The 0.6 Percent

Here is how much the Clintons (and their liberal patsies) love blacks: 0.6%

When Haiti, whose population descends from African slaves, was hit by a devastating earthquake in 2010, killing 220,000 Haitians, the Clinton Foundation rushed to help, running the most widely distributed telethon in history. The hosts of the telethon were George Clooney, Wyclef Jean and Anderson Cooper. The overall celebrity roster included John Legend, Jon Stewart, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Robert De Niro, Ellen Degeneres and Madonna. Oprah Winfrey and her fans contributed generously.

Starting in 2009, Huma Abedin, the same year that Hillary Clinton was sworn in as U.S. Secretary of State, became an employee of the U.S. State Department and sometime after February 2012 also served as a paid consultant for the Clinton Foundation. From then on, the U.S. Department of State and the Clinton Foundation were joined at the hip. As Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton says, “It is clear that the Clintons were using the State Department to run an extensive influence peddling scheme. Americans should be concerned that while untold resources are devoted to the abusive Mueller special counsel investigation of President Trump, this Justice Department seems uninterested in prosecuting the Clintons (New Clinton Emails Reveal Classified Docs, Clinton Foundation Connections, April 25, 2018).”

The social media blogger, Alpha_Furyan (on Minds) describes the Clinton Foundation Haiti relief drive:

What was supposed to be a grandiose gesture of goodwill turned into one of the greatest robberies of all time. As many celebrities enjoyed the benefits of coordinating with Clinton Foundation for years to come, even joining their “Celebrity Division” with stars including Kevin Spacey [and Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig, Jack Black, Matt Damon, Sean Penn, Ted Danson, and Mary Steenburgen], the Haitian people were suffering and dying. Former President Bill Clinton was appointed co-chairman of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission. The total international funds were calculated at approximately $9.04 billion. (Alpha_Furyan 4/28/18)

That’s a lot of loot. Great for Haitians, right? Nope.

Only .6% of the funds went to Haitian organizations. The former Senate President of Haiti, Bernard Sansaricq, claims the Clintons kept 97% of the monies owed to the Haitian people. (Alpha_Furyan 4/28/18)

And it gets worse. Even the 0.6% that slipped through to Haiti was largely siphoned off.

The Clinton Foundation was also responsible for assigning contracts for Haiti reconstruction. It was later found these contracts were only assigned to those such as Warren Buffet and Anthony Clinton who contributed large donations to the foundation. There was no reconstruction of Haiti, instead what they received were a handful of mobile homes outlawed in the United States for having carcinogenic properties, Cholera outbreaks, food and water deprivation, and the complete sell out of their country. (Alpha_Furyan 4/28/18)

Even that was not enough. Now we arrive at a most lucrative target for the Clintons: tens of thousands of orphans they could sell into abuse.

Additionally the tens of thousands of orphans impacted by the disaster were not given schools and homes as promised. Instead they became one of the largest targets of child traffickers in the world. (Alpha_Furyan 4/28/18)

Yes the Clintons are very embedded in the international child trafficking and abuse syndicates. But returning to the theme of this post, we want to give the Clintons the benefit of the doubt on their Haitan scam. It must not be that the Clintons, and their liberal patsies (many of whom must have been knowingly involved, and almost none of whom have spoken out) hate blacks particularly or the other minorities they claim so ardently to support. We are sure they rip off, rape, and pillage indiscriminantly.

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The Moon Child

Traditional Christian theology speaks of demons, fallen angels, and a special class of fallen angels known as angels of light. These are malevolent, but the last masquerade as good, godly, and/or enlightened beings. Occult magicians that believe in reincarnation call them souls, and they actively seek them out in order to have access to their powers. In the case of the moonchild, they seek to give birth to one.

Occultists think that the right magical workings can draw one of these “souls” into a fetus conceived during ritualized sex. Of course the goal is never to attract some low level minor entity, but rather to bring a high-level powerful being into this world in human vessel suitable to the expression of its glory and power.

