Eat Fat – Be Thin!

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– You can be Healthy! –

There are certain foods that you should eat. These are whole super-foods, properly processed.

Let’s start with the cheapest idea: water and sea-salt! No kidding, this is very powerful. Check out the water cure. Of course you should use high quality drinking water. Filter it. Add a micellizing water wetting catalyst to it. Water is not micellized in nature. Your small intestine is supposed to micellize the water you drink. Guess what? Try the catalyst. Careful with the salt though, it is actually possible to get too much. It took months, but it happened to me, and I cut back (on the salt, not the water).

  • Bear in mind – this is sea salt. Do not eat “regular” table salt. The processing strips it of its broad-spectrum mineral goodness, and it is bleached.
  • When exclusively using sea salt you should supplement with a natural iodine – especially if you don’t live near the coast.

Well that brings us to an excellent idea; but one that is not so cheap: broad-spectrum bio-available minerals, or probably better, organic minerals activated by Fulvic Acid. (Fulvic changes the molecular shape of water molecules to a tetrahedron. This may  sort of “micellize” the water molecules.) If you get the minerals from any green superfood product, you are getting the fulvic acid effect. But one product I trust perhaps more than all the others, it Perfect Food, by Garden of Life.

Alkalinity: Alkalinity is measured as pH, and is considered by many to be highly important to health. pH is simply a measure of the balance of negative ions (electrons) vs. positive ions (protons). An abundance of negative ions is a high pH and a deficit of negative ions is a low pH. An equal balance (neutral) reads as 7 on the pH scale, which runs from 0-14. Each number higher or lower than 7 doubles the abundance or deficit of negative ions. You want your body to be slightly alkaline; say, 7.5. I have read that cancer patients will typically have a pH below 6. Measure a Coca Cola sometime. You can test yourself easily by using pH strips available at any pharmacy. You can test your saliva (not after eating or drinking) or urine.

Various means are suggested for raising and maintaining metabolic pH. Eating certain foods (cayenne pepper is highly alkaline, and very good for you), supplementing with super green foods, drinking the catalyst waters mentioned above or other high pH water products, adding coral calcium to your water, and even therapeutic medical devices, such as the remarkable Biomat. The above things probably apply to everybody, but be aware that there are different metabolic types, so various foods affect different people very differently! Check this out by Dr. Mercola.

Bottom line: consider your pH!

And then on to the juices: goji, acai, noni, and mangosteen (or save money with the powder)! Forget the hype. These really are super foods. You want to feel better? You should eat them.Which goji should you buy? Greer’s Health & Wellness has certified organic true goji berries at very good prices (2011). Read “Goji Berries – The Difference Between The Chinese & Tibetan Varieties“. Or you can get an actual weight-loss diet plan using acai.

And the powders: ambrotose and enzymes! Ambrotose is comprised of the eight essential sugars. They are essential to human nutrition. Never heard of them? Shame on your educators! Your body uses them for cell to cell communication and they are critical to your immune system. They are essential but they are basically not found in the American diet. Shame on the food industry!! I can’t stress enough how powerful these products are. I use and recommend the powder form because these products are almost tasteless and the powders are a lot cheaper than capsules or tablets (still very expensive, though – click on the eight essential sugars link for a recipe that costs much less).

I don’t remember what enzyme powder I was thinking of when I wrote the above, but it had no offensive taste and was inexpensive since it wasn’t tabletized or encapsulated. I should add, on the subject of enzymes, that your body’s use of enzymes is sensitive to body temperature. Namely, higher body temperature produces significantly more enzyme activity. So, again, check out the remarkable Biomat.

And the amazing Bee Pollen!

I should mention apple pectin. More than just a fiber, it does a lot for you. It contains one or more of the eight sugars, but it’s been a long time and I don’t remember other details. You’ll have to look it up. Years ago I read about combining it with comfrey, and I did this for awhile but have gotten away from it. I think I’ll start up again, because it’s really good!

