Searching for a Needle…

Not a needle in a haystack. What is the pin that will burst that big financial bubble?

Four advisors predicted the 2008 crash. Here are their thoughts.

Gary Shilling:

“The ultimate thing that brings down financial markets is excess leverage … So, you look where’s the big leverage, and right now I think it’s in emerging markets.” (Gary Shilling quoted in These Four Predicted the Global Financial Crisis; Here’s what they think Causes the Next One, Tyler Durden, 9/15/2018)

James Stack:

[H]ousing-related stocks “saw a parabolic run-up” in 2016-17, but in January his index “peaked and now it’s coming down hard.” And this spells “bad news on the housing market looking 12 months down the road.” … Per Howard Gold’s interview:

But the biggest danger, Stack told me, is from low-quality corporate debt. … And, he added, more and more of that debt is subprime … warning “this is the kind of debt that does get defaulted on dramatically in an economic downturn.”

(James Stack quoted in These Four Predicted the Global Financial Crisis; Here’s what they think Causes the Next One, Tyler Durden, 9/15/2018)

Banker, Raghuram Rajan (previously the IMF’s chief economist and former head of the Reserve Bank of India):

“There has been a shift of risk from the formal banking system to the shadow financial system.” He also told me the post-crisis reforms did not address central banks’ role in creating asset bubbles through accommodative monetary policy, which he sees as the financial markets’ biggest long-term challenge.

“You get hooked on leverage. … ”

Rajan also sees potential problems in U.S. corporate debt, particularly as rates rise, and in emerging markets, though he thinks the current problems in Turkey and Argentina are “not full-blown contagion.” (Raghuram Rajan quoted in These Four Predicted the Global Financial Crisis; Here’s what they think Causes the Next One, Tyler Durden, 9/15/2018)

John Mauldin:

“I think the choice of Europe is… going to have to put [all the debt] on the balance sheet of the European Central Bank. If they don’t, then the euro zone breaks apart and we’re going to get a 50% valuation collapse.”

“Greece…is a rounding error. Italy is not … .”

[T]he flashpoint for the next crisis is likely to be in Europe, especially Italy, he maintains.

These Four Predicted the Global Financial Crisis; Here’s what they think Causes the Next One, Tyler Durden, 9/15/2018)

So there you have it: the pin that will prick the massive bubble in the financial system today. Rajan came closest to what I was speculating. The biggest bubble of all of them is government bonds. The bubble in U.S. bonds alone is huge. But that doesn’t mean this is what the pin will find first. Probably one of the above choices will be what begins the cascade. Those guys are experts, after all, doing this full time and top professionals in their field. Not me. I have a day job (which I have been informed, I should not quit).

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Punting the US Bonds Put

This post follows up on my previous post, Geo-Financial Alert, in which I referenced David Wilcock’s alert that something big – politically and financially – must be underway.

If we listen to the mainstream news, we hear that the economy is percolating along in grand fashion (in spite of it being to Obama’s credit, not Trumps). But the Central banks know this economy can’t last. They didn’t think it would last this long. They thought the crash would have already occurred and thought they would have Hillary in office by now, picking up the pieces and setting up their socialist state. But now when the crisis does come, Trump will blame the central banks and the deep state.

The world is about to see the perfect financial storm. The FISA warrant to spy on then-candidate Trump will be un-redacted and the extensive apparatus that drove it will be exposed in a court setting. During this same time, the economy will fall apart. In spite of manipulated official data, cracks are appearing in real estate, retailing, corporate buybacks, and interbank lending. The housing market that has been pumped up by easy money from the Central banks low interest rates is beginning to fail as those rates rise. The new business start-ups and business expansions are running into the same rising wall. When the fed raises rates again in September,  both residential and commercial real estate will lead all U.S. markets down.

Banks around the world have been unable to raise interest rates to a level from where they can use lowering of rates as the cure for the next downturn. So they have been experimenting with new QE tools. They be planning a test in Chicago – where a task force is investigating a universal basic income program. They hope that putting free cash directly in the hands of consumers will buy some time, or turn the people’s angst away from the bankers when they see the economy failing them yet again. They also hope to make the U.S. more socialist.

A website, The Global Macro Monitor (GMM), points out that the type of financial stimulus used in past years have inflated asset prices only while leaving the people’s economy behind. This doesn’t put food on the table, and people in the real economy are struggling. GMM notes that this has elicited a new “populism” which of course is a big part of what got Trump elected. It is in the face of this growing public awareness, says, GMM, that the banks will create what it calls “the people’s QE”. The bankers sense that if this time they were to attempt another round of financialization – just benefiting themselves and their cronies – as they always have in the past, the pitchforks would be out.

Because the wealth disparity is so vast, as it has become in the past seven years, the efficacy of asset inflating or, what we call “jack asset” monetary policy diminishes, and more and more Fed stimulus is needed;  as are higher, and higher asset prices.

