YouTube – Hazardous to your Health

YouTube goes to war with natural medicine as tech giant starts BANNING video channels for talking about herbal remedies

Saturday, May 19, 2018 by: Isabelle Z.

Image: YouTube goes to war with natural medicine as tech giant starts BANNING video channels for talking about herbal remedies

… (Natural News) Naturopathy often gets ignored by doctors and the mainstream media, but people can learn about natural medicine thanks to independent news sites like Natural News. One place you won’t be able to hear about people’s successes with alternative treatments, however, is the increasingly corrupt YouTube, which has now taken to banning video channels that dare to mention that natural medicine might actually help someone. …


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The Cell Signal: Endangering Health and Freedom Worldwide

euroscientist Dr. Jose Delgado, who proved the viability of electromagnetic mind control. He provided this quote from EarthPulse.

By 1985, Dr. Delgado was able to create these effects using only a radio signal sent to the brain remotely, using energy concentrations of less than 1/50th of what the Earth naturally produces. This discovery implied that frequency, waveform and pulse rate (modulation) were the important factors rather than the amount of energy being used.

TargetedIndivDiagramOmni says that cell towers have this capability and can be rigged to use it. He says that whistleblowers indicate that cell phone towers are indeed being used this way. He names Ex-CIA Engineer Dr. Robert Duncan and Ex-Royal Navy Scientist Barrie Trower.

Omni says that both satellites and cell towers are being used by covert operations to afflict, “Thousands of targeted individuals across the country and planet,” and he comments that, “cell towers are now installed worldwide nearly everywhere, so this torture and mind control grid is basically inescapable (Omni).” The phrase “nightmare of Orwellian proportions,” comes to mind. I think that was my own thought.

CellTower5G2Omni doesn’t even mention, in his short missive, the new 5G cellular grid that is now rapidly being deployed in urban environments. 5G is radically faster and more sophisticated than the (4G) towers we are presently used to and that Omni was describing. If the 4G towers have been being rigged with neurogenic inducing capability, don’t we suppose that the 5G system will? CellTower5GI can easily imagine the committee members recommending that while it will hopefully rarely be used, and certainly not outside of approproriate well-monitored channels, it is a matter of national security that this neuroweapons capability be deployed to ensure this “law enforcement” tool is available. Such technology would necessarily be classified, but see the StingRay, for an example of what can be said publicly.


Image credit: Sacramento Bee

Omni closes by pointing us to some of his, “Best Work Exposing The Control Grid Set Up with these Cell Towers”:

Or for more up to date material, visit OmniSense.Org.

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Forget the Deep State

There are fearsome, monstrous shadows that we sometimes think we glimpse in the corner of our eye as we contemplate the Deep State, moving behind it. Hat tip to WardoRants for illuminating this landscape, posting the comments excerpted below and the Russia and the Rothschild Octopus video (Part 1) on Minds and BitChute:

ROTHSCHILD’S MAFIA THE NEW WORLD ORDER & THE RING THAT BINDS THEM ALL PT.1 … People continue to look for saviors in men, such as Trump and this psy-op of Q-anon clearly ran by Russian Jew Steve Pieczenik. Out to make Trump as some sort of White Hat – Good Guy. …

[T]he Rothschild’s Continue to Expand their control and steal the Energy Resources of Arab countries with their company Genie Energy. Israel is a Rothschild owned and Russian controlled stolen land. Every American technology that Israel steals or is given to them … is handed to Russia, China or any other country the Rothschild’s want. And the Ring that binds them is the Chabad Mafia. …

The Rothschilds that had their eyes on the land of Palestine since the earliest records of the 1830’s While Herzl is … officially referred to as “the spiritual father of the Jewish State” … he was not the first Zionist or activist; … RabbisYehuda Bibas, Zvi Hirsch Kalischer and Judah Alkalai, promoted a range of proto-Zionist ideas before him. There was another figure that has escaped most awareness and that was Russian Vladimir Jabotinski, another Zionist movement Leader. Vladimir Jabotinski demanded that Palestine must be the location of the home for the Jews. This Russian Zionist group was the largest of the movement of them all. What most fail to recognize is that the Rothschilds were the very power and finance behind the movement, this includes the Russian Zionist movement. … (Russia and the Rothschild Octopus video)

What have these people in these rarified halls of power have to do with you? Really everything. They set the stage we all live on, and the trickle-down is all encompassing.