And the oils (fats): Virgin olive oil and virgin coconut oil are really good for you. Don’t eat hydroginated oil (including margarine) or rapeseed oil. Eat butter. Or coconut oil is really good on toast and biscuits and such.  I don’t remember all the bad oils. And there are some super good oils that I have not mentioned. I just don’t know what they are!

Well I remember one. Garlic oil! Garlic is incredible. I once cured an abscess with garlic.

And while we’re on the subject of oils, taking some lecithin (unbleached) doesn’t hurt. It helps oil mix with water. But for a truly expert opinion, read Fat is Thin! which I excerpted from Body Ecology.

Anti-aging by eating for hunger and satiety hormone balance: Is Your Food Making You Old?

Detoxify! I can’t believe I almost left this out. If you are seriously ill it is very likely that you are loaded up with toxins. I found some really good ideas on how to detoxify at the website Eric is Winning.

And here is Hyperlipid! And More about the Optimal Diet
[link to]
[link to]
[link to]

Dr. Jan Kwasniewski’s diet is not Atkins diet-Update
[link to]

A few specific carbohydrates are troublemakers. The SC Diet eliminates them. This can be life-saving.

Worth a read since it dispels so many myths about cholesterol, fat, etc (very good site!!)
[link to]

Gary Taubes related:

Eat Your Lungs Out While Getting Leaner
[link to]

The Soft Science of Dietary Fat
[link to]

Big Fat Lie
[link to]

What if It’s All Been a Big Fat Lie?
[link to]

From Sweden
[link to]

Also, loads of stuff by Jimmy Moore from that link… more on his blog:

[link to]

Di Pasquale who came up with the Anabolic and Metabolic Diets (for losing body fat and for muscle building without drugs)
[link to]
[link to]

AACE: Insulin Not Sodium May Be Hypertension’s Bad Actor
[link to]

High saturated fat, starch avoidance weight loss diet offers good preliminary results
[link to]

No adverse lipid effects seen with high fat, no-starch diet

This article shows that the link between insulin, hypertension, diabetes and other metabolic syndrome conditions is well known, though they are pushing unnecessary drugs. High fat diet reverses metabolic syndrome.

A single mechanism for hypertension, insulin resistance and immune suppression
[link to]

Potassium and Hypertension
[link to]

The above article is quite interesting and sums up a lot of my research that the best solution for insulin related disorders is to supplement my high fat diet with potassium but not reduce my sodium intake since reducing salt is known to make insulin resistance worse and you swap one problem for another. Increasing potassium causes increased sodium removal and that has a beneficial effect. The best natural source of potassium is avocado’s and this has a very high fat content, which is good news too on a high fat diet.

It really is quite easy and becomes totally intuitive after a few months.

FAT is good! Especially Saturated, but also mono-unsaturated.

If you want to be thin – you have to eat FAT, or your body will make it instead!

Oh, and not really for this article – AVOID FRUCTOSE in ALL FORMS. It is the quickest way to get fat. I will never let another fruit touch my lips, esp not a fruit juice! Been 2 years now. It builds central body fat and destroys your liver more effectively than alcohol.

Feel fatigued? My incomplete list includes taking the B vitamin family, and augmenting that with B-12 as Methylcobalamin with folic acid, biotin, and B-6. Find some chromium, too, and germanium. I forget what else.

And that should about do it. ANY of it, in my opinion.

And yes, you should also eat right. But the above will help you massively even if you can’t. The above will also reduce food cravings and help you eat right.

Do you also want to eat right? Here are some simple guidelines. Start somewhere, and you will be surprised how your tastes will change over time.

No Dieting: Well, I’m being a little tongue in cheek here, but really, NO low-fat diets and NO aspartame!!! What? You have a death wish? You like suffering? Don’t do it. If you want to lose weight, try Acai. And eat  Health Noodles!

Here’s how to identify genetically modified produce at the grocery, to the extent that the corrupt FDA and Congress have allowed.

