Notre Dame, the Twin Towers of Europe

The fact that 875 churches across Europe have been torched or otherwise vandalized or desecrated in 2019 makes it highly likely that the Notre Dame fire belongs to this series.

Besides that, the chief architect at Notre Dame says The fire was no accident.

Leo Zagami, ex-illuminati whistleblower, speculated in an interview with Alex Jones of Infowars that the Notre Dame fire was or was part of an occult ritual. Someone familiar with the gnostic or occult symbology surrounding mass shootings, bombings, arson, and other public events of recent decades would rather expect this and might have taken notice of the date of the fire. In occult numerology the digits in 4/15/19 resolve to eleven. This would be important to the members of the world elite who are aspiring to enslave the world under their once and future king. The date is a telling detail, and I posted about it here.

Notre Dame itself has significant claims upon it by this gnostic movement. The cathedral was originally financed by the Knights Templar, and was built by Operative Freemasons in coordination with the Templars. But when the Templars fell out of favor, the Order was disbanded as heretical and their head, Jacques de Molay, was burned at the stake there in a notorious double cross by the Church on March 18, 1314.

According to Zagami in an article on his website, the Templar Order has been reborn and has claimed the Catholic Church and the Holy Roman Empire (Europe) as its own; and they did this specifically through the cathedral of Notre Dame. On March 18, 2017, the 703rd anniversary of the burning of de Molay, the Templar New World Order entered the cathedral and “reclaimed” it during a mass held there, “to mark the birth of the Nouvel Ordre Mondial Templier (Templar New World Order).” (Haunting Figure at Notre Dame Cathedral Fire could be a Knight Templar, 4/17/2019)

This was followed by the symbolism of the “Vatican” fire of the summer of 2017. What, you don’t remember a Vatican fire? There wasn’t one; but it looked like there was. Please read about that event and its deep symbolism here. It’s quite the rabbit hole.

The torching of Notre Dame should be considered as further followup by the New Templars of their mass. The fire is for France and for Europe what the Twin Towers and their destruction were to the United States. These iconic structures symbolized the strength and integrity of the nation. But beneath this public veneer they embodied the energies of the Templars and Freemasons.

The Twin Towers were also destroyed on an eleven date: famously 9/11. Just as the U.S. was radically transformed following the destruction of the Twin Towers with enactment of the Patriot Act and the surveillance and Police State laws and institutions that followed, France and Europe are being symbolically brought across a threshold of transformation by the torching of Notre Dame. The entities bound at Notre Dame have been released upon Europe as the Templars deploy them using the principles of weaponized geomancy.

Up to this point, the fire seems to foretell the destruction of Western Christian civilization in Europe – which is very apt given the obvious use of Islamic immigrants by groups deeply embedded in European governance (who are holding the doors open and are protecting them) as a weapon to destroy it.

However, as Jay Dyer brings out in the video below, at the same time that Notre Dame was burning in Paris, the Al Aqsa Mosque was burning in Jerusalem. What are the odds? This is signaling to us that it is not the Muslims who are behind these things, really. Someone is behind the Muslims – whoever is holding the door open for them. And this group or groups is as lethal to the Muslims as it is to the Christians.

In the video below, the I, Pet Goat 2 cartoon from 2012, is briefly analyzed. The videographer speculates that the burning or destruction of both of these iconic religious structures is depicted. In the cartoon clip included in the video, the viewer can see the destruction of a church behind a gnostic sage floating in a boat, while the flames of something else burning in front of him can be seen in his eyes.

At this point in the cartoon a number of mankind’s iconic constructs have already been destroyed, including a mosque. All this while the messianic figure stands on a boat, eyes closed, in a fitful dream, and has been drifting forward while becoming increasingly energized. The destruction of the church awakens him as the torments within him seemingly ignite in flames, even as he dispassionately survives and escapes. The series of traumas have produced this disassociated character, who judging from the diagram on his forehead (a UFO irradiating an all-seeing eye) is supposed to be the illuminized adept anticipated by the mystery schools awakening as the returned Christ.

