Homestead Silage

Grass silage can be fed to chickens and to cattle, and I imagine, sheep or goats.

Small Scale Silage Production for Chicken Feed

Mother Earth News

All of us know the taste and nutritional benefits of eggs from hens raised on pasture, … so, how can … your chickens … enjoy “pasture” all winter long? Chickens love legume hay (alfalfa and clover, for example), but you can also make silage in small quantities for chicken feed. To make silage, simply chop and ferment plants in an anaerobic environment. You can make silage from all sorts of crops, or even from the grass clippings from your lawn. …

You can make silage in small plastic bags. Hank Will, editor of Grit magazine, (says,) “Mow grass, double bag the clippings (pack very tightly to exclude oxygen) and seal the bag. Anaerobic fermentation should produce lactic acid, under ideal conditions. You can use a plastic garbage can as the mold … . Avoid letting the grass wilt before packing it. When the grass is dry it’s harder to pack. Technically, this would be more like “haylage” because it’s chopped grass.”

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