Rosemary’s Baby Antichrist

Exposed Satan’s Last Days

Pastor Riggs
Generational SRA/DID
A Round Table Discussion

Part II Main Interview
(What follows is paraphrased from the audio)

Pastors, counselors, and therapists that have been working with satanic ritual abuse survivors for years, when they saw the Nephilim Mother interviews on the byte show, said that this is the missing piece.

The Morningstar Testimony Church was formed maybe in the 1970s or 80s. For some of its members, it turned out that occult issues were making it difficult for them to hear the word of God. They were dissociated (multiple personalities) and in a non-churchgoing personality were still attending occult rituals.

This has been a real warfare. It has uncovered not only satanic ritual abuse, but the world order agenda that it is helping unfold.

As word got out about the church, people came to the church from around the country who had occult experience in their past. Some were not getting better and remained stuck in occult bondage. Some were manifesting spirits. From 1985-91 some did not get resolution. Then the pastor read Uncovering The Mystery of MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder), by Dr. James Frieson. MPD is now called SRA/DID, I guess because it’s harder to remember! Just kidding.

It is trauma in early childhood that causes the personality to split. When it is done intentionally the splintered personalities can be programmed. The programmers are structuring in an agenda to bring in the new world order and the antichrist. Restoration from SRA/DID takes years.

Morningstar Church has been doing this work with ritual abuse survivors for 27 years. It has been a huge challenge and blessing and has caused the pastor and his wife to grow spiritually and to learn that they must depend on the Lord Jesus Christ.

The pastor believes that this SRA/DID program is the end game. It is used to facilitate a hybrid breeding program that has been going on since WWII. The UFO phenomenon: some of it is demonic, and some of it is real hardware.

Events on a global scale, the UN, centering in Jerusalem, a sanctuary of satanic rituals is going on in North Korea.

7/7/12, Syracuse, NY

Introducing the witnesses, using their bloodline names as close as I can hear them:

Susana Oldenburg, European/Russian aristocracy;

Sara Alishaba (sp?) daughter of Joseph of the Levite, Dan, and with the 13 bloodlines added through genetic manipulation;

Jennifer Diane, not from a specific royal bloodline but was structured in a spiritual way to be a convergence of what the other bloodlines represented. She was created to be a gateway to Gen. 6:2 in this generation;

Juliana, European bloodline. Mother was Sax-Cobern-Gottha (sp?) of the Windsor line and her father was one of her sons;

Constantina Annarivi (?)  Alexandry Elizabeth, her mother is European royalty but her father was brought it to be the foundation for a new bloodline;

Christina, mother was European gentile and father was Jewish, someone from the tribe of Dan with the 13 kings of the earth spliced into that;

Peter is new bloodline, shield for the new bloodline;

American name is Daniel something, and European name Daniel Michael George. He is a Collins, which is a hidden name for the house of Windsor which originated from the Sax-Coberne-Gottha line. He is the culmination of the 13 Germanic bloodlines.

They will be talking about issues, and conception and preconception events, and rituals events occurring at birth. At 18 months congnitive memory begins in an infant, so these people will share from a level of knowing defined in the word of god as from neshima (sp?). Christian counselors need to understand the function of neshema and how it is targeted by satan during abuse. The know of how to identify and know the function of neshema is critical. Gen 2:7, God formed Adam and breathed the breath of life into him making him a nephesh. The life he inbreathed into Adam, life of God, is neshema. It’s what makes a living soul. Pr 20:27 “The spirit of a man is the lamp of the Lord, searching all the innermost parts of his being.” “Spirit” here is neshema, not ruach. It comes in at conception but then the sin nature kills it, and it becomes a domain and access of the adversary until it is regenerated in the new birth. So it is targeted in the rituals in specific ways.

The attributes of neshema are found in Job 32:8. The pastor wrote a sudy on this. Job 33:4. It is at under SRA/DID, “Understanding the Validity and Nature of Traumatic Memories within the context of … epistomology”

These trauma victims were traumatized in the womb and at birth and only by neshema can they (Dan 2:22, 2 Tim 2:7) know these things. By the Holy Spirit and neshema they can learn these things.

2002 Riggs and Dan got past the Mengela barrier in Dan’s personalities and they began to make progress.

Dan: I have never seen nephilim, but my life is involved in this. My Collins history with Joseph Mengele is the closest thing to a father I knew. But in therapy I dropped back past that to who my biological father is. He is king George the VI, of the House of Windsor.

This has to do with the culmination of the 13 bloodlines, the primary bloodlines in the earth centered in Europe, primarily the Germanic bloodlines. The lineage comes down to a very clear connection to Satan through Cain and Nimrod.

