Pest Control

Garden Pest and Disease Control

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  • Hydrogen peroxide (HOH) strengthens your plants.
    • Seeds can be pre-soaked in HOH.
    • Plants can be sprayed with 8tbs/gallon or more to kill diseases and blight.. You can work up as high as 12 tbs/gallon. Spray and wait 48 hours to see if there is damage. If so, cut back next time. If not, go stronger next time. If you get an outbreak, spray every other day several times.
    • Baking Soda will prevent diseases and blight. HOH will kill but it doesn’t prevent. Wait a day after the HOH application.
  • Diatomaceous Earth kills worms and crawling insects like aphids.
  • Flowering plants can be scattered among the producing plants in order to discourage the bad bugs and draw in the good ones, namely bees. The type of flowering plant should correspond to the insect problem.  So if someone wishes to capture insects in order to feed fish or chickens, then in a certain section of the property, they plant those flowers which actually attract certain insects.
  • Building bird feeders and bird houses in the area is an excellent insect controller, not to mention an essential element for a permaculture design.
  • There are plants which produce tiny thorns on their  leaves. Certain bamboo shoots have these. The leaves can be picked and soaked in water. This solution is later sprayed on the desired plants to protect them.

Potassium Bicarbonate, but not Copper Sulfate

Baking Soda (for mildew):

This basic recipe comes from The Natural Gardener in Austin.1) The recipe they recommend is as follows (link to original recipe here):


4 level teaspoons or 1-1/3 tablespoons of baking boda
1 teaspoon of mild soap (e.g., Dawn or Ivory—should be biodegradable with no phosphates)
1 gallon of water

Companion Planting downloadable guide.

Fire Ants

Grits or Corn Meal (from fire

One person uses cheap corn meal bought at her local discount grocery store. She spreads it around and on the fire ant beds. The workers will carry it into the mound to the queen. When she eats it, it will swell up and kill her.

Another person said: Try grits. A person at the San Antonio Zoo told me that is what they use. It is safe for all other animals but when the ants ingest it, it swells up inside and they can not get rid of it. They also can’t eat anything else so basically they starve to death. We tried it at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport and it really works.

Grits on Steroids (From Steve Molnar):

Here is the method I have used successfully for years. It was taught me by a friend when we lived in Louisiana on 3 1/2 acres by a lake. Cost was a big factor because of the size of the property. We now live in Southeast Texas and I have taught it to all my neighbors and friends.

I take two pounds of fine corn meal and mix it with I cup of sugar and 10 TBS of Orthene Fire Ant Killer (acephate). In a container large enough to hold all of the above, I shake it up really well. On an average mound I sprinkle about 1 TBS, less on smaller mounds. It works great, however it seems to be more efficient in hot weather and I never put it out unless I know it will not rain for a day. In the winter I use Home Defense. My one acre property stays ant free most of the time because I stay on top of it.

Use Splenda

Use Nematodes against Soil Pests (including fire ants)

Mosquitos, Gnats, and such

36 Plants that Repel Mosquitos

Basil Oil insect repellent

Flea Powder Recipe

Moles and Snakes

Get the Large I suppose if you have snakes. And see my Snake page.

Inside Pests

Ten Ways to Keep Pests out of your Home

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