Trump as Bird Dog

The American people tried to elect Buchanan, then Ron Paul; which sent the establishment into increasingly obvious convulsions. Now Trump is flushing the vultures out of the bushes, just by being Trump. Check these symptoms. “The population voting models only give Hillary a 25% chance of winning,” which is scaring the absolute hell out of the birds in the bushes. So, “the press is in all out war against Trump and the American people creating propaganda like we have never seen in American history…” (Martin Armstrong: “They Will Rig The Game… They Can’t Afford A Trump Victory”)

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Car Sales Descend

Chart Of The Day: Which Socialist Utopia Has Seen Car Sales Drop 99%?

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Deflation Descends

“Things Are Worse” – Dollar Stores’ Startling Admission: Half Of US Consumers Are In Dire Straits

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Oh, Hillary!

What’s Hillary been up to? It’s not hard to know, thanks to some heroic (and some dead) people. Here’s headlines from August, 2016…

Hillary Vows To Shut Down Dissenting Internet Sites if She Wins Presidency

Hillary Voter Registration Fraud Caught on Camera

NY Times calls on Google to hide Hillary Clinton’s failing health

Google Hides “Clinton Body Count” Search Suggestions

Media Photoshops Hillary Crowd to Make Her Audience Look Bigger

Despite Her Large Scale Deception, FBI Just Discovered 15,000 More Clinton Emails

WikiLeaks’ Email Exposes Billionaire Globalist Soros as Hillary Clinton’s Puppet Master

Another Damning Email: Crown Prince of Bahrain Donated $32M To Clinton Foundation, Got Access to Secretary of State

Over Half Of Hillary’s Private Meetings As Secretary Were With Donors Who Paid $156 Million

WikiLeaks: Hillary Armed Terrorists and Made Money from ISIS Supporters

Yes, Hillary Clinton Served on the Board of a Company That Funds ISIS

Hillary Is Busted: Read The Real Booklet Hillary’s Man Was Carrying For Years. It Was The Muslim Shari’ah Constitution And NOT The U.S Constitution

Iran Executes Scientist for Helping U.S. after Hillary Email Breach

Hillary aide talks about animal sacrifice to demon Moloch in WikiLeaks email

Hillary’s Server Now Has Its First Dead Body

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange: murdered DNC staffer was source of leaked DNC emails

Crisis Manager Hired to Stop Questions about Murder of DNC Staffer

FBI Reports Linking Hillary To Vince Foster “Suicide” Disappear From National Archives

The Clinton Body Count Just Went Up By 5 In The Past 6 Weeks!

Two Prominent Anti-Clinton Activists Found Dead in Two Days; Mainstream Media Blackout

Hillary’s Future Chief Of Staff Was An Editor For Radical Islamic Journal That Blamed America For 9/11

There is something very wrong with Hillary

Bombshell: Hillary Clinton has dementia according to leaked medical records

Hillary Clinton refuses to release her up-to-date detailed medical records

Hillary Clinton’s Health In Rapid Decline – Will She Even Make It To Election Day At This Rate?

The List Of Establishment Republicans That Say They Are Voting For Hillary Clinton

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U.S. is Now Accepting More Refugees Than The EU

Soros behind policy that made illegals ‘refugees’


George Soros influenced the Obama administration’s decision to redefine the flood of illegal immigration in 2014 from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador as a “refugee crisis” rather than a criminal-justice issue, according to internal documents from Soros-run organizations released by the “hacktivist” group DCLeaks. …


Claire Bernish

Memos and documents published by DCLeaks continue shedding light on billionaire globalist George Soros and his progressive organization, Open Society Foundations — the latest revelation evidencing a carefully-constructed and heavily funded effort to “influence” Supreme Court a decision on illegal immigration. …

According to the memo, with emphasis added:

“… Grantees are seeking to influence the Justices (primarily via a sophisticated amicus briefs and media strategy) in hopes of securing a favorable ruling in U.S. v. Texas, and using the case to redefine messaging and align the movement.”

As the Daily Caller explained“Members of the advisory board include Soros family members, left-wing activists, Ivy League professors and columnists for the Washington Post and Foreign Policy magazine. …

From the left-leaning OSF’s perspective, a “favorable ruling” in the hotly-debated Supreme Court case would have been an upholding of President Obama’s Executive Order granting millions of undocumented — the correct term for what many call ‘illegal’ — immigrants legal status and work permits. …

(And in case you thought Soros was acting alone, here is the Ford Foundation throwing millions at the same project.)



The corporate subsidization of civil unrest in the form of the Black Lives Matter movement just received a $100 million boost from the Ford Foundation (Via WA Times):

For all its talk of being a street uprising, Black Lives Matter is increasingly awash in cash …

The Ford Foundation and Borealis Philanthropy recently announced the formation of the Black-Led Movement Fund [BLMF], a six-year pooled donor campaign aimed at raising $100 million for the Movement for Black Lives coalition.

“The BLMF provides grants, movement building resources, and technical assistance to organizations working (to) advance the leadership and vision of young, Black, queer, feminists and immigrant leaders who are shaping and leading a national conversation about criminalization, policing and race in America,” said the Borealis announcement.

(See also Death by non-Violent Protest and Death by Violent Protest and Soros, Anonymous, and the Day of Rage and New Breed of Crisis Actor: Fake Political Protesters

and Greenspan .. Just Sayin’!)

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Undocumented Auto Loans

Five minutes. Very funny.

Auto Lending: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

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