With these royal bloodlines comes a culmination of evil passed down from generation to generation. Many lines have never had a Christian in them. Each individual is responsible but also carries the consequences of the actions of their fathers and it builds and culminates in one who, representing the kings of the earth, arrives at the point in history when the adversary wants to bring to a point all these bloodlines who represent the kings of the earh. If the spirit of these kings can be embodied in an individual and that individual brought into the church then he has carried these generations of sin into the church. If that sin is not seen and dealt with it represents a place where the church is prevented from maturing and is not without spot anymore. (Birth of the Manchild is prevented)

As I have regained my past and the knowledge of god has been given to me we see the history as it comes to this point in my life. My conception has to do with the 13 kings through the Euro/Germanic bloodline in a form of gross sin culminating in my conception most directly through my father King Georg VI.

If I represent the first born son of King George VI then I carry the heritage of what that means. If that has been brought into one person then the authority of that bloodline resides in that person. In January 1976 in Shwanstein castle I was crowned King George VII as Michael Collins, with the all the pomp and circumstance but hidden from the world. The pope was there. I was coronated and was back to England by June, July to Windsor castle.

If all this from Satan infecting the bloodlines has come down and culminated in a person so it can be taken – and by 1976 we had nephilim prepared for this – it can be taken. A number of people have said that the nephilim creatures have been moved into positions of authority to take the kings of the earth authority to themselves. So this individual carrying the sins of the kings of the earth, and who is a Christian, is then to transfer this authority over to these nephilim hybrids.

Riggs: Constanina birthed the first generation of modern hybrids around 1962.

Dan: We have the iniquitiy of the men on the earth coming to a cum point in the church so that there is a defilement there that’s hidden through dissociation, and then through the contactg i’ve had with these womehn where there is the sharign of essence in trauma bonding and in symbiotic unions, the essence of that which represnted the sins of my forefathers I think culminating in a hatred of the christian heart that the adversary has infects the Christian life that I had all the way up to and around the spirit, and then in these symbiotic unions and trauma bonding with gals its like a giving myself, sharing that very spirit and infecting even the gals that I helped brought into these traumatic events with and they turned and in their lives are brought into union with these fallen angels and gave birth to the nephilim. So the iniquity of Satan coming down through man, crossing over into the Church, and through the women being anchored in these nephilim who are taking over.

Riggs: Susanna had a history of being bonded with Dan and through this marrage at new Shwnstein, I didin’t believe it at first, … I was obtuse. Susanna gave birth to these hybrids in a different personality. There was a hiddne identitiy in her that only gave birth to a representation of the false prophet.

Susanna: Dan said he never had direct contact with the nephilim. I was the contactd with the nephilim. There was a reason Dan and I were groomed together. I saw him like my big brother. He was at my birth where I was given to him at infancy. My mother was sacrificed and he took ownership of me. On my side I was groomed to look to him like as a savior. On his side I was being groomed like as a female counterpart to him, with the 13 lines and all.

I was what came into Dan when he first embraced that spirit of Alexander. It came out through me and it culminated in the birth of this son, Alexander Nimrod Apollyon, who represents a modern day false prophet.

There’s been the birth of other hybrid sons. Four years ago in Tulsa I began uncovering the nephilim mother personality in me. Finally one day, we began to see this project was much bigger than isolated mothers here and there and my history started opening up. I have birthed at least 17: 6 original, first generational hybrids … two sets of twins fathered by the profit, the beast and antichrist, and off of those some second generation hybrids and some human as well that have been used, culiminating then in the birth of this last son when I was forty-eight who was fathered by Satan himself.

Riggs: That means if Satan, as a fallen cherub, has carried out this act in this generation then he already knows his destiny, because it already happened in Genesis 6. So it’s the end-game. His hand is forced and it is God that is forcing his hand.

Susanna continues: The first three months of my life I was held under the Temple Mount being bonded only with spirits as preliminary to being a mother because that’s the way it’s engineered, that your earliest bonds are with spirits only – both light and dark – so that you’re kept in that tension of the false light and the terror and being groomed and set up to bond with these creatures.

The hardest part of my journey has been right now breaking off the bonds that I’ve had with this last son. It’s like all my mother bonds, all the incest bonds, everything had been brought forward right into that son. But in doing that the lord has been able to come in and replace those bonds with Himself.

Riggs: Sally came in the 80s and in the 90s we learned of MPD and SRA and this opened things up. Sarah was discovered in her. Sally has now gotten a Masters degree in counseling and is helping this ministry.

