Living with EMF

With the roll-out of 5G, many people are growing concerned about the increasing presence of electromagnetic frequency radiation (so-called non-ionizing radiation) and use of the new 5g spectrum within it. As for 4G vs. 5G, the former runs at 2.4 gHz and the latter at 4.8 gHz. Both are harmful, according to Dr. Klinghardt (below), but since 5g is a higher octave of 4g its resonance is much more harmful to biological organisms (that would include you and me). That is bad enough, but the greater danger in my view is the potential for mental/emotional harm.

If you want to join me down the rabbit hole (hang with me, I will get to what you can do for your health, below), you can also be concerned about the ability of 5G to transmit information exponentially faster than anything the public has seen before, and the potential this gives the owners/operators of the technology to target and entrain biology, brainwaves, health, emotion, and thought. This speed, coupled with the onrushing presence of artificial intelligence (AI), brings the ability to fine tune transmitted information to an individually interactive level that may be capable of mimicking a person’s own thought so that targeted individuals could be led to think, feel, believe, and do things they otherwise would not, and without knowing that they had been influenced. This is not philosophically any different than what has been going on for decades. Its control over society and individual people, however, is greatly magnified by the technology.

As an example of tricking the mind, take the presentation of movie content over the early television network when the first televisions that could only transmit black and white. Compare that with current theater technology that can transmit color and in 3D, features made possible because of the greater speed that information can be processed today. The greater the speed, the more realistic the content that is received. If your are attempting to convince a mind (by brainwave entrainment) that it is thinking its own thoughts while it is actually thinking yours, the exponentially faster bandwidth of 5G should be the more convincing medium. This is horribly dangerous technology in the hands of CIA and above-CIA Mockingbird type programs that conscript government, educational, informational, and entertainment institutions and media to influence the public.

So if your are concerned for your physical or mental health, or for your privacy or even your personal freedom, here are some resources for you. Much of this comes from an interview with Dr. Deitrich Klinghardt, of Sophia Health Institute, on the effects of EMF on health and what things people can do to protect themselves. I can’t provide a link to the interview from which I took my notes, as it was part of an EMF Health Summit (June 14-20, 2019) and is no longer available. Below is a video in which Dr. Mercola interviews Dr. Klinghardt on the dangers of EMF.

In the interview I took notes from, Dr. Klinghardt establishes the dangers of our current forms of wireless radiation (which he calls microwaves). He said that microwaves were used by the Soviets to sicken employees of the U.S. embassy there in the 1960s, and have continued to be used at a specific frequency to sterilize people since (not just in Russia). He says that some frequencies are actually healing, and that the use of harmful EMF radiation is completely unnecessary. Interestingly, he notes that Microsoft does not use wifi internally at its facilities, but uses fiber optic transmission.

He gave a few examples correlating the increase of EMF ratiation with harm to the biosphere. In the last 20 years 80% of insects have disappeared and 75% of songbirds. He said that bees, which are being reported by many to be dieing off in perilous numbers, are not dieing where there is no cellphone radiation. He said that neurological disease is now the leading cause of death among women, and this is directly linked to wifi and cellphones.

My notes then move on to ways in which we can preserve or restore our health. Dispersed toxic metals in our body are the antenna for microwave and other man-made radiation. Detoxing these metals can significantly reduce sensitivity to EMF. Aluminum (which has a synergistic relationship with glyphosates) is the most common toxic metal. Metal fillings are a source for mercury. Cellphone calls pull mercury from fillings into the body. Also gold crowns and titatnium implants (replace these with zirconium oxide) act as antennae. You want a metal-free mouth.

He named some foods, coriander, rosemary, bee propolis, and chlorella and some other things that promote detoxification of the metals. There is considerable material about this elsewhere, too. He mentioned an ionic footbath device. He referred us to KI Science, which has a product called “Raywave”, and in his opinion has the best protocols for metals detox. To this, he adds methylated folate and a protocol to tame the human endogenous retroviruses that EMF unleashes. This protocol would be on his Sophia Health Institute website, I’m sure.

In your home, turn the wifi router off whenever not being used, or use a wired connection. The wireless transmitter on newer routers (and receiver on newer computers/laptops etc.?) can’t be turned off. A company called, Little Tree Group has a bag you can put your router in. Phones broadcast 24/7 unless you buy a specialty unit. There are bags and boxes you can put those in (see below).

