History of Orthodoxy in Modern Russia

The Battle for the Russian Orthodox Church
by Vladimir Moss


“St. Seraphim of Sarov (1754-1833) prophesied that the bishops of the Russian Church would depart from the true faith; he said that he had prayed fervently for them for several days, but the Lord had refused to have mercy on them. This prophecy is printed in the Divine service books of the Moscow Patriarchate like the writing on the wall of the palace of the Babylonian King Balthasar (Daniel 5).” (p.6)

“He who looks for the Church in the Soviet Union today finds —a hole in the earth, a deep wound in the Orthodox Russian people that is not at all hidden by the false front of the (Sergianist) Moscow Patriarchate. But is the situation so very different in the free world? Here voluntary apostasy, Renovationism and heresy have achieved much the same result… . Behind the glittering facade of almost all the free Orthodox Churches, with their “ecumenical” triumphs—is a gaping hole in the earth… . The saving remnant of Orthodox faithful of many nations … are being driven into the voluntary catacombs of separation from the ecumenist heresiarchs, gathering around the few truly Orthodox bishops who remain. Thus the Divine Head of the Church prepares them for the greater trials that seem to lie ahead. The prophecy of the holy and clairvoyant Elder Ignaty of Harbin, made some 30 years ago, no longer seems remote: “What began in Russia, will end in America.” (from another website)

“According to Elder Porphyrius of Glinsk (+1868): ‘In due course, faith will collapse in Russia. The brilliance of earthly glory will blind the mind. The word of truth will be defiled, but with regard to the Faith, some from among the people, unknown to the world, will come forward and restore what was scorned.’

“Archbishop Theophan of Poltava, passing on the tradition of the Valaam elders, wrote: ‘… The Lord will have mercy on Russia for the sake of the small remnant of true believers. In Russia, the elders said, in accordance with the will of the people [The Romanov family is willing to put a Czar on the Russian throne if the Russian people express their will by voting for it], the Monarchy, Autocratic power, will be re-established. The Lord has forechosen the future Tsar. He will be a man of fiery faith, having the mind of a genius and a will of iron. First of all he will introduce order in the Orthodox Church, removing all the untrue, heretical and lukewarm hierarchs. And many, very many – with few exceptions, all – will be deposed, and new, true, unshakeable hierarchs will take their place. He will be of the family of the Romanovs according to the female line. Russia will be a powerful state, but only for “‘a short time”… And then the Antichrist will come into the world, with all the horrors of the end as described in the Apocalypse.’

“As for the lower ranks, Catacomb Eldress Agatha of Belorussia, who was martyred by the Bolsheviks at the age of 119 (!), counselled them not to go to the MP: ‘This is not a true church. It has signed a contract to serve the Antichrist. Do not go to it. Do not receive any mysteries from its servants. Do not participate in prayer with them.’ They were to wait for the triumph of Orthodoxy, when the people will show their true repentance by being baptised by True Orthodox clergy: There will come a time when churches will be opened in Russia, and the true Orthodox faith will triumph. Then people will become baptized, as at one time they were baptized under St. Vladimir.’ (Can the Leopard change his Spots?)

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