Turkey is on the Move

Cease-fire? Pause in the conflict? With the US withdrawing its forces from NE Syria, what’s going on?

Turkey, in actuality, by its military invasion of Syrian territory has initiated its “Peace Spring Operation”. With this, “It took action with a mission that will carry the legacy of the Seljuks, the Ottomans, the Republic of Turkey to the next stage. (Operation Peace Spring…, Oct 12, 2019)”

For Turkey, this is territorial expansion. It is a play to break Western dominance in the region. Here is how the Turks see it.

[Turkey] has stood up against being confined within Anatolia and being shrunk there … . The force and mind standing against us with the U.S. established order, central European countries, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Israel is a global mind. This is the sort of mind and power Turkey is up against. …

[T]he region will again take shape according to the “rise of Turkey.”  (Operation Peace Spring…, Oct 12, 2019)

That isn’t to say that Turkey will immediately succeed, but the new Ottoman empire is rising.

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King of the North, King of the South, and the Kurds

Western-style globalism in the form of the Rothschild banks,  free-trade, the U.N., and the U.S./NATO peace-for-oil police, may be dead. New power blocks are forming in its place.

As post-Christian, multi-culturalist, Europe is self-destructing under its socialist bureaucrats and refugee invasion, people in Australia, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Italy, and Brazil have all voted for nationalist leadership. The U.K. has voted to separate from the globalist European Union. Spain and France look as though they will soon be leaning in this same direction. The U.S. is in a pitched battle between a socialist/globalist left, and a capitalist/America-first right, but with the latter largely in control of its foreign policy.

On the other side of the fence, Turkey has inked an financial deal with Russia in which the two countries will trade in terms of their own currencies rather than the U.S. dollar. The dollar, and the Rothschild SWIFT international transactions system that it is wedded to have become increasingly used as a geopolitical weapon to enforce policy. Turkey, in its new partnership with Russia, is effectively joining Russia, China, Brazil, and Iran  (the so-called BRIC nations – but I am replacing India with Iran) in freeing itself from the power of SWIFT.

Now the U.S. has moved its military presence out of northeast Syria, and Turkey has invaded. Amidst howls of protest that the U.S. is abandoning the Kurds there, the administration is threatening to exert economic pressure through sanctions against Turkey. Such sanctions (largely U.S. dollar and SWIFT sanctions) are unlikely to dissuade Turkey from exercising its will in Syria, and may only serve to consolidate Turkey’s alliance with the BRICs. As Russia and Turkey push the U.S. out of Syria, Syria is in danger of being carved up between them, moving the power of the “King of the North” all that much closer to Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, as Europe declines, the U.S. may be withdrawing support from NATO while it is forming a new Arab NATO with the Gulf Cooperation Council countries (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman), plus Jordan and Egypt. Separately the U.S. is forming a close relationship with Iraq. I suppose we should add Israel to this power block as a “silent” partner. This middle-eastern block, at least in the wishful thinking of U.S. strategists, will form a new power base. If it does come together as planned, it will become the matrix from which will rise the biblical “King of the South” of end-times prophecy. (For reasons why the form that the U.S. would like this to take may never happen, click here.)

As described to some extent above, opposing this U.S. beach-head in the southern Middle East is a newly forming Ottoman empire in the northern Middle East comprised of China, Russia, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Hungary, (also allied with Brazil, Germany, South Africa, and Japan). Some form or derivative of this axis is likely to rise as the biblical “King of the North”.

In this scenario, the king of the north represents the power of the anti-western anti-dollar axis and the king of the south represents the western alliance. In this conflict, Israel is the prize. It would serve as the hub for either of these groups to gain a unified Middle East.

If this constellation of powers holds forth during fulfillment of the biblical prophecies (e.g., Dan. 11:21-45) about the invasions of Israel, then it is no wonder that once the king of the north occupies Jerusalem, the king of the south will launch a counter-attack.

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5G, the Mental Health Risk

It seems to me there is a lot of evidence that the health risks of 5G need to be tested honestly, and that needs to be fought for since there is so much money to be made by being first to deploy it.

MentalHomelessEMFBut I take it further than that. The speed of 5G and the power of A.I. can be combined to produce an internet of things in which the “things” are human minds under a remotely induced psychic influence. This is a wet-dream for the social engineers, and they will do it. At the present time, the helpless and the homeless in various cities are being individually targeted for electronic stalking, as a pilot project. Once 5G is rolled out, and A.I. is ready, the real program can be deployed.

If these things be true, this is a massively important issue.

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Greta Thunberg

I’m just scratching the surface here, but Greta is being sponsored by Soros, Gates and their eugenicist pals. We should all die so that nature can return to its original pristine condition. Personally, I think she looks eerily like David Hogg, but that’s a story for another time.


Please allow me to introduce the eugenicists. They are into much more than just gene splicing to free the world from genetic diseases:

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Remembering 911

Okay, I’m late to the party. Just watch the first two minutes:

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EMF Pollution

Present levels of EMF radiation are already endangering public health. That is before the roll-out of 5g.


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The Jews and the Alt Right

Those who do not know that there is a Jewish conspiracy to enslave the other races and rule the world won’t get the import of the article, Why are Jews leading the Alt-Right and ‘White’ Nationalist Movements?, but I write for those that do. Not all Jews are in the conspiracy, of course, but I would have to say that the Jews who are posing as alt-right must be. And to them we can add their other assets: multiculturalists of all stripes. The Daily Stormer, whose “white nationalist” “neo-nazi” editors, “call for the ‘slaughter’ of Jewish children,” and otherwise encourage their white audience to commit acts of violence, including mass shootings, serves as a good example.

So why would these ideologues pose as alt-right? It is because in their quest to subjugate the races under the chosen Jewish race, they see the civilizations that the white people of western Europe and America built are the only real potential resistance. They are afraid of the potential for white people to gather together and resist the coming tyranny, and so they are hell bent on undermining, demoralizing, subverting, and ultimately destroying  them. This is what is behind the comment by Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer that, “I think the white race should die out. I think white people are dangerous.” You can hear this in the video, The Alt-Right MASK OFF.

As Vladimir Lenin said, “the best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” That is exactly what the Jews described in the above article are doing. They are getting out ahead of any authentic groups that might decide that it is alright to be white, and that the white race is increasingly coming under the threat of a potentially genocidal racism. The Jewish conspirators are getting to the media stage first with their own special breed of white resistance – one that is sure to discredit any legitimate efforts. And if you know where all the press will be, you know what the public is going to think.

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