Things like electric clocks and refrigerators emit cancer causing radiation. At night switch off all power in the house (fuses or circuit breakers), including the refrigerator. A good refrigerator can easily go 8 hours unplugged. Or you can put shielding between you and these things (see below).

To fight politically against the Smart Meter, which you already have or is coming, visit Take Back your Power if you want to do this. Besides the health issues, Smart Meters are surveillance devices. And yes, there is shielding for these devices as well.

You can paint your home or rooms in your home with an EMF shielding paint and EMF shielding curtains for the windows. You can also deploy a canopy or fully surrounding sleep sanctuary over your bed. There is a sleep sanctuary website. It may sell these. In any case it is a great resource on EMF mitigation. The sleep sanctuary Dr. Klinghardt is thinking of is made by his friend, Linda. They are like a mosquito net shape, and include cloth that stretches under the bed so they are fully surrounding. The cloth is or is coated with silver. He said to visit the Linden Tree Group website for these, if I heard right.

He said protective clothing, with metal coating, does work. He recommended the Less EMF Safety Shop for the clothing. When I searched for it, BioElectric Shield also came up, which he didn’t mention. I don’t know how effective their products are. I suppose there is no shortage of gadgets that claim to deal with EMF, as can be seen at QuWave (another site Dr. Klinghardt didn’t mention).

There is an EMF radiation meter that can be purchased for about $100 that should be useful in determining what results you are getting with or without protection deployed. If you can’t find that one, the EMF Safety Store has lots of meters (not that cheap, and maybe not as good!), but also bed canopies, gloves, cloth, window and wall film, paint, electricity shielding, stetzer filters, smart-meter shielding, cellphone socks and blackout patches, headsets, computer accessories, books, and so on. Nice.

He mentions the benefits of plugging stetzer filters into some of your wall outlets. He recommends that you look into the benefits of getting grounded and for this recommended the Earthing website. While working on this post, I also ran into Health Impact News, which covers the health risks and the weaponizing of 5G and nanotechnology, among other things.

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Eugenics, Part II – The Dream Unfolds

In Part 1 it was established that the news media and internet social platforms are so zealous to convince us all that vaccines are necessary for the public health that they are twisting the facts and suppressing dissenting content. We learned that vaccines are not necessarily helpful at all and often do serious harm, which leads to the conclusion that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and big pharmaceutical companies, who are major promoters of vaccines, are not as interested in the public health as they are in other things – such as profits.

We then saw that there are people in the upper classes, in families with names like Gates, Rockefeller, and Carnegie, who are eugenicists, and who don’t see vaccines as protecting health at all, but are promoting vaccines as part of their eugenics program.


We know from the Georgia Guidestones that some eugenicist(s) (nobody knows who) intend(s) to genocide massive numbers of people – about nine tenths of the human population, in fact.

What would this require? Birth control? World War? A pandemic, such as Ebola?

Birth control? Yes, that was discussed in Part 1. And of course there is the decades long push for abortion on demand, and now recently for infanticide. This is not the grass roots phenomenon it might appear to be, but is driven by Planned Parenthood; and that in turn is another arm of the eugenicists’ apparatus.

World War? It is certainly a possibility, and according to that infamous letter by Albert Pike to Mazzini, it will happen.

But it is pandemic that brings us to the current Ebola outbreak in Congo and the Dengue fever in Mexico, and other diseases. The tidal wave of illegal immigrants invading the United States carries these threats to San Antonio, TX and Los Angeles CA, to name two places we are sure of.

Ebola? CDC owns it – or at least a particular strain of it. Their patent is #CA 242,741,523 A1, with worldwide application. CDC’s Ebola patent also covers treatment methods and sampling from actual patients in the field, and vaccines derived from their Ebola variant or anything at least 70% genetically the same. With its successful patent of an Ebola strain CDC has gotten a taste, and now wants to develop more strains. Further research is to be expected.

The This Changes Everything video below talks about the CDC patent and the current outbreak, but with all due respect to DeceptionBytes and the good work she is doing, I don’t really recommend watching it unless you really just have time on your hands (although as an aside, the Pentagon’s bat-bombs episode is a hoot!).

The core documentation she uses can be seen at 0:45 on the video:


Fruit bats can harbor Ebola without getting sick, and they are known to be one of the major transmitters of the Ebola virus. As such, the military became interested in them for bioweapons research.

In July, 2018, the news reported that the U.S. military was injecting bats with Ebola-like viruses in order to study their immune response. This was not said to be for offensive use, but to learn how to defend against known Russian bio-weapons. But coincidentally in August, the current Ebola outbreak in Congo began. It was started, so it is thought, by fruit bats.