That is why we believe that during the next recession, the Fed will be forced to roll out some sort of “people’s QE.”  That is, the direct financing of consumption, possibly in the form of financing a universal basic income, the direct bailout of public pensions, and the funding a massive jobs facility, for example … executed through the direct purchase of Treasury securities earmarked for such programs. …

A “people’s QE” will supposedly ensure the new liquidity is injected directly into the hands of those who will spend it, generating the demand to lift the economy out of its morass. (Consequences of Jack Asset Monetary Policy, 9/12/2018)

Such a policy could be very popular among the people in the short term. But it is the candy handed out by the child trafficker, and this people’s QE will lead the U.S. polity right off the cliff. It will take some years, but a failed economy and a totalitarian coup will result.

Meanwhile, in spite of official statistics, the economy is declining quickly. At the same time, the extent and import of corruption that led to spying on the president and a multi-million dollar witch hunt is about to be exposed as the traitorous breach of justice that it is. When these things lead to crisis there will be a run on supplies and credit will freeze up. The market will fall, unemployment will rise with stores closing and businesses failing. Banks will be unable or unwilling to lend; and some will close. The U.S. will move to a new currency.

The dollar is a debt instrument. It is an I.O.U. of the Federal Reserve; and it is a debt that can not be paid. The central bank needs to be dismantled and when this is inevitably faced this will cause a shock of techtonic proportions. When the new currency is issued, citizens will most likely get pennies on the dollar when converting to it. That is because the intrinsic worth of the present currency is far less than it now trades for. The only way this could be otherwise is if some form of “people’s QE” could be implemented in conjunction with the currrency exchange. Gold and cyrptocurrencies will go up.

Below, Dr. Jim Willie, of The Hat Trick newsletter, on August 8, 2018 offers an excellent analysis of this, calling it the world financial “reset”.

He said the process has already kicked off, with liquidity problems at Deutschbank, the Italian banks, in Turkey, and with all the EU banks that have been lending to them. There are currency crises in Venezuela, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and all emerging market nations such as India, the Dominican Republic, and Brazil, with South Africa coming soon. At some point, Italy will drop the EU and re-institute their lira – but even this won’t help since Club Med countries such as Italy depend on fraud instead of enterprise.

He shares that John Williams’ Shadow Stats calculates consumer inflation running at over 9% over the last three months, unlike the 3% rate our official statistics show. That means we don’t have economic growth but rather the economy is shrinking. Over the last 20 years it has seen a 22% decline – but this has been papered over by financial tricks.

All the while, the central banks around the world have been coordinating to prevent a banking system breakdown. Black Monday in 1987 was a response to our high tech industry being shipped overseas and the economy subsequently shrinking. Greenspan responded by creating derivatives.

According to a friend of Dr Willie at J.P. Morgan, the Exchange Stabilizataion fund of the U.S. Federal Reserve (the Fed) now uses derivative management in the trillions: but he can’t talk about it. There are multiple trillions of such unsterilized debt impounded by derivative instruments that may release into the system at any time.

Money velocity and investor interest in U.S. bonds is very low, but the U.S. has been covering this up by buying its own debt. The BLICS – Belgium, Luxemborg, Ireland, Cayman Islands, and Switzerland – use the Belgian central bank clearing office, funded by the U.S. to effectively double treasury purchases at the auctions. This helps keep rates low.

As for derivatives, Dr. Willie explains that interest rate swap derivatives need a near 0% yield environment to feed on and their process creates a false 10 year bond demand. Investors effectively borrow short term and go long long term at 30 times leverage (bond carry trade). Willie estimates that the U.S. has been covering over 70% of its debt needs by various covert means, and use derivative instruments to insure the remaining 30% to sweeten the deal for their real customers without having to raise rates.

But now, as interest rates have been rising the carry trade is being unwound, pushing the 2 yr and 10 yr rates together. He says that the existence of this derivatives based carry trade makes raising interest rates suicidal. It will bring the system down, leading to a Police State.

So the game is ending. TD Originals, in Central Banks Have Gone Rogue, Putting Us All at Risk, 9/13/2018, adds that something like 40 central banks now buy and hold stocks (not the U.S. Fed), with the Swiss leading the way. But they note that the U.S. Federal Reserve is now taking away the punch bowl with by selling (or not buying) assets so as to sop up QE dollars from the economy and by raising of rates. Central Banks Have Gone Rogue puts the problem this way:

To investors, propping up the stock market may seem like a good thing, but what happens when the central banks decide to sell? The Fed’s massive $4-trillion economic support is now being taken away, and other central banks are expected to follow. Their U.S. and global holdings are so large that their withdrawal from the market could trigger another global recession. That means when and how the economy will collapse is now in the hands of central bankers.

So to update Dr. Willie’s statement, the central banks around the world are no longer coordinating to support the banking system but are coordinating to manage the banking system breakdown. They have been propping it up for decades, propelling it into hyperspace and are now attempting re-entry. They are pretty sure it will burn up, and they need contingency plans.

Dr. Willie says that Rockefeller has a mission to destroy the U.S., economically, financially, and socially. He doesn’t mean Rockefeller alone, but Rockefeller running point in America for the big banking families. The situation is made all the more unstable because this new world order cabal has not gone unnoticed and a powerful alliance of opposition groups has established itself. This opposition is the alliance that organized support for Donal Trump and that through his presidency is working to drain the swamp.

