Genuine Orthodox Church of America (GOCA)

For anyone getting to this page, let me first say, my views are my own and do not represent the official views, perspectives, or doctrines of GOCA. My foolishness is my own.

The Genuine Orthodox Church of America (GOCA)

Life of Archbishop Gregory – the personal story of how this “started”.

Father Gregory, the Monk

Daily Devotionals

The Old Calendar

The beautiful Dormition Skeet (but it’s so high in the Rocky Mountains that you can hardly breathe!)

Cathedral of the Dormition (Once this page opens, scroll down for pics of this exquisite jewel hidden away in the rarified altitudes of the Rocky Mountains!)

Chapel of St. Maximos the Confessor

Fasting Recipes


More GOCA Videos

And not for the faint of heart, Polemics

And a footnote. The problem with ROAC

Links about GOCA vs. ROAC from the webpage

Below are links to a few articles pertaining to the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church in America which are not available in our other websites.

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