Mark of the Beast

(Actually, the following is about the chip that will be implanted in those that receive the mark. For the mark itself, see Bismillah, the Mark of the Koran, and the chi-xi-stigma of Revelation)

The following peek behind the curtain will be difficult to accept for those who have not studied Genesis 6:4, UFOs, and abductions. You blogger has studied these things and is satisfied that they are real and that abductions often involve pregnancies and chip implantations. Given these premises, the following makes sense.

Sid Roth interviews L.A. Marzulli


L.A. Marzulli was raised Catholic but became disillusioned and encountered the supernatural in the New Age with guru Maharaj Ji. He Joined an ashram. At the astrodome in 1979 the guru held an event called the  millennium. During this event the guru and his family were staged at the top of a dias built above the stage. When L.A. saw them on the platform they did not look entirely human. He saw overwhelming power on them and coming through them. He didn’t know whether it was good or bad, but decided to move on. A little later he read The Cult Explosion, by David Hunt and prayed a prayer to Jesus that was in that book asking Jesus that if he was real to come into one’s life. Soon after he was converted.

L.A. on Abductions and Implants: Dr. Leir was at first a skeptic but removed weird items emanating a frequency indicating they were computers with a clock speed of 300 gigahertz (some 300 times faster than anything known to the public on earth at the time). Inside them were carbon nanotubes not found in nature. The doctor now thinks they change the host’s dna. The source may be extraterrestrial, but L.A. calls that idea the great deception; and says it has been orchestrated over thousands of years by interdimensional beings with a malevolent agenda. The watchers that bred with human women in ancient times (Gen. 6:4) and produced nephelim are the beings that started this, and L.A. thinks they are coming back. He says the reference in Matt. 24 that the last days will be as the days of Noah refers to the presence of the Watchers. It was the race of nephelim that was destroyed in the flood.

Torah Codes: Using equi-letter sequences (skip-sequences), messages are found. The assassination  of Prime Minister Rabin was predicted by these codes. Ezek. 38 has Obama’s name in it. The prophecy may be about to be fulfilled.

Signs in the Skies: NASA is airbrushing out objects around the sun. There have been numerous observations during 2011 of objects around the moon or of it behaving erratically. Lorenzo Iorio wrote that a large body is entering  the solar system making the moon act in an erratic way. A Torah code says the moon will be observed in 2011.

Mark of the Beast: The Matt 24 reference to “as in the days of Noah” indicates the presence of the fallen angels and/or their progeny during the last days. Also in the dayss of Noah humans had a very long lifespan. Prophecies say that in the last days without the mark no man can buy or sell; that those who take the mark will suffer grievious sores. In the days of the mark men and women will seek death and not find it. And finally the biggie … when God comes you get thrown in the lake of fire. There are not questions, no arguments; there is no mercy on this. Take the mark; suffer eternal damnation.

L.A. associates the chips with the mark of the beast. He thinks some scenario like this will take place: Perhaps the ufos will come during wwiii and stop it. They will come with free energy devices and the chip. They will say the chip will correct your dna and you will  live for 500 years, disease-free. You will be re-imaging your dna in the image of the fallen angels, and you will lose your humanity.

The (28 minute) video The vid has a pretty hyped up intro, but it gets better. It stays weird, but it gets better:

4 Responses to Mark of the Beast

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  3. Doug says:

    I like this note and hope you could send me more thank you. This is knowledge from God

    • icliks says:

      I’m glad you liked it, thanks! You can search the blog for words of interest, such as two witnesses, Gog, antichrist, and so forth. Or you might be interested in the selection under the menu called God’s Changes.

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