All those Mass Shootings!

Yuck! The first thing to say is that, as anyone who hears any conservative talk radio in the US already knows, the statistic that 13 school shootings have taken place already this year in America, and the protest that America stands alone in the world as the ugly country where this all happens, is fraudulent.

The statistic makes it sound as though there have been 13 events this year wherein some student or other deranged shooter ran amuck in some school and slaughtered innocent children. It is intended to sound that way. The facts were twisted so that it could sound this way and be blared out over speakers everywhere. But to get that statistic the researchers had to include things like a suicide by a man who drove onto an abandoned school property and shot himself, and a police officer who was showing his gun to a third grader when the student pulled the trigger and the gun fired. No one was hurt. OMG! Everyboy, you don’t want to live in a despicable country like America where that can happen! Those evil American police have no respect for human life! The poor student must have been a person of color.

And as for America standing alone with this kind of mass shooting (the real kind)? It’s hogwash. According to the talk radio host, Buck Sexton, this is happening all over the world.

But I didn’t come here today just to post that. I came to mention that at the recent February 14th shooting at the school in Parkland Florida by Nikolas de Jesus Cruz – are they calling that the Valentines Day shooting? I really don’t follow the mainstream news anymore. They only lie. Even when they are not lying (technically) they lie. – was indeed another false flag perpetrated on the American public and the world by the forces within the government and above the government that want to take away your guns and your rights and your stuff and enslave you.

If you are in any doubt about this shooting, visit Another False Flag Shooting in America? by Merit Freeman. Really, these massacre events are so consistently false flags, I don’t pay much attention any more, and I won’t try to prove anything here. Just visit the link. For me, this is an opportunity to point out the consistency of what these events have been and the agenda that they represent. So here are some more links:

These events are almost always not what they seem.They are almost always scripted and orchestrated by some shadowy conspiratorial group that put up some fanatic or deranged individual as a lone patsy or as some unfortunate person influenced by a targeted political group or faction.

Besides the orchestration of these massacres by some sort of power-crazed cabal, American culture and society is being driven off the rails by other means. These other methods are really just more tentacles of the same octopus. In this case, the big pharmaceutical companies have cozied up with the psychiatric profession and other authorities to dose our children with psychotropic drugs.

These drugs as prescribed are highly dangerous and are known to cause suicidal and homicidal tendencies and acts among the children that grow up taking them, and in adults that take them as well. If you are in doubt about this point, or want to learn more about it, please visit, Every Mass Shooting over the Last 20 Years has One Thing in Common … and it’s Not Guns, by Dr. Coldwell.

Compound that with the violent and  unsettling  video games and entertainment media, the excising of God from the public domain, the cultural re-education foisted upon our guileless children in the government schools, and all the rest that goes with this, you have a horrible mix of psycho-spiritual torment aimed at tearing people down and shredding our spiritual, social, and political fabric. It is rather a testament to the natural image of God in people, and their desire to reflect it, that we don’t see more of these massacres than we do.

So. You can resist. First, take back your mind. If you hear something over and over in the news or from the pundits or if a theme is pushed subliminally or overtly in the entertainment media, it is probably a lie or a false context. When they give the Nobel Peace Prize to someone, it is probably a war-monger. Science goes to the highest bidder. Medical advice is bought and paid for before you get in the door to see your doctor, and you are not the beneficiary. The fiat money system is designed to erode and tip your life’s earnings into the hands of others. The more power and authority a person has, the more likely it is that they are run by a “hidden hand.” And where do you suppose the saying comes from, “you can’t be sure something is really true until it is officially denied?” This is all worse than you think – and more pervasive. You may say I’m paranoid, but I have been thirty years coming to these conclusions. So please, take a peak behind the curtain and begin the process. Take back your mind and heart, dear people. Don’t let the manipulators sell you out.

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The Strangeness of Eleven

11 x 11 = 121

111 x 111 = 12321

1111 x 1111 = 1234321

111,111,111 x  111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987, 654,321

Eleven is a strange number, and considered auspicious for certain purposes among the occult elite. Watch for eleven in movies (some examples of numbers that resolve to 11 numerologically, are these: 83, 9B, 362, etc.). It generally indicates a double cross of some kind. The twin towers, in NYC, represented eleven and were destroyed on 9/11. That event was a big double cross on Americans as it brought about the “Patriot Act”, which began the new surveillance State. On the outside, America still looks the same, but in actual fact it has become something antithetical to what it was. That typifies the meaning of eleven: duplicity.

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The Evolution of … Evolution


Classic neo-Darwinian evolutionary theory has a problem. Scientists today believe that the earth is 4.54 billion years old ( and that the universe is 13.8 billion years old (, and that the evolution from ape to man took place over 6 million years.

But genetic scientists are proving that there is no possible way this evolution of man from apes actually took place as postulated. Current genetic theory gives a 6.4% genetic difference between humans and chimpanzees. That equates to 192 million nucleotide pairs out of a total 3 billion (A New Approach to Earth History).

The problem is this. John Sanford, et al, ran computer simulations of evolutionary mutation from a pre-human hominin population, and found that, “even using the most generous feasible parameters settings, the waiting time required to establish any specific nucleotide string within this type of population was consistently prohibitive.” In other words they found that is was not possible for the millions of nucelotide transformations required to jump a chimp-like species to homo sapien to have taken place in anything remotely close to 6 million years.