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CNN despoils Historic Event

History is being made in North Korea and CNN can’t get its head out of the garbage pail. I didn’t think they were this stupid.

“As cameras waited for the three detainees to arrive at Andrews Air Force Base, CNN suggested that Trump made the event happen because he wanted to use it as a campaign ad, NewsBusters reported.” WATCH: CNN Attacks Trump As He Greets Freed American Detainees, Pushes Conspiracy Theory
RipleySomeone should tell them that the Korean war is ending and a major cancerous geopolitical lesion is being healed. Real reporters would be evaluating the prospects for this leading to a re-unification of Korea and the economic salvation of North Korea. What are the chances? What are the remaining obstacles?
But no. CNN is like,
“Well, this is Donald Trump as a… TV moment for him,” former Bill Clinton adviser Philip Yun said on the network.” …
CNN International journalist Will Ripley later commented that Trump was “exploiting” the freed American detainees. WATCH: CNN Attacks Trump As He Greets Freed American Detainees, Pushes Conspiracy Theory
Could they get any smaller? Really.
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Who are the White Helmets?

The Russkies don’t like the White Helmets.

Does that make the White Helmets good?

Find out here.

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The Alliance

WilcockDavid Wilcock is a professional lecturer, filmmaker, psychic, and researcher of metaphysics. He is a luminary in the New Age movement. As for politics, he believes that the government is keeping secrets. Can you believe it? He says they represent a cabal that lied about the assassination of JFK, runs industry-wide scams such as pharmaceutical and factory farming, generally controls elections, and uses Hollywood for Luciferian rituals, spells, and propaganda. He says that the cabal covertly controls of all the things we need in order to preserve our basic life: Energy, Food, Transportation, Communications, Medicine, Internet, Media, Government, Education, Science, Military, and Finance.

He believes that its ultimate goal is a Luciferian “New World Order”.

Wilcock treads a path less taken when he describes the efforts of loosely allied groups and people that have been struggling for decades to expose this government cabal. He dubs this the “Alliance”, to which he credits the election of Trump and emergence of the term “Deep State” into common parlance. He says that even without Trump the Alliance would be doing what it is doing, but with a man in the presidency friendly to their cause, things are probably moving faster.

He acknowledges that it is difficult psychologically to accept the existence of the Deep State as a serious threat to freedom and human dignity, but takes the stand that it is important to do so – that a certain point if one does not see the Deep State for what it is, spiritual growth stops.

He says that the military has been working against the Deep State for decades, that the battle is mostly being fought secretly, and that now the Alliance is communicating with the public via Q Anon on 4Chan.

The Q Anon material began appearing on 4Chan at the end of October 2017 … . We have now had multiple briefings indicating that the QAnon posts are authentic releases of intel from what we are calling the Alliance.

The Alliance is an international group of different factions who all agree that the Deep State / Cabal / New World Order / Illuminati must be stopped.

The Alliance includes what now appears to be a majority of the military and intelligence agencies within the US, as well as many other countries. (Critical Moment in Deep State Takedown is Happening Now, David Wilcock, April 27, 2018)

He says the claims of sealed indictments are real and indicate significant progress for the Alliance but the Deep State is censoring this information.

In about the third week of February, many dozens if not hundreds of conspiracy analysis channels were deleted off of YouTube.

A friend of mine who wishes to remain anonymous had created his own channel with some provocative videos on it.

He was subscribed to 100 different conspiracy analysis channels that were all doing great work.

