Modernist Orthodox Secret Society

“The OCA … are officially against Freemasonry (one is not allowed to be both a Mason and Orthodox Christian) but it is widespread in many of the OCA’s old-line parishes, especially on the East Coast.” (Orthodox Jurisdictions in America)

So come on people. What’s the problem here? You are so up tight.

Here are the principles involved:

1. Masonry, at its core, is Luciferic and anti-Christian. It is not just non-Christian, but is anti-Christian and is waging a covert war against Christianity.

2. It was for this reason that the Church declared that no christian can also be a Mason, and even more so that no priest or bishop can be allowed to be a Mason and continue in his church office because he is in heresy.

3. Many, if not all, the modernist Orthodox churches have ruling bishops, metropolitans and even patriarchs who are practicing Masons. At this level of office these men are responsible to know what Freemasonry is and that it must not be allowed in their synods. Yet these synods know of these practices but have done nothing.

4. The synods that knowingly allow Masons to continue as conciliar bishops in their midst are by this act placing themselves in rebellion against the Church canons. They have made themselves also into heretics by accepting and con-celebrating with heretics (Masonic priests).

5. The grace in the sacraments of the Christian church descends through its hierarchical offices. When the hierarchy is in heresy (this differs from mere immorality) the christian must cut it off. Putting this another way, the christian gospel teaches that we are not to pray together with heretics and therefore the Church canons require this also. The local parish must therefore not con-celebrate heretical hierarchs.




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