The cartoon depicts the gnostic principle that world disasters are required to reshape mankind into a fit extension for something that speculative masonry would call, “the seething energies of Lucifer.”

The symbolism in burning both Notre Dame and the Al Aqsa Mosque is part of the series of traumas depicted. Christianity and Islam will be pitted against each other by a third hidden force to destroy one another producing a “Chrislam” world religion of peace, and an illuminist gnostic messiah (whose groups are behind it all) to save the world. This is the plan foretold in the infamous letter of the Speculative Freemason, Albert Pike to Mazzini in 1871.

The plan had to have started well before that, or evolved from plans the predated it. Radical Islam was created, in the form of the House of Saud, by Jews involved with British Intelligence in the Middle Ages.



Also the video above indicates that the immediate expression of the current dialectic destruction of Christianity and Islam will be their replacement by or infusion with the power of the Chinese red dragon. You never hear about it in the West, but the Chinese have their Masons, too. I suppose the Red Dragon indicates the power of the Chinese secret societies projected through their communist regime. I don’t know what agreements may have been cut with the Chinese, but financially it makes sense that as Europe disintegrates the Chinese, who seem to be the last people with money to burn, would buy assets and influence there. Also biblically it makes sense that the Chinese will expand as a world power and will think they have a seat at the table in the New World Order. The two million man army that marches on the Middle East in the great battle of Armageddon of biblical prophecy is probably Chinese.

The red dragon is not the illuminist messiah depicted in the cartoon and if the Chinese are next up in Europe, this anti-messiah will follow after or ride atop them. In fact this world messiah won’t arise until we have the “full disclosure” that has been so long desired by the New Age community, and “aliens” have arrived. This anti-messiah will tear down and carry mankind above all “isms” to a new gnostic utopia wherein men and gods walk together in harmonious bliss. These gods will be the so-called “aliens“.

I know this all sounds like madness now. If you follow the links it will help. But if as time unfolds this becomes a roadmap, you can consider the so-called world messiah as the Antichrist prophesied in the Bible. Although he will seem extremely righteous and good, his is a deceit that will take his followers to hell. It will cost you in terms of social standing, but reject him and accept Jesus Christ as your savior instead.

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The Black-Pilled Internet Experience

Are you still in doubt that the internet is being scrubbed of evidence and thought?


Try this. Go on youtube and search “9/11.” You’ll get a bunch of mainstream channels. Most of you probably already know this by now. Now go on DuckDuckGo and type this exact phrase: 9/11

So is there evidence and thought to be found on the internet? Yes, if you look hard. But soon, if they get their way, there won’t even be evidence of thought, but only a mind-numbing entrainment of the eyes and brain. Your thoughts will follow the pattern, and it will feel … right. And for those who from time to time feel uneasy, there is that little black pill.

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Wake up America! It’s Later than you Think!

The plan has long been to destroy Europe by replacing and mixing its native populations. R. N. Coudenhove-Kalergi wrote that when? Wait for it … 1926.

What? Who’s plan? It is the plan of the Eugenicists. Well at least it is part of their plan.

Whatever race you are, if you like being the race that you are, you want to know about these guys. They are powerful and they are not your friend. They play in a league where enslavement of the human race is an achievable goal.

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Mandated Vaccinations Arrive

Your right to informed consent is under attack. Did I not say in February that the measles scare in the state of Washington must be part of a major push by the eugenicists for mandated vaccinations?

The saga continues and now Mayor de Blasio in New York has mandated forced vaccinations for adults due to a measles outbreak there. California is busy undermining its vaccine exemption law. How long before forced vaccines comes to your state?

The article, De Blasio declares public health emergency over measles outbreak in Brooklyn, mandates vaccination in Williamsburg ZIP codes 4/9/2019, says that a measles crisis developed in NY because the Hasidic Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn were intentionally infecting their children. The deed sounds worse than it is, since the only way to have true immunity to the disease is to have had it as a child, and child cases are generally not life threatening.

