Scientific Research

  •  Warming up to Far Infrared, by D. J. Fletcher, Alternative Medicine Magazine (Stress, depression, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, cancer, heavy metal detox, thyroid, and many other maladies).
  • Far Infrared Sauna Purification, and The Science of Far Infrared Therapies, Dr. Toshiko Yamazaki, MD  (Toxins, the core of many health problemsDr. Toshikoi Yamazaki far infrared therapy clinic, Japan).

Negative ions

  • “Controlled Trial of Bright Light and Negative Air Ions for Chronic Depression.” Psychological Medicine.  (Chronic depression, fatigue, weight gain and stress – Namni Goel, Ph.D., Michael Terman, Ph.D., Jiuan Su Terman, Ph.D., Mariana M. Macchi, Ph.D., and Jonathan W. Stewart, Ph.D. 2005 )

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