Sally: During the 80s I knew something was wrong with me and was crying out to the Lord. Began to see the position of the unholy trinity that was in me: Satan, the beast/antichrist, the prophet that was placed in my inner core. Then out from that began to focus on being the mother and wife of the false prophet. So that was early on in the 90s. Also many things were’ dealing with now had come out but there was not witness ofrom other people. It was thought to be isolated or for just a few. But we later learned of the Nephelim project and what Satan’s purpose was was to destroy man and bring in his new man. God’s eternal purpose we are created in His image to bring forth many sons and be a godly link. Stan has his plan to reproduce that through the bloodline. My background has the Jewish blood but also the 13 bloodlines. I gave birth to an entity at age 12 representative of the false prophet at that time and I was in one essence a counterpart to Dan in 1976 when he was coronated the last king, King George VII. Of this earth and during those three weeks of the ceremony I was in Jerusalem and there was enough power in sacrifices that occurred as well as that done in New Schwanstein that catapulted us both up into the air. There’s no dimensions. Satan is 4 dimensional. There wasa a transfer of power of a culmination of all the bloodlines and iniquity and kings and authority through Dan into me and through me to my son and the representative of the antichrist at that time that was being coronated in Jerusalem, or his throne established, with their theheads of the nephilim for each blooline as well. That was my role to bring about the transfer from the human agent to the nephelim to help bring the antichrist and the false prophet. To do away with the humanness so a leap from one man species to another to the homo-noeticus. I was very dedicated toward the birth of that son from the age of 13 to 25 because I thought God had abandoned me to this purpose. Then I came back to my senses and began to seek dedication to jesus Christ and dedicated myself to undoing and exposing this realm through God’s ways and means through His Spirit, Life and Divine Love.

Riggs: We learned of Jennifer-Diane about 3 ½ years ago when she was suicidal. She was raised in a Christian family but it turns out was abused in a mainline denomination in Canada. The head of it was the primary abuser of her in her church. When I asked who this person answered to, she said prince Philip was financing this project. So this is international. Why did they abuse someone not in a royal bloodline? This is new turf. Jennifer-Diane is programmed on the antichrist side.

Jennifer-Diane: When I met Doug I had been cutting and overdosing. I knew something was desperately wrong. I could see other Christians with life, but I didn’t have it. I gave up and things went downhill. Then in therapy one day I switched to a 5 year old personality and since then we’ve been excavating the depths of what I’ve been involved in, which was bringing about the antichrist. It’s like God has his purpose to be the head of his church and the church be his body. Satan has mirrored that, to bring in his new man, which is the antichrist. And he’s woven myself and each of us to move together to make a satanic imitation of god’s body of Christ.

Riggs: You had a (great?) grandfather who had already dedicated, had made a transaction with some of the kings of the earth to bring in this new bloodline. So you were dedicated prior to conception. There was an agenda in place so when you were born, right in the hospital they got you for two weeks and did this horrific formatting of this generational agenda and downloaded it into you. Hybrids were present and Satan was manifesting during these two weeks. He was the one engineering your DID system. This is the magnitude as one who is to represent and bring in this new bloodline (Gen. 6:2), you were chosen: Christian, you fit the criteria for Satan to now in this generation have a Gen. 6:2 event and extend it to the whole human race.

Jennifer-Diane: I had to buy in and be aligned with it for it to work. It took the Lord to get me out. But as to my bloodline, it was as if it took the iniquity of what had been done in every other bloodline and it was taking all history and it was funneled into me. It is a convergence to produce a new bloodline. From the fall of Satan to Antichrist. I was primarily designed to conceive, bear, and bring forth a representation of the antichrist. Satan fathered my hybrid son.

Riggs: Satan is a fallen angel, he wasn’t involved in the Gen. 6.2 pre-flood event or he would be in Tartarus already. The fact that he is not and is involved in this project now means this is end-game.

Jennifer-Diane: This is the trespass of Satan onto the Lord’s territory into the Christian.

Riggs: Julie came to counseling from Iowa.

Julie: It was with the royal bloodlines are a power base. I had a Diana (?) person and a Semiramis, back to back like a Janus god. It’s (I have been made) a template and powerbase for the beast, apollyon. The false trinity is the antichrist, false prophet, and the beast. Half-way through the tribulation the antichrist will switch from being the good guy to the bad guy. With the powerbaswe of iniquity in the rouyal bloodlines brining that babout. I’m still unpacking all that. I was born in Jerusalem and beroughto the U.S. When I was two. I was put into a surrogate family, and they abused me. This served as a cover to hide my real bloodline. They were my cousins.

Riggs: We move to Connie. I met Connie in 1997 in Eureka, Montana. Her biological father is that representing the confluence that is bringing in the bloodline. Her mother is Queen Elizabeth. Anyone who looks at her can see the resemblance. She was targeted to be part of the confluence from the old bloodlines into the new bloodlines to become the grandam of all these nephilim mothers. She was the first mother of a hybrid by Satan.