SunMoonGoddessThis is in the tradition of Hermes, through whom these occultists think the moonchild, Nimrod, was born in ancient times. Current practitioners of these mysteries are working toward the birth a godlike future world ruler. These ritual sex practitioners attempt to identify themselves as gods: the man as the sun god (e.g., Zeus), and the woman as the moon god (e.g., Artemis/Diana). Or perhaps in some cases it is considered adequate that the woman identify as a moon goddess.  If the movement succeeds, it will produce the antichrist.

Seven Seals, in their article, MOON CHILDREN, WHAT ARE THEY?, describes moonchild rituals as, “rituals to demonize a fetus.” Once the child is born, it continues in a program of ritual abuse. The article continues:

In working with victims of this programming, it is clear that high level demons were placed within these people at very early ages. It is believed many of them were demonized before they were born by rituals like the Moonchild rituals. Blood sacrifices and human sacrifices are always required for this level of magic. (MOON CHILDREN, WHAT ARE THEY?)

Springmeier and Wheeler say, “The Monarch program is based upon Illuminati and Nazi goals to create a Master race … .” This multi-generational program, which is not just Nazi, but international in scope, is infamous for torturing and abusing children, splitting their minds into multiple personalities (called alters), and programming these alters to suit agency purposes. The explanation offered by Seven Seals adds the new dimension to this in the case of moon children, that the child’s personhood was overshadowed by an external entity even as the child was conceived.

The creation of the Moonchildren within the Monarch Project involves high level magic by the circle of Illuminati black magicians who are involved with a particular individual’s programming. It should be noted that Grande Master and Grande Dame alters will understand demonology, but the sections (levels) of alter above them, are not informed. One of the biggest secrets kept from most of the slave’s alters is that their system was demonized while a fetus.

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Say What?

Why would they do this, do you suppose? They must think, it seems, that these symbols have power. What kind of power is this? It is not electricity, it is not fusion. It must be some kind of metaphysical power that they think they can exert over the world. Do you suppose they also use ritual sacrifice?

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Weiner’s Laptop Testifies

No doubt you remember now former congressman Anthony Weiner getting pinched for sexting with a minor. He was finally thrown in jail (for just 21 months!), for charges including production of child porn, in September of 2017.

Well he had a laptop. And on this laptop, according to The Hillary Child Sex-Tape is Worse than you can Imagine, by Jabajabba (undated but probably late April 2018), he had a terrible monster. The article describes it as, “a ‘hive of repugnant filth’ that implicates numerous high-level bureaucrats.”

You may remember that Weiner was married to Huma Abedin, who also has served as Hillary’s closest advisor for many years. Huma shared the laptop with Anthony. The monster lurking on this laptop was material from a political pedophile ring, and it implicated both Huma and Hillary among others. Jabajabba says:

Multiple sources within the FBI and NYPD have confirmed the existence of a “sickening” Hillary Clinton sex tape involving Huma Abedin and an underage teenage girl, and provided assurances that a faction within the department has vowed to send Hillary Clinton to jail for the rest of her life. …

According to NYPD sources, files found on Weiner’s newly found laptop which he shared with his wife Huma Abedin, show evidence of a political pedophile ring operating within Washington, involving members of Congress as well as numerous top Clinton aides and insiders. …

According to reports, a folder on Weiner’s laptop named “life insurance” contains explicit evidence that both Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin helped run and cover-up a Washington pedophile sex ring. … (Hillary Child Sex-Tape)

Life insurance? One wonders how much it will help him now. Jabajabba says that because of this tape, Trump has vowed to go after high profile child sex offenders. Hopefully we will finally see them in jail, but it is not a given. Jabajabba continues:

According to former assistant FBI director James Kallstrom, Bill and Hillary Clinton are part of a “crime family” who have created a cartel to bribe and intimidate top officials whenever one of their crimes is under investigation. (Hillary Child Sex-Tape)

All this makes it seem as if all this pedo abuse blackmail is on the left side of the isle. It is not. It is on both sides of the isle in D.C., and it is all over the world. It goes much deeper and is embedded in institutions of power that will probably not surface in whatever investigations and court case arise from this. The most powerful people in the world are behind it. Please pray for those on the side of justice who are fighting this war.

