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James Rickards says, “Once the National Party Congress is over in late October, President Xi will have secured his political ambitions and will no longer find it necessary to avoid rocking the boat (Prepare For A Chinese Maxi-Devaluation James Rickards, 10/12/17).”

He says that two times in 2015 devaluation of the yuan caused corrections in the U.S. stock markets; once in August and once in December. This correlated with about a 10% dip in U.S. stocks.

He describes both of these stock market corrections as causing, “a real threat of global financial contagion and a full-blown liquidity crisis (Rickards, 10/12).” I hope not. Has the world financial system really become that fragile?

He does not explain why the continuing yuan devaluation during all of 2016 did not cause a similar correction. So what else is it? I don’t know. But if what he says next comes about, it won’t matter. Now that 2017 has brought us a climb in the exchange rate for the Yuan to around 6.50 CNY, Rickards foresees another more severe drop:

China cannot keep the capital account closed without damaging badly needed capital inflows. … China also cannot maintain high interest rates because the interest (cost) is socially destabilizing. China cannot maintain a strong yuan because that damages exports, hurts export-related jobs, and causes deflation to be imported through lower import prices (and) also drains the foreign exchange reserves needed to maintain the peg. …

China’s current solutions are non-sustainable … . China’s internal contradictions are catching up with it. China has to confront an insolvent banking system, a real estate bubble, and a $1 trillion wealth management product Ponzi scheme that is starting to fall apart. …

The most obvious course, and the one likely to be implemented, is a maxi-devaluation of the yuan to around the 7.95 (CNY) level or lower. … Both Trump and Xi are readying a “gloves off” approach to a trade war and renewed currency war. A maxi-devaluation of the yuan is Xi’s most potent weapon. …

A much weaker yuan would give China some policy space … . What does a new maxi-devaluation portend for U.S. stocks … There are early signs that this policy of devaluation is already being put into place. …  (Rickards, 10/12)

So we may soon find out. Yuan at 7.95 CNY to the dollar? Now that would bite!

Also see Dollar’s End

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Cure for the Common Cold?

Well we are not allowed to use the cure word in the United States, so I won’t. But I recently prevented a cold from moving through the cycles that a cold always has in my case. It will start in my sinuses and/or throat and will always move into my lungs before it subsides.

Well I recently detected a cold coming on. It clearly got a foothold on my sinuses and/or throat, although it wasn’t too bad, yet. I took the following things (along with some other stuff that I take regularly anyway), and instead of moving into my chest, the cold just disappeared instead.

I’m pretty excited about it, so here you go:

Vitamin C with bioflavinoids, Resveretrol, Brown seaweed, Vitamin D3 with Cultured Nutrients Organic Fruits and Vegetables, Mushrooms for their beta glucans (I use Lion’s Mane for its brain boosting activity), the ACE vitamins (I didn’t use these, but they are a good idea), and astaxanthin. All these have anti-oxidant properties and between them may have all the eight sugars. These work terrifically well in combination, and especially to prevent something you feel coming on!

Pretty cool? So visit my Eat Fat, be Thin pages from the menu above to see more!

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The Crypto-Race is On!

Russia wants to take the lead in getting the blockchain quantum-ready. If no one does this, then in a few years when quantum computers are commercially available, no blockchain will be safe from hacking. Whoever does do this will own the cryptocurrency industry.

The Russian state-owned Vnesheconombank (VEB) has disclosed a new center focused on blockchain technology research and other emerging technologies. VEB will be working on this initiative alongside the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media.

VEB Chairman Sergei Gorkov stated: “In September, we will open the first centre focused on blockchain, convergent, and quantum technologies at the National Univeresity of Science and Technology (MISIS). …

In another project, VEB is currently working with Indian firm Srei Infrastructure Finance to create a $200 million information technology and innovation fund. … Recently a group of Srei officials visited the Russian Quantum Centre, home of Russia’s quantum-safe blockchain, to discuss and learn about how quantum physics can be applied to technological developments. (Russian Blockchain Technology Research Center In The Works, by The Cryptomaster, around September 1, 2017)

In May, the Russian Gazprombank conducted a blockchain transaction secured by quantum entanglement.

The threat posed to the cryptospace by the advent of quantum computers has been well known for several years. The massive computational power of quantum data processing has the muscle to determine an electronic wallet’s private key just by reading the public key, which is something that would take a classical computer an unfeasible amount of time to accomplish. …

The answer to this pressing issue may just have come from the Russian Quantum Center (RQC). … According to HPCwire, the quantum-safe blockchain, called a K-Chain, was used under real-world conditions to conduct a transaction on the Gazprombank network. (The Russian Quantum Center Has Created A Quantum-Safe Blockchain, by  Jordan Daniell, May 26, 2017)

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Lagarde goes Virtual

Lagarde is getting us ready.

LONDON (Reuters) – Global usage of the International Monetary Fund’s in-house currency, the special drawing right (SDR), could get a boost from the growth of digital currencies, the Fund’s managing director, Christine Lagarde said on Friday.

