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MK Ultra 2.0

MK Ultra was supposedly dismantled in the 70s, but it just rebranded instead. Mind control is the ultimate weapon, after all. The following link starts at 38 minutes. Give it ten minutes of your time. Brain Invaders See Also: Voice … Continue reading

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Voice to Skull

Want to talk about race? Don’t let them divert your attention. Here are the real slave masters. Andy they’re coming to a neighborhood near you. See Also: Socially Engineered Rap Hive Mind The Mind Control Industry

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Systematic Ritual Murder

Excellent treatment of a horrible subject. As awful as this is, it is stuff you should know. See Also Mind Control by MPD The Mind Control Industry Bush et al, Pedophilia Rosemary’s Baby Antichrist Working for the Super-Rich

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Working for the Super Rich

Updated 5/6/17 “I did not complete the training, and didn’t become a psychopath.” https://d2isvgrdif6ua5.cloudfront.net/cinemr_com/703052597677793286/720.mp4 This man was a very smart Dutch businessman and successful entrepeneur, Ronald Bernard, was a  adept at shaping opinion and guiding behavior. And as he had no … Continue reading

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Reptilian Ritual

If political hacks on the left are into the occult, here is what their handlers are into (besides pedophilia). Nephelim and the Dollar Bill Mind Control by MPD Genesis 6 Project The Hybrids The Mind Control Industry

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Ft. Lauderdale False Flag Shooting

So, Esteban Santiago, if that’s his name, shot up the airport in Ft. Lauderdale. He is being characterized as an unstable vet. “The man police say opened fire with a gun from his checked baggage at a Florida airport had … Continue reading

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Hive Mind 2017

Mind Control – Government Will Soon Control, Trigger and Read Thoughts; Brain-to-Brain Communication is Here By Nate Brown 12/20/2016 … Several individuals are brought together (and) their brain activity is placed on a single electronic device. This method was accomplished in … Continue reading

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