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U.S. Dollar unHegemony

Russia and China have been buying gold. The following is from Russia Buys 300,000 Ounces Of Gold In March – Nears 2,000 Tons In Gold Reserves, by GoldCore, April 24, 2018.

While Russia was adding to its gold reserves, taking it above China’s holdings, Russia’s new ally Turkey was busy removing all gold bullion reserves held in the United States.

Both are clear moves against US dollar hegemony. Gold reserve changes combined with the news that Russia and China have agreed to settle some trades in ruble and yuan is a clear step that the world’s super powers are looking to reduce dependence on the US dollar and the increasing move away from the US dollar as global reserve currency. …

The build-up of gold reserves by non-Western countries is something which could end up tipping the scales of the global order.

Many believe that should bad relations continue between the US and these nations then US-denominated assets currently held in forex holdings by the relevant central banks, could be dumped for alternatives. Nations may opt to diversify into the Chinese yuan (in the case of Russia) but also gold. Most likely it would just take either Russia or China to do this, before many others followed suit.

We know from recent comments by the likes of Erdogan and Putin that this is a possibility not far from their minds:

“With the dollar the world is always under exchange rate pressure. We should save states and nations from this exchange rate pressure. Gold has never been a tool of oppression throughout history.”  Turkish PM Erdogan, April 2018

At the same conference Erdogan explained how he was pushing for international loans to no longer be made in dollars, but instead gold:

“I made a suggestion at a G20 meeting. I asked: Why do we make all loans in dollars? Let’s use another currency. I suggest that the loans should be made based on gold.”

When loans are made in dollars, the debtor is instantly taken hostage by the issuing central banks’ policies. The central bank determines the price of dollar through monetary policy and it’s value thanks to currency printing. Were loans to be issued in gold these huge counter party pressures would no longer be a feature of the largely dollar based debt-system. …


That is all very lofty, but Russia, China, and Turkey are also battening down the hatches.

The news broke last month that Erdogan’s central bank had decided to call back its gold reserves held in the United States. … The move was followed by the country’s largest private banks also moving their gold from the country. …

The decision followed Erdogan’s call to “to get rid of exchange rate’s pressure and to use gold against the dollar.” …

Decisions by both western and non western countries to repatriate their gold tells the US that they will no longer have power over their foreign reserves and that they do not trust them to look after them. …

Russia and increasingly Turkey and China are countries that are increasingly seen as threats to the West, in one form or another. As a result various measures have been taken against them to make international trade and negotiations very difficult. …

The likes of Russia, Turkey and China recognise the financial independence holding gold bullion can bring, they also understand the importance of storing it at a location that cannot be compromised by western sanctions, central bank screw-ups, political targeting and nationalisation of gold assets and gold companies. …

Gold also serves to protect in times of heightened geopolitical risk, terrorism and war.

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Russia, the Turks, and Rome

Russian geopolitics goes back to the Great Schism of 1054 A.D. when the Orthodox and the Church of Rome separated. During the middle ages Russia, as a deeply pious Orthodox country, considered itself to be the protector of Christianity. The Russian State was regarded as the protector and benefactor or the church, and Moscow came to be known there as the new Rome. At present Orthodoxy remains by far the largest Christian church in Russia.