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Dollar’s End

A Failing Empire, Part 2: De-Dollarisation – China and Russia’s Plan From Petroyuan To Gold

The largest geo-economic change in the last fifty years was arguably implemented (in 1971 when Nixon closed the gold/dollar window and) the main source of economic reliability transferred from gold to dollars, specifically to US treasury bills, (and) in 1973 with the agreement between OPEC, Saudi Arabia and the United States to sell oil exclusively in dollars. (Under this arrangement, the Saudis only accepted) dollars as a payment for oil and related investments, recycling billions of excess dollars into US treasury bills and other dollar-based financial resources. In exchange, Saudi Arabia and other OPEC countries came under American military protection.

The second factor … is the dollar becoming the world reserve currency and maintaining a predominant role in the basket of international foreign-exchange reserves of the IMF ever since 1981. The role of the dollar, linked obviously to the petrodollar trade, has almost always maintained a share of more than 40% of the Special Drawing Right (SDR) basket, while the euro has maintained a stable share of 29-37% since 2001. In order to understand the economic change in progress, it is sufficient to observe that the yuan is now finally included in the SDR, with an initial 10% share  … .

The reason why the United States has been able (until now) to fuel this global demand for dollars is linked to the need for other countries to own dollars in order to be able to buy oil and other goods. … The United States found itself in the enviable position of being able to print pieces of paper (simply IOU’s) without any gold backing and then exchange them for real goods. … even as it accumulates an astronomical public debt (about 21 trillion dollars).  …

(Since) the late 1990s, at a time of expansion for the US empire following the demise of the Soviet Union (the US has sought to prevent) China, Russia and Iran from creating a Eurasian area of integration. … Until a few decades ago, any idea of straying away from the petrodollar was seen as a direct threat to American global hegemony, requiring of a military response. (Since the) 2008 financial crisis, as well as growing US aggression ever since the events in Yugoslavia in 1999 … The United States finds itself being considered by many countries to be a massive war apparatus that struggles to get what it wants … .

In 2017, given the decline in US credibility … a general recession from the dollar-based system is taking place in many countries. … It has become clear to many nations opposing Washington that the only way to adequately contain the fallout from the collapsing US empire is to progressively abandon the dollar. …

This is essential in the Russo-Sino-Iranian strategy to unite Eurasia and thereby render the US irrelevant. … Eliminating the unlimited spending capacity of the Fed and the American economy means limiting US imperialist expansion … . Russia began (with the rise of Putin in 2012) to de-dollarize, repaying foreign debts in dollars … . Russia is today one of the countries in the world with the least amount of public and private debt denominated in dollars … .

It is no secret that Beijing and Moscow are aiming for a gold-backed currency if and when the dollar should collapse. This has pushed unyielding countries to start operating in a non-dollar environment and through alternative financial systems.

(This) can be seen with Saudi Arabia, which has represented the crux of the petrodollar. … Beijing has started putting strong pressure on Riyadh to start accepting yuan payments for oil instead of dollars, as are other countries such as the Russian Federation. … Beijing will (also) buy gas and oil from Russia by paying in yuan, with Moscow being able to convert yuan into gold immediately thanks to the Shanghai International Energy Exchange. This (new oil-)gas-yuan-gold mechanism signals a revolutionary economic change through the progressive abandonment of the dollar in trade.

(Continuing with:)

Maduro Visits Putin, Proposes Global Oil Trade In Rubles, Yuan

After the US imposed financial sanctions on Venezuela in an effort to … choke the Maduro regime, … Caracas (announced) that those who wished to trade Venezuelan crude would have to do so in Chinese Yuan … . Today during an energy summit held in Moscow, Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro proposed … that all oil producing countries discuss creating a currency basket for trading crude and refined products. One which is no longer reliant on the (petro) dollar. …

Maduro also blamed trade in crude oil paper futures as having an adverse impact on the oil market, which has undermined attempts by OPEC to stabilize prices. … Maduro proposed (that) an alternative currency basket (would) mitigate the alleged adverse impact of futures trading.

(Imo, what will really put the squeeze on energy futures trading – I say will, not would, because it looks like Russia and China and other countries are doing it – will be digitizing their national resources and trading them on the blockchain.)

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Russia goes Virtual!

Megafon Issues Russia’s First Crypto-Bond

For months now Russia has been moving into the blockchain space in a serious way. I’ve talked about these moves in previous articles (Etherium: Russia’s new Oil, Bitcoin as Russian Reserve Asset and yes, even here) …[icliks: Russia is developing its own fork of the Etherium blockchain – one with Russian “certified” cryptography, which I suppose means the Russian government gets a back door to the user’s personal data. It is called Masterchain and the Bank of Russia and the government are fully behind it.]