Do you trust your government enough to give it unquestioning authority? Putting that another way, do you trust your government enough to be its slave? What do you suppose governments do with that kind of power? To give a hint, if they can get away with it they cheat, they rob, they rape, and they pillage until there is nothing left.

Give them the power to inject me with whatever they want? I don’t think so. Give me my right to informed consent, please, and I will be on my way.

How about a little forced sterilization? How John Harvey Kellogg was wrong on Race

Just shut up and take the shot.

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The Middle East Pivots

The middle east has pivoted, as four nations have come together and allied with Russia and China, in the hope of becoming the dominant power in the Middle East according to Yossef Bodansky in New Middle East Alliance Shakes World PowersMar 28, 2019. He writes:

A new bloc is emerging in the greater Middle East with the declared objectives of dominating the entire Arab world, confronting and containing the US and its allies; and controlling and benefiting from the entire hydro-carbon economy, from production to transportation.

The leading members of the new bloc are Turkey, Iran, and Qatar; with Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan submitting to the new bloc.

Russian experts call the new bloc “the Middle Eastern Entente”. (New Middle East Alliance)

The author notes that the keys to the success of the bloc lie in Syria and Iraq. He says that Syria has fallen within the sphere of Russia, and Iraq has joined Iran. But he underplays the presence of the Western powers in Syria and Iraq. So the Western powers ally with Israel, Saudi Arabia, and contesting for Iraq and Syria; and the BRICS ally with Qatar, Iran, Turkey, and are contesting for Syria and Iraq.

If my take on biblical prophecy is correct, then over the next decade the BRICs will become ascendant there.

The article has more.

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The Day Trump gave your Guns away

Hope you enjoyed your freedoms, because once they have your guns they will come to make you their slaves. Amendment2As US Agrees to ‘Full Implementation’ of United Nations Gun Control Pact explains, last summer the United States agreed to enact the United Nations Program of Action and the International Tracing Instrument, an “’international instrument to enable states to identify and trace, in a timely and reliable manner,’ light arms and small weapons … .”

Since by signing this the U.S. is signing a treaty, it becomes legally superior to our own constitutional law. This treaty in particular seriously erodes Americans’ freedoms under the Second Amendment to own and carry weapons.

At first it looks as though this UN agreement focuses entirely on collecting and maintaining data on gun ownership. And that is bad enough. But the language also states that the instrument addresses “conflict and post-conflict situations” that call for,

disarmament, demobilization and reintegration programs and community violence reduction programs, [involving] marking, record-keeping and, as appropriate, tracing by law enforcement authorities, for illicit small arms and light weapons that are found, seized, or recovered in conflict and post-conflict situations. (US Agrees to ‘Full Implementation’ of United Nations Gun Control Pact)

Clearly the purpose of the data collection is to be able to confiscate weapons. The article lists six requirements the U.S. has bound itself to by signing:

(1) To establish or strengthen national laws, regulations and administrative procedures in support of the full and effective implementation of the Program of Action. …
(5) To encourage the development and implementation of national action plans or other national policies in support of … target 16.4 of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and to the relevant United Nations resolution on women, disarmament, non-proliferation and arms control.
(6) To significantly reduce the illicit flows of small arms and light weapons, as appropriate, through illicit weapons recovery and voluntary surrender programs. (US Agrees to ‘Full Implementation’ of United Nations Gun Control Pact)

UNarmouredCarThis gives the UN a framework to push weapons confiscation and binds the U.S. to support the effort. Disarming of the population and subsequent tyranny is the goal. It is chilling that the Trump administration let this happen. With all the good that Trump appears to be attempting, he has unfortunate autocratic tendencies and likes the power afforded to the State by surveillance programs a little too much.

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The Mueller Report II

The Mueller probe was an attempted coup.

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