Connie: My mother is in the O’Collins bloodline. She’s king George’s daughter, the oldest druidic bloodline still in existence. It goes all the way back to Nimrod. So at 13 a girl from that bloodline, my mother, by protocol the father impregnates the daughter and produces a child. This is the rite of passage King George would have with Queen Elizabeth. Because they were working to bring about a new bloodline, a non-royal bloodline, to start the Genesis 6 project, they set up a new template. I am the template for that new bloodline. I connect the old bloodline with the new, like a convergence. Under normal circumstances it would have been King George with his daughter. But through my parentage my biological father, who was not a royal, was also linked into the Druidic bloodline in a sense, but not as a royal because they gave him the right to step into the role that King George would have in order to create the new bloodline. As the template for the Genesis 6 project I was a nephelim mother but not just with principalities and powers but with Satan himself. As the template I was the mother of the mothers. I’m not proud of it; it is an ugly thing. Terrible things went with that, what’s done with the babies. Outwordly I was placed in a surrogate family in the U.S. at three. I didn’t know about any of this, but I was always sick and had compulsive behavior. I was in counseling for years, and even as an adult they just thought it was depression. When I was told I had multiple personality disorder I went home and tried to take my life. Why me? I’m the product of the parents, part of what was set in place in their thought and mind to bring in the whole new bloodline, new project. That has to do with the nephilim mothers and Satan producing children with these women.

Riggs: You have mentioned in the past the first born son you had that was the direct offspring of Satan. It was born in 1962 or 1963. But it took awhile to get to the point that this was possible. You had already had other hybrids that carried some of the titular heads of these bloodlines in these new kings who are hybrids. Then in therapy we got past all these mother and wife positions you had had. We got past those to the fact that you gave birth to a first born antichrist son named Nimrod.

Connie: The name Nimrod was because they were linking back to history to the generations, the Tower of Babel and the first incursion of nephilim, pulling it forward. It is not Nimrod resurrected. This is present day.

Riggs: Being in the position of Grand Damme, the mother of all the other succeeding mothers, means that to produce these other nephilim mothers you would be brought in and Satan would manifest. You already had the template built into you and it would serve as a blueprint or lense through which the image would be transferred or burned onto other mothers giving them the capacity to conceive and give birth to other hybrids. Soething was done to you to crate an embellishment to your dna so that Satan could impart his seed to create his offspring.

Connie: I saw myslf as a blueprint. It started with blank neshema and Satan wrapped himself around it and stamped his imprint on the blueprint which was the whole project thing. It was linked not just to the antichrist but represents the three positions – the black trinity.

I didn’t just go into counseling and discover these things. It was structured so that I had layers of fathers. The outermost was my surrogate father. That was very substantial. Getting through that, there was prince Philip and in that structure he was father to Constance. Behind Constance is Constantina, who’s father is king George. At my birth I was bonded with Satan, but when I bonded with an outside person it was king George. There is another, I think, who is my biological father. I’m just beginning to unwrap that.

Riggs: We know so far that your biological father is the crossover to the Genesis 6:2. Before it was the bloodlines; now it is the daughters of Adam like it was in the days of Noah (Gen. 6:2, etc.).

Connie: They didn’t want me to know that. They wanted me to own who I was as royalty. I was linked into the royalty structure through the O’collins, the 13th family name.

Riggs: When George passed off the scene in 1952, since he had been primary titular head to handle who you could know yourself as, to shield your primary father, who did he transfer the responsibility to?

Connie: Prince Philip.

Riggs: Throughout this ministry process prince Philip has been very aggressively pursuing many of the the victims that are in our therapy, and I have been threatened as well. In his role in your life, when we did the nephilim mother interviews, the first interview, as you were first exposing these things, that night you got a phone call where the caller ID indicated it was pastor Riggs. Who was that, and what was that about?

Connie: Prince Philip was on the phone and threatened me. I was only supposed to know about the surrogate parents because there were horrific things with my father and grandfather and the Mennonite church there. But they had a backup. The next layer was going to be prince Philip. But as I was getting past that the threats became more intense and persistent.

Riggs: We first met Peter in Syracuse in a fundamental christian assembly (church). We were visiting for a few months just for fellowship, but Susanna recognized some members of the cult in leadership positions in the church. One of the leaders was Peter’s father. So there was cult infiltration. When Dan met one of the top ladies in the church he said immediately, she’s a witch, which I confirm. But she was touted as the most godly woman in the assembly. We attempted to warn the church and were asked to leave. In God’s providence one of the elders, Peter, began assembling at our church. He didn’t know about the things in his past, and as be began to work with the group was have been counseling we found out that Peter is a handler, a bloodline representation of this new bloodline. He’s right in the assembly with his wife and they are there to carry on an assignment and yet God intervened. We found out that his wife, Krysta’s father was trained by Dr. Mengela and the story gets bigger and bigger.

Peter being of a younger generation, how do you Peter see your role?