The partnership was seemingly disrupted by the Russian revolution of 1917, after which the atheist Bolsheviks came to power. They were not friendly to any Christian churches, Orthodox or otherwise, and all sorts of church properties were seized by the government and re-purposed. Effectively the churches were shut down. Over the years, as the Soviet government gradually allowed the churches to rebuild themselves, the new churches were intended to be a creature of the Soviet. This succeeded in Russia, where the population was predominantly Orthodox, but it failed notably in Poland, where the population was Catholic – a fact that gave leverage to Rome as an outside power to support the overthrow of the communist regime there. (Pope-Putin Visit: Is Church Detente in the Works?, Mike Eckel, 11/26/2013)


In Russia, now that the Soviet Union has fallen, the church that it built remains, and still calls itself Orthodox (although dissenting Orthodox churches around the world take umbrage at the claim). Today, the Russian State, like the Soviet State ultimately did, sees the Russian Orthodox Church as enhancing national cohesion and expects it to provide moral backing for decisions of the political regime. The Russian Church and State are very close. The re-imaging of the church under Communism coupled with its close partnership with the current secular regime are currents tending to make the Church an apologist for secularism.

This is not to say that a national church can not successfully work together with a national government. Many argue that it has been done successfully before without degrading the Christian message. However it is always a potential hazard and so we flag it as one puzzle piece that when fitted with all the rest may result in a surprising image.

Political manipulation is not the only non-Christian influence within Russian Orthodoxy today. Bishop Hilarion cites Berdyaev as saying that it was an atheism which had infected Russian society (which at that time equated to saying the Russian church) from the intelligentsia to the peasants that led to the revolution of 1917.

“The Russian nation always considered itself to be Christian. Many Russian thinkers and artists were even inclined to regard … the Russian nation [as] a bearer of God… But, it was here that revolution broke out, and it…revealed a spiritual emptiness in Russian people. This emptiness is a result of a slavery that lasted too long of a process of egeneration (sic) of the old regime that went too far, of a paralysis of the Russian Church and moral degradation of the ecclesiastical authorities that lasted too long. Since long ago the sacred has been exterminated from the people’s soul both from the left side and the right, which prepared this cynical attitude towards the sacred that is now being revealed in all its disgust.” (Atheism and Orthodoxy in Modern Russia, Bishop Hilarion, 2005 or 2014)

To say that atheism had infected the minds of the people is too simplistic. If one thinks of atheism as a “godless faith”, all manner of quasi-spiritual sciences come into view. In the case of a dieing national church, these ideas tend to re-animate the corpse. Hilarion begins to describe this here:

There were still living saints within [the Russain Church], like John of Kronstadt, and spiritual life still flourished in at least some monasteries. On the other hand, the Church was governed by the civil authorities, or even by such odd figures as [Rasputin], and it is true that it was paralyzed to a considerable extent.  (Atheism and Orthodoxy …)

Hilarion expands on this thread, citing Metropolitan Veniamin (Fedchenkov) as saying that the spiritual paralysis in the church led to its acceptance of spiritual deception:

[I]t was not by mere chance that there arose people like Rasputin: against the common background of indifference towards religion he appeared as a charismatic figure and was at first accepted as such by the ecclesiastical authorities, who then directed his steps to the imperial palace.  (Atheism and Orthodoxy …)

Hilarion summarizes the above by describing the death of a nominally Christian church and society animated by non-Christian ideas:

Though Orthodox Christianity was still maintained as the official religion of the Russian, monarchy, both society and the Church were fatally contaminated by unbelief, nihilism and atheism. Even the seminarists, future priests, balanced on the edge between religion and atheism. Many ordinary Christians, if not the majority, had no faith at all, and it was they who turned against the Church as soon as membership in it stopped being encouraged. The Church at once lost the great majority of its members and remained a small flock of those prepared to die for Christ. (Atheism and Orthodoxy …)

The death of this church led the way for the revolution and then the destruction and/or confiscation of its properties by the Bolsheviks.