Perhaps some bats in this program were inadvertently released. But, given the history of the Gates Foundation and the World Health Organization (WHO), et al, lying about their vaccines, and the Federal Government lying about their chemtrails program among other things, it is entirely possible that some similar coalition was testing the offensive use of bats as a bio-weapon in Africa – or that it was more than a test, but an attack.

WHO is now calling large Ebola outbreaks “the new normal” (This Changes Everything, at 24:05). And here we go! The outbreak that began in the African Congo last August is now really getting cranked up, and is spreading outside the Congo. Could it come to the United States? If the eugenicists want to paralyze America with disease, then invasion by impoverished migrant hordes coming through Mexico is their opportunity.

There is evidence now that it may be happening. Citizens of Ebola-stricken Congo have been found among the illegal aliens crossing the border into the U.S., and recently, hundreds of Congolese illegals were dumped in San Antonio (with at least some being bused in from Uvalde), with more to come. 

A human carrier of the Ebola virus can remain symptom-free for up to 21 days before becoming visibly ill. It then kills (symptoms at This Changes Everything, 51:25) 50%-90% of its victims by their own body’s inflammatory response, which causes massive internal (hemorrhagic) and external bleeding and ultimately multiple organ failure. Between the delayed onset of symptoms and the deadly effects of Ebola, infected humans can become an ideal bio-weapon.

Dengue fever is spread by mosquitos. Now it also has a hemorrhagic component (it didn’t used to). It used to seldom result in death, but it is now 250% more deadly than it was (well the death rate was below 1%, so I calculate that brings it all the way up to the neighborhood of 3%). In Mexico, cases are up 400% this year over last. This is nowhere near as deadly as Ebola, but it is worse than the pathetic Measles scare used in the U.S. during the winter/spring of 2019 to promote forced vaccinations. In June, New York State went so far as to remove religious exemptions to vaccination.


Los Angeles’ Homeless, Backroombuzz, June 10, 2019

And if Measles and Dengue aren’t enough of a scare to enact forced vaccinations, we also have a radical increase of typhus, and tuberculosis in the United States. Even the bubonic plague is back – in California (1:00:30 and 7:00 in the video below). You can’t let cities degenerate into squalor – homeless people and addicts living in the streets amidst feces, garbage, and rats – without inviting disease. And here it is.

You can’t have hundreds of thousands of disease-infested illegal immigrants enter the country without expecting disease – and here it is. U.S. immigration authorities are so overwhelmed by this tidal wave of humanity that screening for disease has become effectively impossible.

So if the eugenicists and their thugs sounded threatening when the measles was going around (and they did, and they have been de-platforming dissent or discovery), what will they sound like when dengue fever, typhus, tuberculosis, bubonic plague, and Ebola get cranking in the United State? Are you kidding? I dream of mandatory vaccine re-education camps. How do you suppose your social score will be if you resist their mental abuse and re-education or whatever, and still refuse vaccines? Or is that just China’s surveillance paradise? Check out the Facebook Rating Score.

If the reader has doubts about all this, Part I is recommended for background.

The vaccination agenda is not about protecting the public heath or saving lives. Consider the record.

“As of November 30, 2018, there have been more than 93,179 reports of measles vaccine reactions, hospitalizations, injuries and deaths following measles vaccinations made to the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), including 459 related deaths, 6,936 hospitalizations, and 1,748 related disabilities. Over 50% of those adverse events occurred in children three years old and under. (posted on Minds)



This makes the measles vaccine considerably more dangerous than measles itself. So why the push? I submit to you that this is part of the agenda laid out in the Georgia Guidestones. But in addition to radical population reduction, it is also about taking control of the the people that are left. To that end, European and American society have to be destroyed so that there is no capability or will to resist.

Besides the issue of disease, genocide of Western society and culture by immigration is bringing in people who do not have the same abilities or values as those which built this country. This is because, unlike legal immigration, there is no vetting of the proposed new American citizen to ensure an appropriate fit. And with illegal immigration there can be no restriction to numbers that can be assimilated in a beneficial way. It is a plan to destabilize and destroy the existing country that has been a long time in the works. Sharkhunter, in Angela Merkel and the Kalergi Plan – The Destruction of the White Race, October 2, 1016, puts it this way:

The flooding of our European Continent with non-White “migrants” from Africa and the Middle East, who are disguised as so-called “Refugees”, is not a MISTAKE, a “Humanitarian Act”, or a matter of “Incompetence”, but a precise, strategic political move of a globally organized and intricate occult network, which is implementing and achieving plans that are decades, if not centuries, old. (Angela Merkel and the Kalergi Plan – The Destruction of the White Race)

The present vilification of the white European and the immigrant tidal wave that is being allowed into Europe and America are the fruition of a plan started by the founder of the European Union, Richard von Kalergi.

