – The Sign

In Deut. 33.26 : Jeshurun is seen riding upon the heaven in his excellency to help you.  To say, “in his excellency on the sky” is to say in the house of Leo: Regulus. Deut. 33:27 continues that God is your refuge and underneath are the everlasting arms, and He shall destroy your enemies. Everlasting arms are underneath Jupiter in Regulus. Jesus, the everlasting arms, shall destroy Abaddon/Apollo (as the morning star), Hermes/Mercury (as the evening star). Jesus, as Venus, is beneath Jupiter in Regulus. This is also where the forelegs of Leo are depicted.

July 23, 2015 Jupiter, the Lord of righteousness, and Venus, the everlasting arms, are approaching Leo. They converge on 6/30. On August 5, 2015 Jupiter thrusts Mercury down and then conjuncts with the star Regulus in Leo. It appears in the video that the sun then conjuncts with Regulus. This astronomically fulfills Deut. 33:26,27. Verses 28 and 29 describe what follows. (Just for reference, Deut 33:5 refers to Jeshurun again. Also Jeshurun has the Hebrew name, Ssedeq, according to http://christianbook.com)

World Events

To say that the second coming of Christ is fulfilled in the stars in August, 2015 is not to say that He comes to earth on that date. Signs in the stars seem to precede earthly events which will soon follow. See the Virgin Clothed in the Sun.

Also see Taurus, Turkey, the Pleaides, and Passover 2016:

Then it goes on to say that the letters to the seven churches in Revelation were written to seven churches in what is now western Turkey. The constellation Taurus refers to Turkey. The Taurus Mts in Turkey are named after it. The seven churches are the Pleiades.

As an aside this video offers a corrected date calculation from In That Day. Yom Kippur 2012 plus 1260 days comes to Passover 2016. But I will add that the 7 years did not start in 2012.

The video offers this consolation from the Lord. “By My hand will my children be saved; by my hand alone.” Don’t trust in your stockpiles. Put your trust in God!

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