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Did you Hear?

Could you hear? Is it legal to hear? Are some opinions about history just so evil that only criminals can have them? “… an 87-year-old woman was sentenced to 10-months in jail after being convicted of violating German hate speech … Continue reading

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They Own the Planet?

Did he say, they own the planet? Google is CIA, of course … which is to say Deep State. See Also: Speech Suppression The Social (Media) Engineers Socially Engineered Rap Geopolitical Engineering National Security and Consciousness Acquisition Voice to Skull

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Speech Suppression

Google And YouTube Target “Conspiracy Theories” In New Quality Control Update Posted on August 8, 2017 by Aaron Kesel … On July 27, 2017 Google updated their quality raters guidelines. The latest update to its rating guidelines brings many changes, … Continue reading

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Merkel on the Other Hand

While I still can, I will warn you that the world is sliding with increasing speed into a Police State. It is happening in the United States, it is happening (as you see below) in Europe. It already exists in … Continue reading

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Youtube denies Your Voice

Not that my blog is anything, but there will likely come a time when I will be forced to stop posting material of a political or truth-telling nature; soon to be followed by sites with an anti-establishment, anti-corporate, alternative, or in … Continue reading

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Fox denies Napolitano Voice

Fox News pulls Judge Napolitano off air after Trump wiretap claims by JOSEPH JANKOWSKI 3/21/17 NEW YORK (INTELLIHUB) — Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano has been pulled off the air indefinitely after revealing that multiple intelligence sources informed … Continue reading

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Mankind as Adolph

Yes, it has come to this! PewdiePie Attacks the Legacy Media: My Response to his Response And if you haven’t seen it, here is what he’s talking about.

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