Eating: Use the glycemic foods index and adjust your diet according to it. This will help your metabolism and weight control. At our house we have been converted to slow-cooked meats with their fats, fermented foods, vegetables, and low or no carbs. Read the book Nourishing Traditions and become a meat eater! It has lots of recipes, including the ferments such as sauer kraut, rejuvelac, and kombucha tea! And visit the Body Ecology website and learn that diet can reverse autism (as well as a heck of a lot of other disease conditions)! Also visit the sites Primal Body Primal Mind or The Great Grain Robbery for two different views. And with the Burberry Body website you can assay the food value of any food.

Fasting: I am talking about “juice fasting.” You can fast 3 days on just water with fresh lemon, maple syrup, and a touch of cayenne. Drink as much as you want of it. This is a good liver cleanse. You won’t be tired, and after the first day or so you will probably experience no hunger. Or you can use programs that are available. Two programs that are intense, but will do serious good are Acne No More, and the Internal Cleansing Kit by Blessed Herbs. You change the oil in your car, right? You know it’s important. How long has it been since you had an oil change? It’s easier to do than it sounds once you take the plunge.

Avoid the refined foods: Don’t  eat white sugar, white flour, or white (table) salt. Avoid the coal-tar based colorings and the artificial flavors and enhancers. No MSG! Get fresh or organic herbs. The herbs in the little tins are all irradiated (exposed to nuclear waste). No kidding. They are doing that to more and more foods, such as produce and meats. They don’t even have to label it. Bastards.

Eat super-foods: Goji, acai, mangosteen, chia , spirulina …

Go organic: Well, some food items are more important than others. There are lists you can get. Eat free range or organic chicken and turkey. NO American pork unless you know a farmer who raises a few hogs. American pork is loaded with trichinosis, which is a malady you don’t want. It will make your immune system crazy. For beef, go with grass-fed or organic. For fish, go wild! Always fun.

Fresh herbs: I know that cayenne and garlic are amazingly good for you, and I know that fresh is amazingly good for you and that the herbs in the grocery are irradiated (exposed to nuclear waste). So start gardening. It’s not hard. I forget the rest. But, hey, simple is good. Years ago I read Back to Eden, by Jethro Kloss. He’s sort of an apostle of the American organic and alternative health industries. He writes his personal testimony, which is very motivating, and has a lengthy section on herbs (about half of this is cayenne!).

Don’t believe me?

Eat Right for Your Type.

or eat gobs of supplements!

Hm. I can’t think of anything else right now. Eat well; be healthy!

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Digestive Disorders

Multiple Schlerosis (MS) Reversed

Swine Flu



Morgellons Disease

4 Responses to Eat Fat – Be Thin!

  1. David says:

    Forget about the glycemic index, it’s too complexcated (see what I mean!). Instead, just rely on raw, unrefined vegetable and (especially) animal oils/fats. These provide nutrient dense, steadily absorbed energy for life.

  2. Acne No More says:

    Being previously a sufferer with skin problems for almost all of my life I appreciate your work here. As I am confident you already know, there exists much falsehoods out there online around what treatment methods and remedies get the job done and importantly, those that don’t. I operate a web site committed to helping people with skin disorders and every time I come across a internet site with this level of quality I like to link to it for the benefit of my customers. I’ve used your website link inside my dependable information webpage; . Please continue to deliver excellent help and advice, your knowledge is highly valued.

    • David says:

      I’ve used the Acne No More system myself with great success, and am overall very impressed with it. Fasting is definitely THE most powerful method of healing on the planet. ever. period. However, I tend to diverge from Acne No More and other uber-fast methods on the issue of long-term diet and especially protein.

      This article doesn’t really address the issue of vegetable vs. animal protein, but it is a very serious one and a point on which systems like Acne No More fall short. I am with Nora Gedgaudas on the issue and am firmly convinced that animal protein is essential for full-spectrum protein-based nutrition in the long term.

      The two most common complaints I’ve heard against red meat (prostaglandins and slow/purifying digestion) are entirely avoidable and not intrinsic to red meat as a food. When eaten in small, digestible quantities red meat is mankind’s best protein food.

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