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Made better!

With cryptocurrencies having proven their usefulness and efficiency, but with nowhere to go and no where to spend them, we have discovered a solution that offers the cryptocurrency community a platform to introduce cryptocurrency as a medium for purchase thousands of products online.

And with billions more people who have hardly even heard of cryptocurrency, we have discovered a platform that introduces both the merchant and the consumer to cryptocurrency through an online shopping cash-back rewards program.

There is a new free app that lets you shop at many of the popular online merchants, using your usual method (credit card … debit card … paypal …) and when you place an order you also receive a cash-back reward.

Who doesn’t like cash back?

For those also looking for a profit opportunity, you can sign up to refer this free app to others and receive royalties on their purchases as well. So let me refer you now. Check it out at my Two Ideas iPro Network website.


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Youtube denies Your Voice

Not that my blog is anything, but there will likely come a time when I will be forced to stop posting material of a political or truth-telling nature; soon to be followed by sites with an anti-establishment, anti-corporate, alternative, or in some cases just creative perspective being scrubbed from the net. If you want access to any of the information on this site or other sites of that nature, you may want to download it for the day the world goes silent.

Here is the latest news on that front:

Thought they wouldn’t come after you? Visit:

Fox denies Napolitano Voice

Amazon denies Jews Voice

Historians deny History a Voice

Historians deny History a Voice II

Reptilians voice Scrubbed

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Historians deny History a Voice

The Hampton Roads Peace Conference During the War Between the States

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Fox denies Napolitano Voice

Fox News pulls Judge Napolitano off air after Trump wiretap claims


NEW YORK (INTELLIHUB) — Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano has been pulled off the air indefinitely after revealing that multiple intelligence sources informed him that former President Obama veered ‘outside the chain of command’ and employed British (GCHQ) surveillance agents to conduct surveillance on Donald Trump’s team prior to the election.

Napolitano has not been on the air since … .

White House press secretary Sean Spicer cited Napolitano’s charge last week when asked why President Trump continues to stand by his initial claim. GCHQ denounced Napolitano’s allegations, saying they are “utterly ridiculous and should be ignored.”

Fox News backed away from the allegation on Friday when anchor Shepard Smith said in a statement:

“Judge Andrew Napolitano commented on the morning show Fox and Friends that he has sources who say British intelligence … was involved in surveillance at Trump Tower. Fox News cannot confirm Judge Napolitano’s commentary. Fox News knows of no evidence of any kind that the now-president of the United States was surveilled at any time, in any way, full stop.”

Trump continues to stand firm on the idea that he was indeed surveilled despite most mainstream media outlets and some in the intelligence community declaring that the wiretap claim is false. …

In a statement read on the Fox News program MediaBuzz on Sunday, Napolitano defended his comments on GCHQ spying by saying he “reported what the sources told me, reported it accurately and I do believe the substance of what they told me.” …

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Amazon denies Jews Voice

Not Banned

“In Judaism’s Strange Gods: Revised and Expanded Christian scholar Michael Hoffman documents his provocative thesis that Judaism is not the religion of the Old Testament, but the newly formalized belief system of the Pharisees, which arose in Babylon with the commitment of the formally oral traditions of the elders to writing, in the wake of the crucifixion of Israels Messiah and the destruction of the Temple.

“Basing his findings on authoritative Judaic sources, Hoffman demonstrates that Judaism is a man-made religion of tradition and superstition, which represents the institutionalized nullification of Biblical law and doctrine.

“Liberating the reader from the accumulated shackles of decades of misinformation, this book that shows that Judaism’s god is not the God of Israel, but the strange gods of Talmud and Kabbalah, and the racial self-worship they inculcate.

“Christian bookstores are packed with tomes purporting to unmask the religion of Islam, but not one slim volume will be found delving into the depravities of Orthodox Judaism.Judaism’s Strange Gods: Revised and Expanded: corrects that imbalance with its fidelity to Biblical truth and the historic witness of the Church.

“Here is the best book on Judaism for educating people about the hidden side of this much glorified, but soul-destroying religion of warfare and deception. Hoffman deconstructs the facade of Judaism in clear and understandable writing, and does so charitably and without vitriol.” (Judaism’s Strange Gods: Revised and Expanded, by Michael Hoffman)”

Not Banned

In another book, The Plot against Christianity, Elizabeth Dilling “gives xerox reproductions of pages directly from the Talmud, shocking and graphic information for adults only. These excerpts from the Talmud show why it was burned and banned in most European countries.” (The Plot Against Christianity, by Elizabeth Dilling)

Not Banned

“The role of money-lenders in history was once aptly termed by many acute observers as the ‘Hidden Hand.’ It is the power to create, lend and accumulate interest on ‘credit,’ and then re-lend that interest for further interest, in perpetuity, that creates pervasive, worldwide debt, from the individual, to the family, to the entire state. … Many wars, revolutions, depressions, recessions, and other social upheavals, have been directly related to the determination of these money-lenders to retain and extend their power and profits. … Goodson shows that both World Wars, the Napoleonic wars, the American Revolution, the rise and fall of Julius Caesar, the overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya and the revolution against Tsar Nicholas, among much else relate to this ‘Hidden Hand’ in history. This is the key to understanding the past, present and future.” (A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind October 6, 2014, by Stephen Mitford Goodson)


Banned because it quotes Jews damning themselves with their own words, and gives the sources so that anyone can look it up?

