Light is a superfood. You can’t live without it!

According to How LED Lighting may Compromise your Health, by Dr. Mercola, 1/3 of your energy comes from your food. 2/3 comes from – you guessed it – light!

LED lighting will make you go blind. Your eyes require near-infrared light for regeneration. You guessed it. LED lights do not produce any near-infrared.

SunshineYellowBoth near infrared (IR is a slightly longer wavelength than we can see) and ultraviolet (UV is a slightly shorter wavelength than we can see) are important. Above, Dr. Mercola told us about infrared. Sunshine Sciences, which sells compact mercury lightbulbs, has this to say about UV light. It is the part of sunlight that activates the synthesis of vitamin D when we are outside, which can lead to the assimilation of as much as 40% more calcium. UV light also strengthens the heart and circulatory system and lowers (if needed) blood pressure. It can lower cholesterol and promote weight loss! It helps with psoriasis and other diseases, including tuberculosis and asthma. It increases the production of sex hormones and of melatonin. They say:

Research points to dramatic health benefits with full spectrum light that includes trace amounts of ultraviolet in the same proportion that the sun emits. (UV Safety)

We should all like UV now. I do. So as an aside, quit using those sun blockers. If you quit eating sugar instead, you won’t burn. I know that from experience. Sunshine Sciences sells a bulb they call Indoor Sunshine that mimics sunlght with regard to UV. I am sending them an email to ask about IR. I will get back here on that. These bulbs cost $15 – $20 each.

SunsetTreeBesides the mercury lights above, to get balanced light you can simply use the old incandescent “edison” bulbs, or buy low voltage incandescent halogen bulbs. I hate the edison bulbs because I have to change them out so frequently! So I just put a bunch of 72 watt Bulbrite EcoHalogen bulbs in my home, and they give really nice light. They only cost a couple of buck each and will outlast the edison bulbs by a lot. They don’t last nearly as long as LED (which I would not use except in places where I only need light in passing) or as long as the mercury bulbs, most of which I would not use even if they are advertised as “sunlight equivalent” unless I emailed the company first to ask about UV and IR light.


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