I wouldn’t call this page up to date.

People use a topical oil blend called Thackers formula for this:

  • DMSO
  • Castor Oil
  • Apple Cider Vinegar

Someone said that dairy exacerbates the problem. Meanwhile, L-Arginine and Carnitine may be worth a try. Another person said:

Went to a urologist within a year of symptoms surfacing, but with significant curvature (>40%). He ran over the surgery, injections and pump options, and provided information on the use of arginine and carnitine, explaining that while not proven, there had been anecdotal support. Worked pretty quickly for me, with little curvature left and subjectively back to 85-90% with no side effects.

And here are some herbs and/or vitamins that some recommend.

Another person had success with a mechanical device.

I was prescribed a version of Andropenis extender called Andropeyronie and after aa few months my penis finally become almost straight again. … I highly reccomend the extender for… a really effective treatment.

The next website is selling what they recommend, so let the buyer beware!

Going the AMA medical route, shockwave therapy is a possibility.

Also see

And if you google “natural cures for peyronies” you will get more.