It was also during the decades leading up to the communist revolution of 1917 that the Theosophy of Madam Blavatsky became popular. BlavatskyIn addition to that, after the revolution, the Soviet sponsored and attempted to co-opt Buddhist and Mongolian myths and metaphysical sciences in an effort to win the allegiance of their Asian populations and neighbors. The pagan themes within these traditions, blended together, trickled into Russian culture becoming popular throughout Russia during the Soviet regime. They remain popular now among Russians, whether in the church or just in the population at large (See Gog’s Theosophical Empire of the End). This has tended to make today’s Russian Orthodox church less Christian than the name would imply.

Bishop Hilarion underscores the changed character of the new Russian Orthodox Christianity this way:

It seems to me that, though the numbers of believers has immensely increased during the last years, Russia is still far from being a Christian country. To be baptised, to be Orthodox has become a fashion. I would not be surprised if the majority of people, when asked whether they are Orthodox, would now give a positive answer. This does not mean, though, that they all go to church. It only means that most of them have assumed a new outward identity to keep up with the ongoing ‘religious revival’. I remember asking one teenager who came, together with her mother, to be baptised: ‘Do you believe in God?’ ‘No,’ was her answer. ‘Why then do you want to be baptised?’ I asked. ‘Well, everybody gets baptised nowadays,’ she said. This case, one of many, illustrates that many people take religion in a very superficial manner, sometimes without even believing in God. Remaining inwardly atheists, they become outwardly Orthodox. …

To speak of a religious revival in contemporary Russia has become a commonplace. But people vary in their understanding of what this revival entails. Certainly there is an external revival: many churches, monasteries and theological schools are being reopened, the buildings are being restored. But it is too early to speak of the restoration of the Russian soul. There is no improvement in morality in contemporary Russia. (Atheism and Orthodoxy …)

Also the post-Soviet Russian Orthodox church is in ongoing ecumenical discussions with the church of Rome. This is largely possible because, ever since the Catholic’s Second Vatican Council in 1962, the Catholic Church is not as Christian as it once was either. It is widely regarded as having been taken over by Freemasonry. Since Freemasonry is at its core gnostic and pagan, this makes the new Catholic church compatible with the new Russian Orthodox substrate of occult science and secularism.

In 2009, Putin’s government augmented the rapprochement of the two churches by establishing full diplomatic relations with the Vatican, and parallel to that, Italy is now Russia’s fourth biggest trading partner. Does this mean that Christianity in Russia will ever be willing to give up its Orthodox label? It does not. The Russian people would never accept that. In Russia, to be Russian is to be Orthodox; and this has been the case for over a thousand years. Likewise, and for the same reason, the Vatican and the Catholics will not be abandoning the Catholic label. But it does mean that the inner substance of these two traditions is converging even while the labels remain distinct.


In spite of this convergence, tensions remain. Putin will be well aware that the Catholic Church played a significant role in the collapse of communism in Poland, and possibly in the entire Soviet Union. He is keenly aware of the more recent loss of another largely Catholic country – Ukraine – which fell from the sphere of the post-Soviet Russians under his own watch. Like the KGB was, he is intensely wary of the power of the Catholic Church and its doctrines as a challenge to Russia. Whatever detente the Russians may be carrying out with Rome, they have a more natural ally in Turkey, which as successor to the Ottoman Caliphate is a natural enemy of Rome, and which has never subverted Russian geopolitical authority, or at least not to the degree that Rome has, or as recently.

However, the Ottoman caliphate, being Islamic, would seem to be as much a sworn enemy of Orthodox Christianity as the enemy of Rome. And the president of Turkey, Erdogan, is determined to revive it. He has openly declared this, and has called out moderate Islam as weakening the Muslim faith and undermining the national calling of Turkey. How can a regime with such an agenda ally with Christian Russia?

Perhaps the Turkish notion of Islam has been broadened in the same way that the Russian and the Roman churches have. This would extend common ground between them. Peeling back the label from Islam, particularly when made in Turkey, we find that this is the case. Islam is a relatively new religion. It began in the 600s, A.D.. As such it subsists as a veneer over a thousand of years pagan tradition.