[icliks: the Masterchain blockchain is a smart contract ledger. The FinTech Association is cited by RT in its post, Russia’s biggest banks take lead in embracing blockchain technology, as saying that Masterchain is,

a specifically designed platform that allows two or more partners to enter into a smart contract without an intermediary. The technology may also be used to verify contracts, intellectual property rights and online public ledgers without a third party. … Masterchain also enables Russian lenders to search through each other’s database of blacklisted clients … . Russia’s Masterchain will have its own virtual currency tentatively called “gas.”

We now return you to Tom Luongo.]

The National Settlement Depository (NSD) is moving, via the WAVES platform, to token-ize as much of the Russian economy as it can. …

As I said when we first heard of this plan back in August:

The better plan is to loosen central bank policy, issue some ruble-denominated debt (or yuan) while building up the crypto infrastructure to absorb (incoming) capital flows without creating dislocations within the ruble market.

This creates a more natural and organic flow of capital into the country without it causing social upheaval. Like the announcement of Russian Miner Coin, this move by the NSD is just another building block in the foundation of a more resilient Russian financial system … .

This, in turn, limits the effects of U.S. sanctions. Once the market comes to the conclusion that Russia treats capital better than the U.S. does, the current trickle will become a torrent. And Russia has to be ready to handle this.

… Russia and China are working to increase investor confidence while the U.S. and EU are punishing investors because it is a privilege to use the dollar and/or the euro.

[icliks thinks this is not strictly a Russian thing. It is the Russian version of the Chinese version of the Money of the Beast.]

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Vegas II

Second shooter in Vegas. I don’t think the authorities will go with this. The following material is from Was There A Second Shooter In Vegas? posted on 10/3/17

Google is said to be censoring the taxi videos put up on YouTube, and the above video only lasted a few days before going dark. Don’t be alarmed. I’m sure it’s for our own good that we are not allowed to see these. As of 10/7/17 some videos in this article from ZeroHedge still run. They clearly and definitely indicate gunfire (both by sound and visually) coming from a lower floor.

Before you go any further, I recommend the article by Yoichi Shimatsu. It probably contains more truth than I have here. And Rense has an encyclopedic amount of material on this event.

And check this:

Meanwhile, said to be the most damning, “focus your attention on the hotel windows, between the guy with the cowboy hat and the guy in the red t-shirt at around the 27-second mark…”

From Was There A Second Shooter In Vegas?

While the above evidence of a second shooter smacks of an organized conspiracy rather than a lone gunman, there’s more!

Las Vegas False Flag: Anonymous 4chan User Warned of Attack 3 Weeks in Advance,  Jay Greenberg, October 3rd, 2017, says, “The ominous warning was left on the anonymous message boards on the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. The user warned people to “stay away” from Las Vegas due to a coming deadly attack.” The user, ” claimed to have inside knowledge of, what he referred to as, a ‘high incident project’ that was due to take place soon.” He said, ” this ‘project’ will be done with an endgame goal of passing new laws in Nevada regarding casino security. ..  He also specifically names former head of the Department of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff and Casino owner and billionaire Sheldon Adelson as the two men set to profit most of the wave of new regulations set to spring up in response to the Vegas incident (see More). “

Well it gets worse. Jay Greenberg also writes, in Las Vegas Shooting Witnesses Report Multiple Gunmen Dressed as Security Guards, 10/3/17, “Australian citizens who witnessed the attacks have given their eyewitness accounts to the press in their native countries, and their statements differ greatly from the stories being peddled in the United States. One key witness … Brian Hodge … was staying in the room right next door to the alleged shooter, … and says that the entire floor he was staying on was a ‘crime scene’ with ‘multiple shooters’ firing weapons out of the windows. …  Mr. Hodge also confirmed that law enforcement was aware of more than one shooter as he saw them shoot and kill one of the gunmen, who was dressed as a security guard, in the corridor outside of his hotel room. Other witnesses from Australia also reported seeing other gunmen dressed as security guards being chased by police.”

“This account seems to explain the images taken from outside the Mandalay Bay Hotel, where the gunfire came from, that clearly shows two smashed windows from two different hotel rooms on the same floor (Related Occult Analysis of Vegas Shooting — Numerology, Astrology, and Symbolism (Video)) Social media has been flooded with video uploads filmed by witnesses that show gunshots emanating from a 4th-floor window as well as two 32nd floor windows.” (Adding this 4th floor location would make three floors: the 32d, around the 15th as shown in several videos above, and the 4th. Judging by a brief part of the video that started with the female cabby waiting in the lobby parking lot of the Mandaly, I see a “4th floor” flashing light both before and after I hear gunfire, so I think that is a strobe.)

We should be surprised that there was more than one shooter? Check out the following:

Over 2200 Architects & Engineers Crush The ‘Official’ 9/11 Commission Report

Boyston Street Bombing

Sandy Hook

UC Santa Barbara Hoax

Friday the 13th Massacre, Paris

Sikh Shooting not what it Appeared

Olympics Celebrates Aurora

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