They added that, while, “it is widely thought that a larger population size can eliminate the waiting time problem, … larger population size results in a rapidly diminishing return in terms of shorter waiting time … .” They say that, “the waiting time problem for a model hominin population is so dramatic that we cannot even begin to resolve the problem,” explaining that, “in a small mammalian population it is not generally feasible to even establish a string of five nucleotides, not even in a billion years. … For nucleotide strings of moderate length (eight or above), waiting times will typically exceed the estimated age of the universe – even when using highly favorable settings.”

They point out that their results are no outlier, saying,

Many levels of evidence support our conclusions, including the results of virtually all the other researchers who have looked at the waiting time problem in the context of establishing specific sequences in specific genomic locations within a small hominin-type population. In small populations the waiting time problem appears to be profound, and deserves very careful examination. To the extent that waiting time is a serious problem for classic neo-Darwinian theory, it is only reasonable that we begin to examine alternative models [3940] regarding how biological information arises.” John Sanford, et al, in The Waiting Time Problem in a Model Hominin Population

Even panspermia won’t fill this gap, since the process of life evolving by means of Darwinian evolution would have to begin eons before the big bang (or whatever) even started the existence of the universe. So step aside, ye olde Darwinian evolutionists. What is needed today is a new breed of evolutionist. Even saying that the human race was genetically engineered by extraterrestrials won’t cut it, since they themselves would have had to evolve, and well, there just isn’t time. The call is out for scientists willing to propose exotic new theories that can make the impossible possible, such as inter-dimensional transfers or time warps … lest the Christians take over with their foolish concept of a God that makes the impossible possible, and human evolution is set back quadrillions of years. At any rate, as it stands right now, evolution ain’t working.

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Trump – Rider on the White Horse

Here are two views of Trump, neither of which may be yours.

First we have Trump, the man of God (and Bill Gates financial angel for the church). I think that what is said here will be fulfilled.

Gates’ financial product would be ethereum. So perhaps Christians will be buying up lots of ethereum and when the fiat banking system collapses it will soar in value as a replacement. Like (or part of) this.


Next we have Nathan Leal’s prophetic dream of Trump the demagogue: more of an antichrist figure, looking like the leader for the Christian West, but not actually serving Christ. Not the antichrist, but like him in that regard. Will he be the rider on the white horse of Revelation 6? Click here for my notes or to hear it.

Come to think of it, both the above prophecies of president Trump could be “true” as far as they go.

Thirdly, … I know. I said two. This is a bonus! We have Trump, cutout for the Russian (Jewish) mob. No kidding. There is good evidence for this.

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LEDs of Death

LED lights are virtual light, as in fake light. They are not real light. They mimic sunlight without producing it, and what they lack will give you a deadly deficiency.

According to How LED Lighting may Compromise your Health, by Dr. Mercola, only 1/3 of your energy comes from the food you eat. 2/3 comes from – you guessed it – light! Well, in his article he qualifies that some, but the point remains. You need light; and you need good light.

And LED lighting will make you go blind (eventually … or partially blind … but how much blind is good?). Your eyes require near-infrared light for regeneration. You guessed it. LED lights do not produce any.

Dr. Mercola quotes a Dr. Wunsch:

[T]he definition that we are only looking at the visible part of the spectrum [given in the 1930s] … led to the development of energy-efficient light sources like the fluorescent lamps or what we have nowadays, the LED light sources …

Physicists think that infrared radiation is just thermal waste. But from the viewpoint of a physician, this is absolutely not true; in the last 30 years there have been hundreds of scientific papers published on the beneficial aspects of a certain part in the spectrum, which is called near-infrared or infrared-A.” …

Mercola says that near infrared (infrared-A) has a wavelength between 700 and 1,500 nm. You can’t see it or feel it as heat, but it penetrates the body about an inch deep and is involved in producing ATP. What’s ATP? Does it really matter what it is? What matters is that you produce your body weight of ATP each and every day, and that if that production were to totally shut off you would die within 15 seconds. Again, he quotes Wunsch:

The cytochrome c oxidase, which is this [light] absorbing molecule, is the last step before the ATP is finally produced in the mitochondria. Here we have this tipping point where light in a wavelength range between 570 nm and 850 nm is able to boost energy production, especially in cells when energy production is depleted … .

Mercola concludes,

So, to summarize, the main problem with LEDs is the fact that they emit primarily blue wavelengths and lack the counterbalancing healing and regenerative near-infrared frequencies. They have very little red in them, and no infrared, which is the wavelength required for repair and regeneration.

Use the old incandescent bulbs or incandescent halogen bulbs. If you really want the best light, run them on DC current.

For more information with graphs visit the source.

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Lying Bastards


The Burning Platform
February, 2018

… One of the outrageous examples of how the government uses academic gibberish about product improvements to drastically under-report CPI is how they report new vehicle inflation. The average price of a new car in 2000 was $22,000. Today, the average price is $34,500. That’s a 57% increase. The BLS bullshit artists have the gall to report new vehicle inflation of a whopping 2% since 2000. …


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FISA Memo Released

The FISA Memo, Obama and the Election that Almost Wasn’t


“Round up the usual suspects,” will be as far as the Democrats will be willing to go in the wake of the FISA memo’s release. There is nothing in that memo that anyone following the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation doesn’t already know.

All the memo does is corroborate the bread crumbs left behind by a drip feed of leaks, counter-leaks and good ol’ fashioned investigative journalism.  Since the memo is based on actual evidence that the FBI admits is real but will not allow us to see, the memo itself can be taken as fact.

The FBI has the evidence.  They’ve showed it to the House Intelligence Committee.  Both agree on the facts.  So, by extension, the memo is all the evidence we need. …

I’m only interested now in the conclusions we can draw from the memo itself.

And those conclusions are chilling. …

(Read More)

 * * *

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