Talmudic Messiah

Paraphrased from Brother Nathanael:

THE PROPHET DANIEL prophesied that the Anti Christ would be a Jew:

— “At the end of time a ruler shall exalt himself against God speaking great swelling words. He shall not regard the God of his fathers. He shall honor a god of opposition, a god whom his fathers knew not.” — (Daniel 11)

The ruler referred to here is generally regarded as the antichrist. The verse says that he opposes God (the God of the Israelites since this is their sacred text), and that this God is the God of his fathers, i.e., the Jews. The verse therefore identifies antichrist as of Jewish ancestry.

St John of Damascus of the 8th Century, whose authority is recognized by all Christian denominations, confirms that the Anti Christ will be a Jew; and he adds that Anti Christ will come to the Jews, and will be accepted by them. (See: Exposition Of The Orthodox Faith, Book IV:26)

Jesus Christ affirmed these additional points when he warned the Jews: “I am come in my Father’s Name but you will not receive Me. Another will come in his own name and him you will receive.” (St John 5:43) …

THE “JEWISH” SPIRIT OF THE ANTI CHRIST is already at work. St John the apostle tells us what this Jewish (sic: Talmudist) spirit of the Anti Christ is:

— “Every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is the spirit of Antichrist. He is the spirit of Antichrist who denies that Jesus is the Son of God and the Messiah.” — (I John 2:22; 4:3)

Thus the essence of the Jewish spirit of Antichrist is:

1. Denial that Jesus Christ is the Eternal Son of God Who became incarnate.

2. Denial that Jesus Christ is the Jewish Messiah.

3. Denial of the Holy Trinity of which Jesus Christ is the Only Begotten Son of the Father.

All Jews since 33 A.D. deny these things, and these 3 denials are the Jewish (sic: Talmudist) spirit of Antichrist!

Are the Zionists really of Jewish extraction, and do we Care?

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