Already in the year 1925 Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi defined the future for a new Europe in his book “Practical Idealism”. His plan: to create and establish a new race with new features and characteristics by mixing White Europeans, Asians and black Africans in order to change and alter the characteristics of the European people in “positive ways”. (Angela Merkel and the Kalergi Plan – The Destruction of the White Race)

This new mixed race was intended to be made subservient to a newly emergent aristocracy of families that believe themselves to be God’s chosen people, the Jews, under the dominating authority of the Rothschild family.


So returning to the issue of enforced vaccinations, the push for it is not merely misguided science. It is more, even, than the profit motive. It but one element in a plan to get control of human society and the human gene pool. If the plan is successful, humanity will be split into two primary groups or races: the haves and the have-nots. They will have two sets of rights. The haves will be upgraded and adapted for a life of leisure and intellectual and spiritual pursuit and have all the rights and privileges thereto. The have-nots will be downgraded and adapted as workers in service to the upper half. They will be intelligent enough to ensure that the streets are swept and the trains run on time. But they will not be intelligent enough nor motivated or confident enough to realize their enslavement nor to rise up and throw off their shackles. This is the unfolding of the dream of the eugenicists.

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Eugenics Tomorrow – The Evolutionary Leap

The eugenicists are fundamentally social engineers. Being Godless, they see human culture as a chaotic senseless overgrowth of random behaviors. They believe that they themselves can and should take this in hand, re-engineer society, and perfect humanity. For them, the perfect humanity will be one plugged in to their social design foundry. To do this, they require control over the gene pool through personality type quotas and abortion, couples pairing, and gene splicing. And once citizens are born they will have to be programmed to fulfill the roles that they have been designed for. To accomplish this, the eugenicists require control of the social experience.

The eugenicists realize that forcing humanity into their mold would not be successful, but that they can get voluntary participation. They know that the most pervasive socializing presence for humanity is society itself, and they see that the experience of social life is moving to the cloud. If the cloud were to simply be a recording and filing device that replaces other forms of record-keeping that would be one thing. But in the hands of the social engineers the cloud is much more than that. There is already notable suppression of content on the online social networks in the name of “hate speech”, but this is just a foretaste of what is to come.

The eugenicists realize that forcing humanity into their mold would not be successful, but that they can get voluntary participation. They know that the most pervasive socializing presence for humanity is society itself, and they see that the experience of social life is moving to the cloud. If the cloud were to simply be a recording and filing device that replaces other forms of record-keeping that would be one thing. But in their hands the cloud is much more than that. There is already notable suppression of content on the online social networks in the name of “hate speech”, but this is just a foretaste of what is to come.

While the public is one side of the cloud, uploading our messages, thoughts, and experiences, the social engineers are on the other side designing responses. Well, actually, they are designing automated responses. An early form of this has been targeted advertising, that offers the user products based on their personal interests and recent activities and plans. The social engineers want to extend this to targeting our other choices: career choices, political views, life choices. As computing power increases in complexity and speed, the programs that generate these automated responses and inputs are rapidly evolving into a form of artificial intelligence (AI). With enough computing power and speed, an AI deployed on the internet can taylor the internet experience of each individual user to reshape their views and behavior based on the current status of the beliefs, doubts, and motives. This technology is being rapidly developed. It only remains for the eugenicists to ensure that the public plugs in to it.

David Icke, in the video below, is discussing this process of getting humanity plugged in. In his view mass addiction to the internet through computer and mobile devices has already been accomplished. He describes technology advancing and making the human/machine interface an ever more intimate, immediate, and realistic representation of reality. In order to get us plugged in, he says, the sales pitch for A.I. will be that when we connect to it we gain superhuman intelligence. He cites Ray Kurzweil as saying that by 2030 the technology will be available to connect the brain directly to the cloud, or smart grid. And what will be smart about it? Artificial intelligence. Kurzweil says that the more human thinking and the A.I. interact, the more human thinking will be brought under the influence of the A.I.