In the Great Purge, he lost his own channel, and 80 out of the 100 channels he was subscribed to were all deleted as well. …

He shows a list of the indictments, summarized by region.

[T]he number of sealed indictments now on the books as of March 31st, 2018 is at a staggering 24,544 … vastly higher than usual, by orders of magnitude. … :

… A sealed indictment may be filed in a case where an organized crime syndicate is under active investigation. This allows the authorities to nab certain individuals in the cartel, without making a public statement of who is being targeted. …

We are told these indictments are a Who’s Who list of top Deep State operatives. …

On October 7, 2017, Wikileaks began releasing the Podesta emails.

This was one of many actions taken, not by Russia, but by a US Military-led group of positive factions we have been calling the Alliance.

The Podesta emails were only the latest in an enormous body of evidence suggesting that very dark practices are ongoing in the world’s most elite circles.

David Seaman had just done a video about this very subject right before having his identity stripped from YouTube and elsewhere … (David Seaman was a classic Pizzagate researcher who also got beheaded in the Great Purge, but has since come back with very interesting new intel.):

BitChute is an alternative site that helps us fight against what has obviously become a totalitarian crackdown on social media, Facebook, Twitter and GooTube.

I highly recommend watching the above video … .

David [who had been a well-respected journalist for Huffington Post] disappeared for a while after his Deep State “identity theft,” but then came back with a vengeance.

He has now moved to Washington DC and created the Fulcrum News Service.

He also posted a very interesting video on April 5th, where he was popping champagne and saying that it was all over… the Deep State was finished.

In this video he reveals that he was working with Alliance members, who told him the things he was reporting on were true and asked him to continue. [See the video here.]

Seaman reveals the penetration that the NXIVM slave cult has had in Hollywood, and the depth of the depravity.

In this video, among other things, David reveals that the NXIVM cult was involved with the Deep State, using B-list actresses to recruit children and young women as sex slaves.

He was also told that the MS-13 gang was being used by Democrats for targeted assassinations. …

It is important to remember that all women in this cult had to have sex with Raniere, even if they were under-age.

This therefore is Pizzagate. Child sex trafficking. And it ran right through Hollywood.

Here is a link to a very sad video of Allison Mack talking about JNess, a division of the NXIVM cult, in glowing terms.

According to David’s intel, NXIVM is only one small part of a much larger conspiracy involving the Deep State and Hollywood.

More tidbits from Seaman:

At 45:09, he said MSM people will be dropping like flies and disappearing. The reality will be that they have been indicted.

Once the indictments are unsealed, the next step is an arrest.

He also indicated, quite controversially, that the Alliance has now been able to stop most, if not all of the alleged chemtrail activity in our skies. …

Jerome Corsi was another journalism whose identity was disappeared from mainstream internet portals (at least temporarily).

The next very exciting, independent sign that “Something Big” is coming from the Alliance is in a recent speech Jerome Corsi gave in DC. …

Beginning at 6:23, Corsi said that three years ago, he had spoken to three top generals in the US military who were ready to remove Obama from office with military force. … [but] agreed that if [Trump] would run, they would conduct their coup d’etat as a legitimate process. … [T]he generals had studied him and knew he was not a Deep State / Cabal member. … This pact between military and Trump has held, he said.

This immediately caught my attention, as it mirrored intel I had heard on my own, and was indirectly referred to in the early Q Anon material. …

Corsi goes on to say that Q Anon is a product of military intelligence, and is close to Trump.

At 9:35 in the video, he said that we can expect military tribunals and treason charges for Hillary and Obama. …

[He said that an] insider told him that every single major tech giant — FB, Google, Twitter, YouTube – is a CIA creation. They were funded by the CIA. …

He said the internet was funded by the US military industrial complex and Lockheed Martin. They wanted new electronic hardware for the military. …

Q Anon briefings are also predicting that we are about to see the Mother of All Bombs dropped on the Deep State. This is indicated with the use of the acronym MOAB.


