Ez. 46:1 The east gate of the inner court will be opened after six days (six thousand years), on the sabbath (seventh day) on the day of the new moon (the feast of trumpets).

Rev. 11:1 and Rev. 15:8

15:8 No one can enter the temple until the 7 plagues are fulfilled. Rev. 11:1 refers to measuring the temple and the worshipers in it. Then v. 3 announces the two witnesses. If this were chronological then the witnesses serve after the 7 plagues are completed. I don’t see that it has to be chronological. Verse 1 is like an overview; it is the total measurement. After three and a half years they are slain, and they rise and there is a great earthquake destroying 1/10th of the city and killing 7,000 and the remnant repent and are saved. This completes the second woe of Rev. 11:14. The third is immediate. It seems it is the seventh trumpet in 11:15, which also concludes with thunder, lightning, voices, and an earthquake.

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