In Turkey the presence of the pagan synchretisms is magnified by the popularity of Sufism (Sufism in Turkey).

Sufism, in its beginnings a practical method of spiritual education and self-realization, grew slowly into a theosophical system by adopting traditions of Neoplatonism, the Hellenistic world, gnosticism …, and spiritual currents from Iran and various countries in the ancient agricultural lands from the eastern Mediterranean to Iraq. (Theosophical Sufism)

Erdogan’s intent to re-institute the Caliphate propels the Sufi impulse further, since Sufism had been an integral part of the Ottoman State – so much so that it had to be forcibly disbanded following the abolishment of the Caliphate in 1922.

Further evidence of Erdogan’s simpatico with Sufi philosophy may be found in his willingness to blend pagan and Islamic tradition. He is attempting, for example, to restore a key pagan altar associated with the glory of ancient Turkey. He has declared 2023 as the completion target for restoring the Zeus Lepsynos Temple in Pergamum from the 2nd century B.C.. Walid Shoebat explains what this temple represents:

From pagan to Muslim Ottoman, Erdogan wants to revive the glory of all empires under its neo-Ottoman dream to be presented on 2023 for his glorious Ottoman accomplishments. What would be left is what they so badly are fighting for, to return to Pergamum what Carl Humann took from “the slopes of a hill in Bergamo [Pergamum], near Izmir, Turkey: “the ancient Altar of Zeus that he unearthed, with its dramatic frieze of the battle between the Gods and the Giants” (Turkey’s Caliph Erdogan Is Rebuilding The Temple Of Zeus On A Grand Scale Preparing It  For His 2023 Grand Vision For His Ottoman Caliphate Dream by Walid Shoebat, 9/02/16)

ZeusThroneThese pagan ideas overlap with the Masonic philosophy embedded in the new church of Rome (just as they harmonize with the neo-pagan and Theosophical principles that are embedded in Russia). The Romans worshiped Zeus as the head of their pantheon under the name of Jupiter. Shoebat adds that Allah is just another name for the same god.

Allah is Baal, Sin, Zeus, or Jupiter involving the worship of the sun, the moon, and the stars. (Turkey’s Caliph … by Walid Shoebat, 9/02/16)

Based on philosophy and spirituality then, Russia could ally with the Vatican as easily as it can ally with Turkey. But Turkey has not been the geopolitical threat to the Soviet Union or to the post-Soviet Russian State that Rome has.

Evidence we have from the Bible further strengthens the case for a Russia/Turkey alliance. The biblical prophecies say that at the time of the end a Gog/Magog alliance will invade Israel from the north. Russia and Turkey appear to be notable among the participants in this campaign. Shoebat contends that the altar at Pergamum represents the pinnacle of this geopolitical power as the throne of Satan.

Jesus did not refer to the Pergamum as simply the throne of Zeus, but rather as the throne of Satan himself where the Antichrist will reside (thus saying) that Satan’s ‘throne’, or spiritual base, was geographically located in Turkey. It is for this reason that Lucifer must establish a spiritual stronghold making Turkey the significant role in the Antichrist Empire. (Turkey’s Caliph … by Walid Shoebat, 9/02/16)

Shoebat further underscores the connection in the scriptures:

In Judges 8:21, the word used for crescent is saharon, which literally means crescent moon. It comes from the root of sahar (Luminous), as in Isaiah 14 God renders Lucifer as Hilal ben Sahar.