Parallel to those developments is the capability to electronically induce human emotions and thoughts through what is sometimes called psychotropic technology. I think of it as brainwave entrainment, since it “speaks” to the brain directly by an electronic equivalent of ESP. This technology has been being refined for decades, and as it is paired with an ever more subtle online A.I., the hope of independent thought and individual freedom diminishes to zero.

These technologies and the industries that develop and deploy them are very expensive. Only the largest corporations and nation-states can play in this field. Naturally, this brings the Rothschilds into view – the wealthiest family dynasty on earth. You have to give it to them for thinking big. Lucifer is their god, and they are developing and using psychotropic weapons to mesmerize the human race. Their social engineers are facilitating what they might call an evolutionary leap from homo sapiens sapiens to homo sapiens synth.

In preparation for that, they are outlining expansive synth-free green zones (or over-synth zones) for the ruling and leisure elite, and preparing Smart Cities (synth zones, or worker-synth zones) to pack the rest into. Thus the worker-synths will be plugged into the hive mind and will worship and serve their Luciferian overlords. When all is in readiness the fallen ones will be called down from their celestial abodes to be the gods. Our present world elite will be the worshipful priests; while the remainder of humanity worship and serve them.

In this discussion, we have alluded to the past and to the future. What does this look like today? According to Humans are Free, psychotropic downloads are responsible for the sudden rash of madness we are seeing in Western societies. They say:

These weapons are used against the mind to induce hallucinations, sickness, mutations in human cells, “zombification,” (such as feelings of being TRANSGENDER or that you are black when you were born white)… or even death. (Parenthetical remark is in the original. The Rothschild Agenda: World War 3 & New World Order)

One must admit, it makes sense of the madness we are currently seeing in Europe and the United States.

The eugenicists figure the plan is big enough no one will believe it. They’re right, except for a few. They will succeed in taking over the world by their trickeries, but the true God will slap them down in the end. Please watch for these unfolding events.

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The Internet Target – You

When Julian Assange described the surveillance capability of the internet, he basically said the following.

As we threw ourselves into the internet we have merged human society with it. The security structure on the internet mirrors security in society. Algorithms were developed enabling mass strategic interception of content.

The National Security Agency and the parallel agencies in the Five Eyes countries have been into  mass surveillance for the last twenty years. This intelligence gathering is called strategic interception because its massive scale can moderate the development of civilization.

The ability to triangulate moves strategic interception beyond mass surveillance to targeting. There is now an internet of dust, where micro-devices can pick up a signal and momentarily activate to do a thing or pass along an answering signal. Activities and behavior can be triangulated, targeted, and modulated.

As the video below brings out, use of the triangulated internet signal has moved beyond passive collection of information, even of targeted information. It can now pro-actively feed a signal to the population. Considering that, Stranger then Fiction News, in the video below asks: Why was 5G installed on skid row? Do we think residents there are paying for ultra-fast internet content? If you know the term, “targeted individual”, then you know what that was all about. The video highlights operation Crimson Mist in Rwanda, where the EMF signal was used to incite the genocidal violence that occurred there. But the point of the video is what is happening in the United States and what you can do about it.

Just as an aside, the Rwandan genocide is strikingly similar to what is happening in South Africa today.

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Silicon Ministry of Propaganda

Leaving no doubt as to the motives of Silicon Valley in banning hate speech, it was reported on May 7, 2019 that Twitter found it needful to ban the David Horowitz Freedom Center – dedicated to the defense of free societies since 1968. As Jim Hoft noted in THE TECH PURGE CONTINUES: Twitter Bans Conservative Legend David Horowitz and the Freedom Center – Dedicated to Defense of Free Societies, May 7, 2019, the “moral, cultural and economic foundations,” of free societies, “are under attack by enemies both secular and religious, at home and abroad.”

I think this decision was subsequently reversed, but the fact that Twitter’s hate speech algorithms would target the Freedom Center at all makes the point. Silicon Valley is running point for the Statist wannabees by flagging “Fake News” and “hate speech” for suppression to ensure that those waking up from under the blanket of their socially engineered slumber won’t be heard and so the resistance can’t speak out. Dissent is hate.

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NXIVM and the NWO

Hollywood is run by Kabbalists and pedophiles (I’m guessing that’s not two groups in this case) on behalf of a world elite conspiracy that has been working for centuries toward enslaving the world.

This is all being exposed now. The time for subtlety has passed. This is probably our last chance to see it for what it is and turn back. If not, Antichrist will come and an entranced world will worship him as the Messiah.

So what is the truth about Isaac Kappy?

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The Clinton cabal has absorbed most of Washington.

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