Peter: All the generational iniquity and bloodline, and non-bloodline, and the rituals, all the power that has been released through history is all aimed toward something. What I’ve been set up as in the base of me is like a door or portal to take everything that’s been in the past or even in the future and come through our humanity. Satan uses our humanity to come through me as a projection out over the nations over the church especially. The main target is the Church, the body of Christ. That’s what I know myself to be is something that takes the power it is used however Satan wants to use it in particular situation whether it is in a certain ritual or power need to be released for a certain event, or in general as a basic covering or web over the nations to keep christ out and to be a separateion of Christ from His Body.

Riggs: You grew up in a christian assembly that was cult infiltrated. Did you think that was normal christianity?

Peter: I grew up hearing that I was in the best chujrch, and thought I was in the best church. It was when I went to college and visited a different church and there was life there. You saw people come to repentance there. I knew that was more than anything I had seen and that Christ was there and I had never seen that. That got the ball rolling. Irealized somehting’s not right.

Riggs: You didn’t know you were used as a veil over the nations. There were also christians in that church; we know, we met them.

Peter: Like you said, that denial that deception that completely unknowing is projected through me and whatever strongholds were in myself, Satan had stolen me, was projected out over the rest of the body of Christ. But it was not just me; it was coming from all generations, but it converged in me and shot out over the rest of the body of Christ.

Riggs: In terms of the cult agenda why did you marry Krysta?

Peter: We are very linked. We have very similar roles. She is my link to the nephilim, because she can birth them. What comes into me also goes into her.

Krysta: I married into the new bloodline when I married Peter and this was the first shield preventing me from knowing my actual bloodline. That was really hard to get to. My biological father is Jewish. Outwardly I thought I was all gentile. I’m more on the prophet side of things. That was hidden in me. There’s also the 13 kings of the earth, the 13 bloodlines were spliced into me as well. So I was Jewish but also the 13 bloodlines – the Jew and the Gentile. All the religions come into me. The Old Testament and New Testament. Dan talked about the older generation confluence coming into him and all these women and Connie and their templates all is to bring in the antichrist and false prophet. What about this generation as we come closer to the revealing of the antichrist and prophet. Peter talked about being a door. That door is an opening to this generation how he’s been a cap and seal over all this. Everything comes down into this convergence in Peter and in me on the prophet side and in Connie on the antichrist side. All these things have been from the generations; it all comes into one into what I see as my role to bear and bring forth what I see as a representation of the false prophet: a hybrid. So that’s what I see as my role and function. I was one with Satan and one with that goal, but it’s in the body of Christ. God wants to bring forth his pure and spotless bride but there’s all this idolatry and dividedness inside ourselves and a oneness with the enemy. I’ve been a cap or veil of blindness especially over churchgoing members of the cult. The Lord intervened in my life or I would never be out.

Riggs: The common theme is the movement toward the new bloodline and the final antichrist and false prophet. The agenda is (as in Rev. 19:19) to create an army that can defeat the army of Christ. Two thirds of the human race will be killed before Christ returns. We’re at the end game. It’s all in place. This confluence is the singularity Tom Horn wrote about in his book: bloodlines, technology, etc., coming to the place where man can transition from homo sapien to homo universalis or homo noeticus, the god-man, the superman. But God is bringing redemption. The battle is being fought in the second heavens. Your trauma identities have existed in the second heavens; but as these layers are coming down and these shields are coming off (Job 41, Leviathin Isa 27:1) Satans tenure over planet earth is being broken.

End of Testimonials, Part I

Exposed Satan’s Last Days Hybrid Breeding Program

Pastor Doug Riggs

Morning Star Testimony Church

Generational SRA/DID

A Round Table Discussion

Part III Main Interview, Continued

(Paraphrased from the audio)

Riggs: The members of the royal family would hand you over to people like Dr. Joseph Mengele and Dr. John Bowlby to do the structuring in order to carry on the generational agenda. This has already been discussed. See the byteShow tab. Scroll down to Remembering Mengele.

Today we will discuss the significance of the rebirth of the nation of Israel and the centrality of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem in your history as survivors. You were taken to Jerusalem many times and some of you were born there. Jesus Christ (Isa 25:7) will rule from there for a thousand years. The interest of Satan in the Temple Mount, along with North Korea, and the occult connection is covered on the byte show. This involves capturing the essence and neshema (human spirit) and using it as a veil or web to cover the nations with deception. We won’t cover this again now.

Amanda Baise (sp?) was given a tour beneath the Temple Mount, which is private, and there she saw the ritual equipment that has been in use there. The Zedekiah cave under Old Jerusalem is exactly as you survivors reported before her testimony came out (see byte show, Amanda Baise interview).

Most of you have reported a history of involvement in high level rituals at the UN, in North Korea, and at Bilderberg meetings and G20 Summits. You were brought there to be used used as cult prostitutes so that the powers of darkness could channel their power through the world leaders. A link is made in the sexual act between the world leaders and the dark powers because of how you were structured as a conduit to connect the world leaders to the nephilim. There is a confluence in transitioning the world from human leaders to the hybrids. The Genesis 6 as found in extrabiblical accounts comes to a point in the proliferation of hybrids where they eventually took over. They began to cannabalize the people.