Hilal, or heylal, is Hebrew for “Luminous” or “morning star/crescent moon,” which is the very symbol of Islam including almost every cult that persecuted the seed of the Woman in Genesis 3:15. (Turkey’s Caliph … by Walid Shoebat, 9/02/16)

The prophecies point to Erdogan as a natural ally of Russia. This seems strange if one thinks of Russia as an East Orthodox Christian nation. However, if the Russian church serves as a face for a neo-pagan movement, it makes perfect sense. The substrate of Sufism in Turkey dovetails perfectly with the substrate of Theosophy in Russia and gives them ample common ground. As a new Caliphate in Turkey solidifies, if it looks toward Israel and Greece with expansionist design, it will also serve Russia as a spearhead into the Middle East and westward. Given the current circumstances in the Middle East, if the above line of reasoning is plausible, then Turkey bears watching with reference to end-times prophecy.

Perhaps the Antichrist will arise in Turkey, whether with today’s boundaries or amidst the turmoil associated with its initial expansion. Then, following the biblical prophecies, he would invade Israel and set up his rule. If current events are leading into these prophecies, one can expect this Gog/Magog Antichrist to bring all faiths, creeds, and philosophies under his own umbrella through a synchretistic system of faiths. They could each keep their name and outer symbols and form, but beneath the surface they would be united through the neo-pagan mysteries.

All of the pagan metaphysical sciences we have discussed can serve as the glue for such a system. They all have one thing in common. They each claim that a single set of mysteries is taught under the outer symbols of all faiths and sciences. Antichrist will claim that they all ultimately point to him, as the culmination of that tradition represented by a royal line of righteous rulers. He will offer to illuminate all human beings with the glorious light of this knowledge. This is because he represents the light of Lucifer, which hopefully you will recognize as deception and will reject, no matter the cost.

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Biblical Giants

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The Pindar

Written by Dr. Michael Salla on April 7, 2018 and posted by someone on Minds. I broke it into paragraphs for readability and added some pictures and the youtube. I disagree on one point – that of the extraterrestrials. I think that the reptilians are derived from a class of fallen angels and that humans who engage these entities repeatedly through rituals can manifest reptilian features at times as well:

This is where it is very useful to tell a story told by a former US Air Force doctor. UU., Bill Deagle, MD, who described in an interview to the YouTube channel Project Camelot, a mysterious encounter he had with a prominent member of the Rothschild family, Baron Guy De Rothschild, in 1992:

RothschildGuyDeI woke up in the middle of the night I stood up and sat down. And I had all the lights on because I had to go to the bathroom periodically or whatever. I had all the lights on. And this guy was standing in front of me with what I call a $ 5,000 tuxedo, not a single one on his head, about 50 years old, thin and slender. I said: How did you get in here? And he says: It’s wonderful to see you My son, I said: You are not my father. And I looked at this guy, and he looked like the French nobility. okay? And I said: Who are you? He says: I am Baron Guy de Rothschild, the Pindar. And I felt something strange, something like an anguish or a kind of shrinking or squeezing in my spirit. And I knew immediately, because I have this gift. okay?

Without going into a long discussion, I knew right away. I said: I know who you are. You are the representative of the Luciferian power that controls the Earth. He says: Yes, I am the CEO of Earth, Inc., and I am the man in 13th position of the Druidic Council. I want you to be my substitute, and when it transpires I want you to occupy my position. And I said: No, I’m not going to do it. He said: We know your bloodline; we know your genetics; We know everything about you and you are a perfect replacement for me. And I said: No.

RptlnGiantSeatedWhat is interesting here is Rothschild’s claim that he was the “Pindar” and was the “CEO of Earth, Inc.”. This suggests that he is simply directing the Earth on behalf of others, but who? To get an answer, we can look for information about the Pindar supplied by British researcher David Icke. Icke wrote about Pindar in The Biggest Secret after interviewing a former participant in occult satanic ceremonies, Arizona Wilder. Icke wrote: Pindar means ‘Dragon’s penis’ …

Arizona says Pindar, like all reptilians when they change shape, has very powerful hypnotic eyes (the ‘evil eye’ of the legend) and in the sacrifices, the faces of the victims Look at the Pindar at the moment of death for him to steal the soul or the energy of the person through this magnetic process of the “evil eye” ….

