The Octopus

No, not Goldman Sachs. I mean, they are probably involved, but this describes the reach of the U.S. covert agencies.

NSA, CIA, DARPA, and related agencies didn’t just fund, direct, and collaborate with Google. The above article documents this has been the case to one degree or other with Facebook, Microsoft, eBay, Cisco, Xerox, and other tech firms. Apart from funding and siphoning technology from these firms, senior members from places like DARPA and the Highlands Forum regularly “quit” their jobs in U.S. government in order to assume top level executive positions at companies like Google. These people have tentacles everywhere.

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Bannon – Good Riddance

Stephan Bannon Is Absolutely Evil And He Is Using His Position To Promote Homosexuality And Nazism

By Theodore Shoebat

Stephan Bannon is absolutely evil, and he is using his position to promote homosexuality and Nazism. I did a whole video on this.

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Trump post-Bannon

Ann Coulter, the conservative firebrand who predicted Trump would win … , saying ‘finally, after 30 years, we’re gonna get a President not controlled by Goldman Sachs,’  … The reason why she’s depressed over Bannon’s departure likely stems from the fact that all loyalists from inside the campaign, save Conway and Miller, have been purged from the White House. … She summed up Trump’s isolation succinctly, ‘it’s just you in the White House surrounded by the people you hired from Goldman Sachs. Don’t you want to have one guy in the White House on your side?’ (saying, ) ‘He’s surrounded himself with the ruling class’ … making reference to the Goldman alumni stacking Trump’s cabinet. (Ann Coulter Rips into Trump For Bannon Firing, Favoring ‘Fake News Media’ Over Conservative, Dr. Fly, Aug 19,2017)

And Michael Krieger adds:

The firing of Steve Bannon … will have massive reverberations across the U.S. political spectrum for years and years to come. …

Trump used populism to get elected, and then as soon as he won, immediately appointed some of the most destructive oligarchs imaginable to run his administration. … Irrespective of what you think of Bannon, him being out means Wall Street and the military-industrial complex is now 100% in control of the Trump administration. Prepare for an escalation of imperial war around the world and an expansion of brutal oligarchy.

The removal of Bannon is the end of even a facade of populism. This is now the Goldman Sachs Presidency … . The Trump administration just became ten times more dangerous than it was before. …

Here’s another prediction. Watch the corporate media start to lay off Trump … . After all, a Presidency run by Goldman Sachs and generals is exactly what they like. Trump finally came out of the closet as the anti-populist oligarch he is, and the results won’t be pretty. (Donald Trump Finally Comes Out of the Closet Michael Krieger, Aug 18, 2017)

So who is the real Trump, you ask? I don’t really know, but here are some clues:

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Systematic Ritual Murder

Excellent treatment of a horrible subject. As awful as this is, it is stuff you should know.

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The Anti-Antichrist

This is an interesting thought.

Notes from the video:

The ones in true power were fallen angels and probably also hybrid beings. Carolyn and her mother took orders from them or people directly under them. These beings and their underlings were their handlers.

She said they will fake the antichrist, and then the real antichrist will fake being the messiah. She was introduced to Lucifer and told how beautiful he and his teachings were. But she knew he was not good because she had previously experienced him directly. Then in 1957 she was brought before “the most illumined of all”. It was an out of body experience, and she thought she was standing before Jesus Christ in light form. This being will affect people this way – making them think that. She thinks this was Lucifer in his light form. He is the con of all cons and can make the perfect counterfeit. Satellites were planned to support the coming of the antichrist by transmitting messages to earth and projecting miraculous images in the sky.

The occultists understand that the esoteric plan needs to be spoken out loud in order to pass through the gateway to become exoteric. That is because the human mind and spirit needs to be engaged in order to open the portals. During 1983-1985 a major portal was opened. The entity they said would be the Christ was brought through at that time. Other evil beings also came in.

They have infiltrated the Christian churches and feed prophecies to/through them to catch people up into false threads. They are building up fear and anger and intend to pit people against each other. The Bible says many false christs will appear.

The plan as she was told was to bring this being in as a walk-in. He may possess someone or appear in his own body. He will be regarded as highly evolved and here to help humanity. His arrival will follow chaos, natural disasters, and wars all over the world; at a time when folks will be fed up. They will expect the second coming, and he will come in proclaiming peace and love. Christians will be murdered since they won’t follow along with the global plan.

They will use real spiritual powers to work signs, including raising people from the dead.

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President Zuckerberg?

ZuckrbrgPrince Mark

 How does it sound: “President Zuckerberg”? Does it just roll off the tongue, or do you think he needs to change his name? Apparently Zuckerberg has hired both the campaign manager from Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the communications advisor from Obama’s campaign. Dawn Luger reports, for The Daily Sheeple,

Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg has publicly claimed many times that he is not preparing to run for president. But then why on earth would he hire Hillary Clinton’s former chief strategist? … Politico reported that Zuckerberg has secured the services of Democratic pollster Joel Benenson, one of Barack Obama’s chief advisers and chief strategist to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s disastrously failed 2016 campaign. …

Zuckerberg has hired other people … too. They include former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine’s communications adviser Amy Dudley and 2008 Obama campaign manager David Plouffe. It’s becoming clear that Zuckerberg thinks the best people to examine whatever it is he hired them for, are closely affiliated with the elitist Democratic political establishment … .

Benenson’s company, Benenson Strategy Group, will be conducting research for the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, the couple’s philanthropy. Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan have vowed to give away 99 percent of their Facebook shares, worth an estimated $45 billion, to charity. … But the timing of this hire is leading to speculations that the Facebook czar will be running for president in 2020 … . (Facebook Founder Hires Hillary Clinton’s Chief Strategist ,

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Speech Suppression

Google And YouTube Target “Conspiracy Theories” In New Quality Control Update

… On July 27, 2017 Google updated their quality raters guidelines. The latest update to its rating guidelines brings many changes, but the biggest are focused on conspiracy theory websites and query results in the non-English language and satirical pages that don’t make it clearly known they are satire. …

The guidelines instruct raters to directly confront “unsubstantiated conspiracy theories” by looking for a source that debunked them, The Sem Post reported. (What, like Snopes? Give me a break.)  …

The document defined what it considers “unsubstantial conspiracy theories” which includes those challenging “well ­established historical facts.” (Here’s a quote to keep in mind: “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” Go for it, Google!) … Google added an example of “unsubstantiated conspiracy theories” choosing the most wild and crazy ones out there but also labeling “the existence of aliens,” to be low-quality content. (Hey, Google. Can we say discarnate entities? angels? ghosts? Can we say alternative medicine? Jesus Christ is Lord? Fiat banking is from the pit of hell? How about using the words “social engineering”? Could you give us a list, Google, of approved speech?) …

Meanwhile, YouTube a Google parent company, is planning on crucifying anyone who doesn’t upload fuzzy cat videos and puppies; in other words, all their controversial content creators under the guise of getting rid of “extremist content.” …

(Really, you should be screaming bloody murder over this. If they get their way, the cartels will be the only ones permitted to have a voice. If there is ever and always only one voice, what are you to think? You are to think what you have been told to think. If the cartels get their way they will shape your mind and the minds of your children, from infancy to the grave. Oh, they wouldn’t do that, you say? They are sociopaths. And since they know it can make them rich beyond their wildest imaginings, they will do it.)

Aaron Kesel writes for Activist Post and is Director of Content for Coinivore. Follow Aaron at Twitter and Steemit. This article is Creative Commons and can be republished in full with attribution.

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