Since the birth of the nation of Israel in 1948 there has been a nephilim/hybrid breeding program in progress. The resulting hybrid entities are hidden in deep underground military bases (DUMBs) until the time of “alien disclosure”. God the Holy Spirit is restraining this by functioning as salt and light in the Body of Christ. When the Church is removed, the Holy Spirit is taken away as a restrainer. He will remain as a person but will no longer restrain the Church as salt and light.

Some UFOs have physical characteristics. Nephilim pilot those. They use them as transportation to carry out their crimes upon mankind under the ruse of “alien abductions”. This also involves the global phenomenon of animal mutilations, crop circles, and reports of SRA/DID survivors being taken all over the world to be involved in high level rituals with world leaders.

North Korea is reportedly an international safe zone where Christians are being brutally sacrificed in ritual settings to power up world leaders under the aegis of Satan. This is all a part of his end time agenda and strategy to build a global army to prepare for his final war against Jesus Christ in his last desperate efforts to thwart our Lord’s 2d Coming (Ps 2:Rev. 16:12-16; 17:12-14; 19:19).

It is significant that Rev. 19:20 indicates that both the antichrist and the false prophet are not fully human because they share the same fate and judgment as their father, Satan (Rev.20:10). The fact that these entities, along with all entities who do not have a human soul – in contradistiction to the rest of unbelieving mankind – do not appear before God at the Great White Throne Judgment clearly indicates that these two are modern day nephilim-hybrids. I mean first generation – not manufactured by some recombinant dna process.

But now I want to focus on your testimonies; how you see yourselves as God’s children. Why do you think God allowed you to be so spiritually abused?

Susanna: The Lord had to take me to the end of myself over 22 years. I so wanted to think there was some good in me; that I had some form of the seed of Christ in my Self. A lot of my programming was performance oriented, so I wanted to be something for Christ instead of letting Christ be something for me.

I have lived with extreme spiritual death, mainly because I am never completely been cut off from the occult. With my last son, the connections there, there still has been current activity. Yet God has been so faithful, bringing me into unity, for others to see what I couldn’t see. I see God’s hand engineering us, not only individually but corporately into this position to where He can move. I don’t believe I could ever have come out and come to where I am now apart from what He’s been doing in Dan, and seeing Dan and Doug (Riggs) come together to go into this dark place with me and to see Krysta and Diane as the next generation. Where they have been as a cap, I’ve been a base to them. The Lord is bringing us out of this together. We were brought into it corporately and we are being brought out of it corporately.

This has been about the fulness of iniquity building, and the fulness of Christ building. For twenty years, through Doug, I have been presented with the overcoming testimony of the throne of Christ and have had to face the extent to which I have still been connected with the throne of Satan. It’s very clear to me that it is God who is pulling me out and has already won the battle for me, and I just need to stand in the assurance of that. The Lord is giving us the opportunity to stand in the High place of Satan and take it for the Lord by standing in the victory that He has already provided for us. Where there has been so much anger and entitlement, he’s stripping that off of me and revealing that He has been in the center of it all and to ascend with him because he is ascending to the throne.

I’ve read in Revelation about the millennial reign where for a thousand years Satan has been bound and the Lord has been enthroned; how after that when Satan is released to deceive mankind, and that those that follow him are more than the sands of the sea. This is the nature of man. That is me apart from Christ.

Riggs: The Lord is already on the throne, but is in us experientially. As he is being formed in us there is that progressive coming into union with him in his throne. So we’re coming into more of an ascension union whit him. The death of Christ on the cross provides separation and deliverance from Adam. The ascension of Christ gives us the capacity to rule over the powers and principalities.

Sally: The Lord allowed me to go through these things because in eternity past I agreed to go to the depths to know him and to love him. That thought was always with me from my youth. I was instructed in God’s eternal purpose before I rebelled and fell into the deception in Satan. God will not force you.

But besides it being my rebellion, God allowed these things to demonstrate to Satan that God will have followers in spite of Satan’s worst. Satan has done his absolute worst in this generation, that the fulness of iniquity will culminate in this time and be realized. But through a remnant he will be vanquished. The counterfeit plan is birthing a generation of nephilim. My captivity began to turn when I said, no I will not serve this nephilim creature.

Riggs: In 2000 you were taken to Jerusalem and defrocked. At that time you were out of their clutches, spiritually, when they abducted you and took you to Jerusalem. There you made a proclamation that cost you greatly. They killed you and you were resuscitated. Diane was there on the tribunal and so were hybrids. Your testimony planted a Godly seed in her that later took root.