… Q Anon posted … on Saturday, April 21st, … … What will next week hold? MOAB. Q … Please stand by. … MOAB incoming. Q …

Amazingly, during this time, peace talks were held between North and South Korea. …

[David Seaman said,] this was definitely not the Big One, but a nice sign in the right direction. [He] said that some very major disclosures were planned for this past week, but were held off because of Korea. Apparently, the Korea situation resolved into these peaceful accords much faster than had been anticipated.

As a result, the decision was made to allow a “news cycle” to play out where this was absorbed by the public before moving to the next step. …

Bear in mind that once the Deep State’s proxy armies are taken out, they have no significant way to try to wage war and create “false flag” events.

ISIS is almost completely wiped out and now North Korea is not a threat. This is very, very exciting news and suggests the “Big One” could be very close at hand. …

Apr 29 2018 11:17:29 Q The hard part is coming to an end. The next phase will bring JUSTICE. Q+ …

They will lose black vote once Haiti revealed. … AMERICA WILL BE UNIFIED AGAIN! 11.11.18. Q

At this point it is anyone’s guess why November 11th, 2018 is being flagged [oh that wouldn’t have to do with the date resolving to 11/11/2018, which is 11/11/11, would it?]. Perhaps we will have seen far more progress by then. …

Once those walls come down, we will have a mass public awakening unlike anything even imaginable. That includes the forbidden technology.

There are MANY factions of the Alliance that have nothing to do with the US president or his administration either.

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Blind Justice on Syria

The West says one thing about the purported chemical attack in Syria at Douma, but Syria and Russia say something else. They appear to be using different witnesses. It seems suspicious that the Western investigation (by the OPCW) is refusing to hear the witnesses that Russia has brought forward. Is the OPCW blindfolding itself in order to preserve the verdict of a kangaroo court?

Fox News says:

[S]urvivors reached by The Associated Press said they were overwhelmed by the smell of chlorine on the night of April 7. Activists say at least 40 people were killed. Many were found with foam around their mouths, an indicator for suffocation. Medical workers said they treated symptoms including difficulty breathing and fainting. (Douma Chemical Attack puts OPCW back in Spotlight, Associated Press, 4/18/18)

One suspects that the “activists” referred to would be the highly dubious “White Helmets.” Notice that the medical workers did not mention a gas attack nor any smell of chlorine. This could be significant since some survivors are saying that the suffocation, etc., was caused by a dust storm and not a gas or chemical attack.

Tyler Durden, at ZeroHedge, says:

Russian officials brought fifteen people to The Hague from the city of Douma, Syria, said to have been present during the alleged April 7 chemical attack – including  11-year-old Hassan Diab, who was seen in a widely-distributed video taken by the controversian NGO organization known as the “White Helmets,” who filmed themselves giving Diab “emergency treatment” after the alleged incident. …

[But] Russia’s permanent representative to the OPCW, Aleksandr Shulgin, said that the OPCW has already interviewed six alleged Douma witnesses brought to The Hague , and they won’t interview any more.

The others were ready too, but the experts are sticking to their own guidelinesThey’ve picked six people, talked to them, and said they were ‘completely satisfied’ with their account and did not have any further questions”  -Aleksandr Shulgin

[The dissenting view is that] the West is happy to bomb a sovereign nation based on nothing more than non-public “evidence” suspected to have been staged and provided by the [highly dubious] White Helmets, but when actual residents of Douma show up to tell their side of it, they are condemned as an “obscene masquerade” and denied an opportunity to submit their testimony on the record. (“No Attacks, No Victims”: Syria Chemical Attack Video Participants Speak At OPCW Briefing, by Tyler Durden, 4/27/18) (See also: Douma ‘victims’ … Speak Out)

Further evidence on the dissenting side is the likelihood that the earlier “gas attacks” claimed to have been perpetrated by Assad were not perpetrated by Assad at all.

See also:


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