OneCoin Timeline

Contributions needed! Not money. Give me data!


Sebastian Greenwood, Junior Analyst, Bloomberg Financial Markets, Scandinavia. (SebastianGreenwood)


Sebastian Greenwood, Manager, KPMG Transaction Services. (SebastianGreenwood)


Sebastian Greenwood, Director of Sales, Greenwood Communications.  (SebastianGreenwood)


Ruja Ignatova, Associate Principle, McKinsey & Co. (Dr. Ruja Ingnatova)

September 2007

Sebastian Greenwood, MediaHead – a retailing search engine.  (SebastianGreenwood)


Ruja Ignatova, CEO/CFO, CSIF, Sofia, Bulgaria. (Dr. Ruja Ingnatova)

December 2009

Sebastian Greenwood working StepVenture in internet startup, social media direct sales.  (SebastianGreenwood)

March 2010 –  May 2014

Ruja Ignatova, CEO, Rilacap, private equity boutique. (Dr. Ruja Ingnatova)

July 2012

Sebastian Greenwood founded iPayTo – a payments solution.  (SebastianGreenwood)

August, 2013

Sebastian Greenwood, co-founded and became CEO of Loopium, a Gibraltar registered company with operations out of London, Larnaca, Dubai and Gibraltar. “A new way of receiving and sending money globally. E-money licensed by Wave Crest Holdings.” Remains CEO as of 6/2016 (SebastianGreenwood)

March 6, 2014

Sebastion Greenwood, Global Project Manager for SiteTalk, and his partner Bjorn Thomas are working BigCoin and Prospect (?) Inc in Asia. No direct mention of Loopium. (sebastiangreenwoodscam)

June, 2014

Ruja Ignatova becomes Chief Operations Officer for OneCoin Ltd. (Dr. Ruja Ingnatova)

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