Sally: The Spirit of the Lord came through me at this counsel of the kings and nephilim and the very powerful leaders of the world. I said there that unless there was repentance there would be the lake of fire and judgment. At that moment, like with Stephen, there was a mighty rushing upon me to kill me. God allowed me to speak to them because He does not want anybody to perish (that is none of the humans that were present – not the nephilim). Jennifer-Diane was there and there was a seed dropped into her at that point. Greater than sufferings like that, though, my greatest suffering has been seeing the depths of my own evil where I rose up against the Lord to hate him in spite of his loving intent for me.

There has to be a purpose outside of ourselves in order to get out of DID, because it’s hell to get out. Serving God’s will and purpose provides that motivation. Also it’s only by the power of God through Jesus Christ that deliverance can be effected. You have to give Christ his true place in your life and heart. Self is the biggest enemy. Read Divine Love, by Stottmeyer (sp?).

Jennifer Diane: The Lord has been there throughout everything. Despite my aligning myself against him and deserving death, he never left and took it all for me. I have learned how many people suffer because we live in a fallen world, and Satan is very active now. What I have suffered isn’t any worse. It is the Lord that has carried me through. God has allowed my experiences so that Christ could be formed in me. It made me call out to Him.

He made a way for me to see my need for Him despite my rebellion and hatred of Him. I saw His faithfulness in the midst of my idolatry when I raised my fists in rebellion against Him. He died for me and was marred for me. Every time I participated in a ritual, Jesus Christ in me was marred. He brought me here and He set himself free in me. It is Jesus Christ in me that loves the Lord. He brought me out. I myself aligned my self with idolatry and satanist ritual.

There’s nothing in me that could ever get out. In my Adamic nature I am a satanist. But God can bring you out because he is light. There is a very short time now and I pray to God to do what he needs to do now so that He can be fully formed in me. The glory of God and who Christ is far exceeds anything that Satan has done or can do to me. Got has taken the initiative on my behalf. He himself has brought me out. He will bring you out, but you have to cry out to Him, and He will.

Satan said, I will be like the most high god. The Lord has allowed this so that we can make the choice to worship God, not Satan or the antichrist.

Julie: I haven’t seen all I need to yet and still have a degree of captivity. The last level of counseling will be tough. One of the names of Satan is the adversary, as in a court. God is gathering evidence against Satan, and Satan is garnering his to appeal. God in his goodness allowed me to be born into the family I was and in the time I was. He gave me the privilege of suffering with him. God is the biggest sufferer. If I keep submitting to him He will free me of everything that holds me. God is faithful. Deep calls to deep. He is sharing his heart with me.

Riggs: God is working and he is not going to let us go. Constantinta, the cult really did a number on you. They really didn’t want to let you go. Tell us your thoughts.

Constantina: In my presenter world, as a Mennonite girl growing up, I had all this knowledge that God was good and so forth: that He would never give you more than you could bear. Yet after the suicide attempt and things began to open up in my life it was so awful. I prayed to God and said this is way over what I can bear, but I am asking for your help. Do to my teaching, and programming, and the violent nature of my tormentors, I couldn’t be angry, except with myself. I would not even admit that I was an angry person. In therapy I realized my anger. Then I realized I was angry at God. I went out into a field and yelled at Him, and waited for Him to strike me with lightning for it. I didn’t care. When nothing happened, I saw God was big enough to handle everything I could throw at him. I began to trust him with my anger and hatred and self-abuse.

I loved my girls and God let them be abused by evil. As a result of things like this I made myself one with the five “I wills” of Satan. This is the conflict of the ages. God allowed these things because Satan says, “I will circumvent Gods return and create my own world.” God says, “I will make Satan my tool to bring about my purposes.”

More and more, I come back to God and say, you are so, so good. God never turned his face from me, even when things I was doing were shameful and ugly.

DID victims are in the body of Christ and Christian counselors need to open their God-box if they are to be able to understand and help them.

Peter: Rev 3 talks to the the church of Laodicea. That describes me to a “t”.After 13 years of age, when I became a Christian, I went my entire Christian life thinking I was a pretty good Christian. But I was blind to the fact that I was the babiest of baby Christians. Counseling here woke me up to my real past and suffering and so forth; and this has served to break me out of that and bring me forward spiritually. At the worst torture Christ is there. He took and will take all the trauma. As a Christian you have to seek Christ and be obedient to what He shows you. Christ has to fill the ground that you take back from Satan. You can’t fill it with earthly things – things of the self.

Krysta: Thine is the Kingdom Power and Glory, by T. Austin Sparks helped me immensely. I was a baby, baby Christian. Satan challenges the Lord until his power is exhausted. This test proves who is invincible. Satan is doing this in this generation and God will be proven invincible. I am a very materialistic worldly person but what I have gained through Christ is so worth it. Growing up I was not a God-seeker. I had to be a Christian on the outside, and so I did that, but he saved me anyway. The indestructible life of Christ is in me and can’t be broken or killed. It shows God’s glory. I don’t think there is much time left before the Lord’s return. I am full of hope now and for the future. Satan created a big place in me and intended it for himself, but he created it for the Lord and the Lord is there now.