“Now, just in case someone out there can’t believe that any religion, no matter how wicked and corrupt, could hold the Serpent—that is, the Devil or Satan—to be their companion, redeemer, and Messiah, let’s provide proof of these things. Indeed, let’s go direct to the rabbis themselves by name and discover what their belief system and teachings are in regard to the so-called ‘Holy Serpent.’ … First, we go to the Zohar, one of five books which are the core books of the influential Kabbalah. … Rabbi Jacob ben Cohen declares outright, that, ‘The Messiah is a snake.’   Rabbi Elijah ben Solomon, perhaps the most famous of historical rabbis, known as the Vilna of Gaon, heartily agrees with Rabbi Cohen’s conclusions. Not only is the serpent Messiah and redeemer of the Jews, the Zohar states: ‘The Holy Serpent is the fountainhead, root, and essence for all God’s sacred revelatory light.’

Larry King with Rabbi Michael Laitman

Rabbi Michael Laitman interviewed by CNN’s Larry King. According to Laitman, the Serpent is the Jew’s Angel of Help. “We should be grateful to the Serpent for his help,” he says.

 “Remember, in the New Testament, we find that Jesus is the ‘light of the world.’ The Kabbalah’s Zohar disagrees. The Zohar teaches that the Serpent is ‘the source of universal light.’ …

‘For by thy words,’ Jesus said, ‘thou shalt be condemned.’

“Please note the very words of the rabbis. Do their words—bragging and boasting of their great friend, redeemer, and Messiah, the Holy Serpent—not condemn them?

“My new book, Holy Serpent of the Jews, demonstrates these and many other ungodly words are used by the rabbis in regard to their admiration and veneration of their Messiah, Satan, the Holy Serpent.

“The Jews—in fact, the entire world—is therefore confronted with a clear choice. (Holy Serpent of the Jews: The Rabbi’s Secret Plan for Satan to Crush Their Enemies and Vault the Jews to Global Dominion, by Texe Marrs)”

Hence, banned! There are certain things Amazon does not want said, apparently, and especially by the Jews themselves.

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Proof ISIS-Daesh has been U.S. Backed

News you may have missed…

Protecting The Terrorists? US Forces Evacuate ISIS-Daesh Commanders

Global Research, March 16, 2017
Fars News Agency 14 March 2017

The Arabic language al-Hadath news website reported that several US military helicopters landed on kilometer 10 of Deir Ezzur-Hasaka road and evacuated a number of ISIL commanders from the region. …

The sources said that 6 helicopters were present in the operations, including two that carried a number of soldiers and Arabic translators in a region near al-Kebr station.

The source said the US troops left the helicopters and staged a raid on the terrorists at a water pump station, killing a number of them. “Then they took several ISIL terrorists captive, in an action that more seemed like a theatrical move”.

“It looked like a drill and our suspicions grew when we came to realize that they only took captive those ISIL members who were foreigners,” he added. …

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The Ideal Cryptocurrency

What attributes should the ideal cryptocurrency have in order to actually become widely used as money? These?

  • Worldwide Distributed Blockchain – ownership of e-coins should be mirrored on computers around the world so that if the power goes out in your region and the internet goes down you have not lost your money;
  • Unalterable Mining Algorithm – limiting the maximum number of coins. E-coins may be virtual but they really do exist. They are not debt; they are a mined commodity. If there is a finite number of them that will ever exist, their ultimate value will be determined by the economy in which they are used. An economy is defined as buyers and sellers and transactions;
  • Merchant Base – An economy is made up partly of sellers;
  • User Base – An economy is made up partly of a large and active community of consumers;
  • Cash Register Ready – An economy is made up largely of retail transactions. An instantaneous transaction time at the point of sale is necessary for there to be popular use of the e-currency;
  • Convertible into other assets – An economy is made up largely of investors. There must be exchanges through which the e-currency can be converted to other currencies, commodities, or other assets;
  • The Wallet – Members of the e-currency economy must be able to hold their currency in a wallet that is capable of transacting at the point of sale and on the exchanges. The wallet should allow the printing of paper money for storage and purchases as well.
  • Early Adoption – must be rewarded to offset the risk taken by early adopters of the e-currency. The likelihood of these rewards coming to fruition must be made clear to potential users;
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) – This government (banking) program is designed to prevent crime by making all transactions traceable to the source. It is debatable whether this is a desirable feature;
  • Asset Backed – is this necessary? Gold is considered the ultimate collateral because it is a limited resource, it costs money to mine, and it is not someone else’s debt. But the first two attributes above have largely covered that. So I think that e-currency can “be its own gold”.

What have I missed? Please let me know. Meanwhile check out the e-currency and group of users I have discovered that has a plan to meet these criteria. I think their plan is both simple and ingenious, and will be successful. They are opening the gate for e-currency to become widely recognized and accepted as money.

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