Pindar attends the main satanic ceremonies in Europe and then flies to California for the rituals there. [pages. 302-3] The idea that a high ranking member of the Rothschild family, Guy de Rothschild, was a changing reptile, or a hybrid of some kind, will be a shock to many who do not believe that extraterrestrial life is a physical reality on Earth. This incredulity will be notably the case of those who come from a Christian background, who attribute the satanic / Luciferian influence on Earth to the demonic entities of another world associated with hell, as described in the biblical passages.

However, only last week, Pope Francis declared that there is no Hell! In an interview, he was quoted as saying: They are not punished, those who repent, obtain God’s forgiveness and enter the rank of the souls who contemplate it, but those who do not repent and therefore can not be forgiven disappear. . There is no hell, what there is is the disappearance of sinful souls. While the Vatican immediately tried to recant the Pope’s comments, his intention was very clear. Hell is not a mere spiritual dimension where Satan rules and acts as a distant but disruptive influence on Earth through his legion of demonic spirits.

The Pope has made it clear that hell is a very physical reality and corresponds to the created world of our around for sinful souls who participate in satanic rituals that involve human sacrifice and pedophilia. The implication here is that Satan is a very physical being that is present on Earth, and has absolute dominion of the planet through hybrid intermediaries, such as the Pindar, which collectively make up the Deep State. When making his statement about Hell , Pope Francis seemed to be breaking ranks with the Vatican hierarchy, and alluded to the terrible truth about the covert influence of the Reptilians on the Catholic Church in a very physical and tangible way.

Other evidence of a reptilian influence on state officials Deep involved in human sacrifice, comes from another former participant and victim in these obscure ritual events, Cathy O’Brien. His (sic) book, Trance Formation of America, shows the widespread belief of many political elites in the secret Reptilian leaders. In addition, John DeCamp’s book, The Franklin Coverup, reveals how pedophilia and the Human sacrifice is used to engage future political leaders in a corrupt system in Washington DC.

If we connect all the threads that emerge from the QAnon reference to the Vatican, the Rothshchilds and the reptilian symbolism, then we come to some very disturbing conclusions. The Vatican is largely under the influence of extraterrestrial reptilian entities that have chosen to reveal themselves through symbolism, as found in the Paul VI Auditorium.

Satan is one or more members of an extraterrestrial reptilian race that has secretly ruled over humanity during centuries through human intermediaries or hybrids. The Rothschild family is deeply involved in this confluence of satanic forces involving the Vatican and the reptilians, and one of its members plays the role of Pindar, CEO of the Earth, and reports something similar to a Directory or Board Reptiliana.

Las frequent references of QAnon to the badness of the Stats o Profound, and allusions to Satan and satanic practices, is his careful way of referring to the Reptilian entities that historically have dominated the Deep State through a subordinate clique of political, financial and cultural leaders. These elite figures have been compromised through their participation in rituals that include human sacrifice, and all this as the condition for their elevation to high positions.

Las frequent references of QAnon to the badness of the Stats o Profound, and allusions to Satan and satanic practices, is his careful way of referring to the Reptilian entities that historically have dominated the Deep State through a subordinate clique of political, financial and cultural leaders. These elite figures have been compromised through their participation in rituals that include human sacrifice, and all this as the condition for their elevation to high positions.

Now finally we have an explanation of why QAnon (Military Intelligence of the USA) , despite Trump’s clear support for the White House, he has to communicate using a cryptic and coded language about his ongoing operations to “Drain the Swamp.” QAnon is methodically exposing the historical power behind the Deep State – a very physical Reptilian extraterrestrial force – that still has influence through a subordinate clique of leaders who wish to ingratiate themselves with their lords Reptiles.

While many may be skeptical of the above conclusions, It seems that QAnon believes that the time is right for the American patriot community to finally wake up to the truth and, therefore, become active exposing what is really behind the Deep State to end its corrosive influence on human affairs.

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