Dan: The place were Satan expands himself in us is the soul. The strongholds are in the self life. We build a life of self. Satan orchestrates and pushes at us so that we build self in a certain way. It is the self-life that has to go down for every christian so that the Lord will bring him into resurrection life. The path we as DID victims have gone through is like any man. God calls us all up to the high places with him.

When a jeweler prepares to show gems, he lays them on a black cloth. DID is the black cloth. Job was a righteous man. Then Satan, after bringing the case to God, attacked him. Job was righteous in his own eyes until he was dealt with in this way and by Elihu who argues him to repentance (Job 42:5). In all of this Satan was used as a tool to deal with Job’s hidden self-righteousness.

Sally mentioned having a sense that our will has been involved in the tests our lives present us from before we were born. I can imagine an issue between god and Satan over each of us in pre-time. We were not nothing before we were born, but were something to God in his eternal thought. Satan challenged God over each of us in that pre-time; and God is glorified in each of our lives.

In my case I see where I would be born and all the circumstances in this way. God gave Satan permission for that which was never allowed to be done to any child. Like what was done by Joseph Mengele, John Bowlby and all the others like them. It starts with preconception ritual activity against the mother, usually with reference to the father, and brings birth conception with supernatural beings involved in such a way as has never been recorded in history. Children have been killed at birth, but never do we have a record of the amount of iniquity that has been infused into this – especially in the context of not allowing me to die, multiple times.

What if God gave Satan an audience during the time of the Philadelphian period of the Church. In the 1800s there was much Philadelphia love, and much outreach. Satan challenged God over this and at the turn of the century the Church tipped over into the occult and what became the nazi system began to arise. The nazis had the new age mentality that if I shed this physical body I will put on a heavenly body. My father, king George, allowed himself to be killed, and Mengele allowed himself to be killed. These individuals that we’ve been involved with allowed themselves to be killed because they thought they were shedding this lower life to move into a more heavenly realm – a step up in evolution. What they did was a precursor for what the adversary began doing starting in 1947 and 48 and up into our time.

Why did God allow this? God needed a spotless bride to be made ready for His Son. To have that required extreme circumstances. The adversary’s claim to unrighteousness had to be answered by God. Satan’s mouth will be shut in the end because he was allowed to exhaust himself against God. It will all be used to bring about the manchild; and the day-star will arise corporately in a company of believers left on the earth as they near the time of the rapture. God is a gentleman. He places extreme value on the free will of man and he desires worship. Yet we rebel. He desires intimate fellowship with us in that resurrected life. It is so important that we make the choices. It will cost the self-life. In dieing we will discover the resurrection life. By the grace of Jesus Christ we discover a fellowship and intimacy with God. When you taste of the relationship of the glory of the Lord you will see it is worth it. The reality of life in Christ, and that’s here in time. I recall the first time, years ago, realizing that in all of my affliction Christ was afflicted. Every blow that came to me passed through him first. God will take all the loss in your life and turn it into gold. But until we have arrived, it’s all potential.

Riggs: It’s been a 32 year journey.

End of Main Interview, Part 3

6 Responses to Rosemary’s Baby Antichrist

  1. Curious says:

    I am really very curious about Connie’s testimony. She said her mother Elizabeth gave birth to her when her mother is 13, but she also said in another interview that she was on 3 years old when King George VI died. King George VI died in 1952, that means Connie was born in 1949, which match with what she said she gave birth to her first Nephilim son in 1962/63 when she was 13. But Connie’s age does not match with Queen Elizabeth’s age, who should be born in 1926, if Queen Elizabeth gave birth to Connie when she was 13, Connie should have born in 1939/40! Also, Queen Elizabeth gave birth to Charles on 14 November 1948, she had to be conceived right after she gave birth to Charles!!
    I would like to trust her testimony, but the age doesn’t add up? Did I misunderstand her meaning??

    • icliks says:

      Great observations! I don’t know the answers, but perhaps someone reading this thread will? I do remember that one day while surfing the www I saw an article claiming that the publicly known Queen of England is not the real one and claiming to show another woman who was. If that were the case, there is another line perhaps with other birth dates. For that matter, with all this occultic shadow world going on, how many Queen Elizabeths do they have on tap in case of an untimely (timing not suitable to them) death and they need to install a replacement that the world would never notice? This may sound kind of out there, but really it is not. For example, if you listen to the testimony of the African ex-witch doctor or read my notes from the first half of it, here the idea may seem more credible. The testimony is amazing! It does not speak of clones or duplicates but it does get across the extent of this “parallel world” and its real presence in spite of most of us (thankfully) not being able to see it.

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