Who am I?

The reader may want to know what I believe, and why I am here posting. So here you go for those interested…

I regard myself as a Christian. That is, I am a sinner who worships Jesus Christ as God and Lord, and one of the three persons in the Godhead: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. I believe that the Holy Spirit lives in my heart, having made me a new creature and a son of God by adoption and quickening me to live as a member of the Body of Christ (as poorly as I do).

I believe that God makes all things new, through the agency of his Holy Spirit, and that this will be more fully realized when he returns to earth at the close of this age. As I read the signs of the times, this will be very soon.

As I read the scripture I see him then ushering in the millennial reign, during which time he will live on earth and rule through his people with a rod of iron. At the end of this time history will be fulfilled and the earth and the heavens will be made new, and perfect, and eternal life will have broken through to all that will worship and serve Him. All of this is accomplished by God’s grace.

I believe that the Orthodox Christian church has been the true Church throughout the Christian ages. However, the world is entering the great apostasy prophesied in the Bible to engulf the Church in the last days. I believe that during this apostasy all the mainstream “Christian” churches will fall into heresy, and many if not most of the smaller churches as well. But God is greatly merciful, and true Christians will emerge from many denominations and places that we might not expect, to worship God in Spirit and in truth. Associated with this and during the Great Tribulation, also prophesied in the Bible, many of these will be beheaded for their faith. Those alive and remaining upon the return of Jesus Christ will be caught up to meet Him as he descends to earth.

It is close. It seems I can see the hair in the nostrils of the antichrist. I can certainly smell his stinking breath. And so I post about it, and hope someone notices.

Thank you for reading!