John Shorey’s Tribulation Truth

(I find John Shorey’s framework of 5 end-time wars to be very interesting and I think his ideas probably have merit overall, but they seem to be distorted by an over-weaning love of Zionist Israel, which American Protestantism is heavily infected by. On the other hand I am quite convinced that David Wilkerson did receive and pass along prophetic content from God. And no, btw, I am not an anti-semite.)

John Shorey:

The last sentence from David Wilkerson’s book states, “The great holocaust follows an economic collapse in America. The enemy will make its move when we are weak and helpless.” …

I see much evidence that makes me believe that the event that will follow the second year of Blood Moons in 2015 will be the Jews leaving America after a financial collapse, and going to Israel as a place of safety for the coming years. …

Revelation 18:4 “Come out of her my people, so that you will not share in her sins, so you will not receive any of her plagues:” (So why doesn’t he mention the interpretation of “my people” as God’s true Christian believers?)

(Also I’m on the fence as to his interpretation that “Mystery Babylon” is America. Maybe so, maybe not. I believe that Mystery Babylon certainly refers to the “mystery religion” “started” in Babylon – and by the way Jewish Phariseeism was born under its influence during Israel’s exile in Babylon. Babylon didn’t actually start the “mystery babylon” cult from scratch, but revived it from before the flood. Have I lost y’all yet? Flood? Haha, there was no flood! Well there was, and it wiped out a legacy: a highly developed worldwide civilization. But it was a highly evil one. Anyway, Mystery Babylon now exists as a secret set of rituals practiced by secret sects among the world’s elite. So it is based in America? It didn’t used to be, but I don’t know.)

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