Coffee and Health

Well, not a superfood perhaps, but not bad either. No, literally, contrary to previous scientific opinion: not bad!

On the other hand, maybe it is a superfood:

Coffee and Mold

Mold grows in the moist dark areas and is an issue for coffee-makers, according to the article, Your Coffee Maker is full of Mold, which also tells how to prevent this.

Mold? Water? What about the wet fermentation process typically used to prepare coffee beans for sale? Yes, you’re right. It is an issue. HealClick Blog says the mold issue, “has more to do with the quality control of the water tanks and water sources than the methodology.” This makes sense. This gist I got after reading at Sweet Maria’s a thread at Sweet Maria’s discussing mold is that if you buy good quality coffee it will have been tasted by the buyers and won’t have mold issues since mold produces flavor issues. Also, according to HealthLine newsletter, the levels of mycotoxins (from mold) in coffee beans and brewed coffee is negligible.

Coffee Freshness

I have read that what matters to both the health benefits and the flavor of brewed coffee is the roasting date. Brew your coffee between one and two weeks from roasting! Unless you can find a local source, that’s going to mean buying green beans and roasting your own. For this you can go to Amazon, or for more guidance try Sweet Maria’s or The Coffee Advisor or Burman Coffee Traders or Bean Fruit Coffee Co.

For larger quantities at lower prices try Coffee Shrub

Coffee and Mushrooms

Alex Jones of InfoWars swears that the coffee he is selling (it contains mushrooms) does not give him headaches, whereas coffee by itself always did. Sorry this information is so scant. If you can help, please comment!

Coffee and the Homestead

Grow Mushrooms in Coffee Grounds

Feed Coffee Grounds to Redworms – Redworms can be the basis to a food-chain for your farmstead. Feed them to fish in a barrel (and add an aquaponics system) and/or to your chickens for eggs and meat.

Redworms and Rabbits – Alright, this is a bonus. Nothing to do with coffee. Rabbits can be raised on kitchen scraps. Raise redworms under their pens in the rabbit manure.

And lastly(?),

Coffee on the Third Hand

It may not be good for you!

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