Location Parameters

by Michael Knox

For health:

Not close to cell or radio towers:

Why, because these towers cause EMF cancer, switch the polarity in the body which is the root of a long list of serious illnesses. 35% of illness in most countries is caused by EMF cell towers. Even as close as one mile away can eventually do serious damage to health y cells. In the advent of 5G, being far way from cell towers will be even more important. It is said that 5G satellites will relay the signal to the towers, then the towers to the thousands of mini 5G antennas throughout the town. Scientists are already seeing the damage 4G is doing to insects and the increase of illness to humans, but 5G will top all of these by causing a massive kill off of our lower chain of life. Before buying a place check your cell phone bars, the fewer bars the better.

No city water:

Chlorine is added y in some places fluoride which most filters cannot remove. Some towns use city water which can be 30% recycled prescription drugs etc. Recycled water is a serious health hazard.

Not near mineral extraction Co:

Because the waste or extraction chemicals leach into drinking water, streams and soils near by. Mining for uranium is especially dangerous.

Not near public dumping:

Meaning any form of dump area. The metals, plastics, oils and chemicals leach into the soil, which takes centries of rain water to remove.  If there is a stream on the property, trace the stream by looking at a map to make sure that the land desired is not down hill from a dump of any kind.

Not too near other homes:

Nor around especially badly maintained homes. These have a low income and they watch for persons with better homes for opportunities to steal from. In an economic crisis, most thieves will be walking to find places to steal from. Gasoline always goes up. Usually 3 miles outside of a small town is safe and 20-40 miles from a big town or city, depending the size.

Not near or under major power lines:

These always cause cancer, even for animals feeding near them. They produce a very powerful magnetic field that reverses the polarity of the body very much like cell towers.

No Round up nor pesticides used:

It takes many years to rid these deadly toxic chemicals out of the soil. Look for signs of roundup use before you ask the seller if they use it on the property. Most sellers will say they do not use it because they know the importance of your question. Signs of use are light tan dead grass and weed patches around crops and trees. If grass and weeds look normal in other areas, then roundup was used. Also look in the storage areas for the roundup containers. Roundup strips the plants and soil of all essential minerals. Making all potential life dead. Pesticides are oil base so water actually never washes them off. Ask the previous owner if and where such chemicals were used. For these reasons, the best property to buy is a complete forest land. Areas can be lightly cleared to plant a garden.

Not near any major business:

Logging and gravel trucks produce heavy Diesel fumes. Especially in S America (trucks are over fueled to enrich the petroleum companies – black exhaust) the trucks produce a lot of very deadly black fumes. Breathing these in on a regular basis is bad for health and the crops near them.

Not near or in the line of an airport:

Because before planes land they dump all of their remaining jet fuel (diesel). They do this despite whether over cities, forests or water.

Elements for a self sustaining land:

Water, water, water:

Water in the near future will be as precious as gold. Geoengineering of the weather is performed by governments throughout the world to cause massive draughts and elimination of animals, including us. Water supplies are drying up everywhere. The property should have as many sources of water as possible. Streams, brooks and rivers are excellent. Water gives the entire property a higher potential form of health, life, safety, growth and land wealth. Trace all streams and water sources by map and on foot to assure purity. Keep in mind that runoff is a factor.  Good well water is a must. However that should not be the only source. Water flowing on top is an absolute must. If the irragation is properly planed it can save the property in a time of a major forest fire. Relying only on well water, which requires electric power to pull water from a well in a time of continuous loss of power, will eventually fail. Any water can be purified in an emergency situation. An ozone system and good filtration will assure purity. A river, brook or stream is perfect to produce hydro power. For hydro there must be a grade sufficient to produce power. Minimum is 20′. Hydro is the best of all energy producing  source. Solar does not even come close to hydro energy. Hydro is cheap, constant power, low maintenance, easy to install and requires less watts (from 1500 to 2000 watts per hour) to sustain a home. Unfortunately locating a land with a lot of water may narrow property choices down to less than 10%, but a future without water is no future. It is just dry dead land.

Trees – forest of many types:

Trees provide life, shade, variance of temperature and more possibilities to raise many types of animals on a property. Trees also emit nutrients which are vital for all plants. Whereas a land with a lot of grass areas provide little life, use and is subject to the harsh elements. If the land purchased is entirely forest then all the better.

Sloped land with flat areas:

Preferably on or near a mountain is the best place. Underground water flows up to mountain peaks via scalar energy. The waters which flow down from mountains are the best in quality. Hydro power can be easily adapted to these and irrigation of the land to keep it moist to prevent a fire.

Southern sun exposure:

Excellent for solar energy if that is the only form of power. Also beneficial for solar hot water. Provides a longer time of sun time for plants and much healthier for our Vitamine D intake. A year round geothermal greenhouse is a must in those colder climates.

Existing fruit trees:

Planted Fruit trees take many years before they bear a sufficient amount of fruit. Always best to buy land that has some trees already growing, however, make sure they did not use roundup or pesticides. A large fruit crop will most like have highly contaminated soil. Further many trees of the same fruit attracts certain insects. It is always best to plant the trees yourself, mixing the fruit trees with other non fruit trees along with planted flowers to discourage insects.

Existing crop production:

Having a form of income after purchase the property is ideal. However if it is organic the price will be higher for the land. If not organic it is probably chemical saturated ground. If it is clean ground, then obtain the names of the businesses who have been buying the production.