An incident occurred in 1995 in which seven generals on a flight over Alabama were shot down by the Bush group (the cabal). The generals were organizing impeachment evidence against Clinton for selling military weapons to the Chinese. This was a story the cabal did not want released, and were covering it up through the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

The surviving generals created the America First movement and began to meet annually in Idaho. America First generals swelled in their ranks from then right through the Obama administration, until they put Trump up for election.

Meanwhile, Trump has been enmeshed in the corruption in NYC since at least the 1980s, which would include some elements in the FBI and CIA, some organized crime, some politicians and some political fixers. He has had and still has backing from the Russian/Ukranian/Jewish mob.

Dr. Willie also believes the bankers will look to gold as a solution and a gold standard in some form will come out of this. He speculates that Turkey may go to a gold-backed currency. He anticipates big steps for gold standard integration implementation – think disruptive.

It looks as though the new world order (NWO) is in a fight for its life; being attacked by a Trump-spotlighted “white knights” populist alliance that is international in scope. As a student of the biblical end-times prophecies as well as of the fiat money system, I have long expected a systemic failure of the banking system with a subsequent reset. I have also come to believe that the Antichrist will not be a leader of the NWO but will be a “man of the people” who takes the controls of the anti-NWO faction once it succeeds in becoming the new status quo.

This has been a long time coming; it may not even take place this year; and may take multiple years to complete the transition. But it looks so much like we have arrived.

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Geo-Financial Alert

This will have to be part one. It is time-sensitive and I want to get it out. John, at Destiny Central, offers some context on the recent announcement by David Wilcock that some major events are taking place right now. John says, and I agree:

The truth of the matter is, there is a war going on behind the scenes between the “good guys,” calling themselves the Alliance [vs.] the Cabal. The Alliance has pulled us back from the brink just as the globalists were about to introduce their Satanic New World Order.  Make no mistake, that plan was all but complete, but the Alliance has been like a wrecking ball since Trump took office.

Now, I don’t really trust this Alliance, either, because, from what I know, it’s one Masonic faction against another. (Spy Satellites Down – Same with CIA and NSA Mainframes, John, ~9/8/2018)

David Wilcock has announced that several spy satellites

Six different insider sources have confirmed that several spy satellites and computer systems for the Deep State have been blinded… in a stunning attack.

There is widespread agreement among these insider sources that some sort of major, visible action against this genocidal, globalist entity is now impending. …

These covert satellites were apparently the communications backbone of the Cabal / New World Order / Illuminati / Deep State.

This mass shut-down of spy satellites appears to be a move that paves the way for swift actions that the Deep State cannot predict in advance.

This may come in the form of the unsealing of a whopping fifty-one thousand, seven hundred and one sealed indictments [easily confirmed, he says, with government judicial databases], and the arresting of the suspects therein

Clear evidence also suggests that these perpetrators will be subject to military, not civilian, trials … . Since the highest-level offenders will likely be prosecuted in DC, this mass event may come to be known as the Washington Trials … . (Stunning New Briefings: Spy Satellites Down, Deep State Arrests Finally Imminent?, David Wilcock, 9/8/2018)

So he is saying that the downed communications and logistics networks are providing cover for final preparations and the final thrust of this attack on the cabal. As for timing, one would think we are counting days, not weeks or months. Wilcock speculates there may be a temporary power blackout and a freeze on travel for up to two weeks as this goes down. Two seemingly unrelated events come up this week that may be part of it. First, a major hurricane is due to hit Washington D.C. on 9/13, which could cause blackouts and emergency conditions there. Separately from that and at several locations, multiple central banks will be meeting at the same time. The bank meetings could dovetail with a real outlier event which could kick off with a re-valuation of the Iraqi dinar from over 1,000 dinar to one U.S. dollar to a ratio of 1:1. This action could be the spearhead for dismantling of the current U.S. dollar hegemony based on its use as the reserve currency and use of the SWIFT credit transfer system controlled by the Western banks.

The back-story that John and Wilcock are referring to is that the Western globalist cabal has been oppressing the world through its fiat banking system and by suppressing alternate technologies to big oil, big agriculture, and big pharma. The Trump alliance is making a move to free the world from these shackles.

There will be stories about the suppression of free speech, social media manipulation and the deliberate writing of “fake news,” but that’s nothing.

Some stories will be horrific enough that they will likely go way beyond the minimum legal requirements for capital punishment. …

Our intel is also saying that new data dumps are very imminent that could be far worse than anything we have seen already, including the so-called Pizzagate documents. …

This evil group penetrated far more deeply into the basic fabric of our society than most people would have ever dared to imagine in their worst nightmares.

This gives definition to what Hillary once said; that if she were indicted she would take half of D.C. down with her.

So what is the event Wilcock is expecting? Will it be this?

End of Part One.

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Microwave Auditory Effect

Here is how it’s done.

How do you suppose this will be used? Joe Imbriano in the video below has some excellent information about that, but the viewer will have to ignore some things to get through it. Pretty much everything he talks about is either stuff that we are all programmed to disbelieve or disagree with. The result is that he just sounds crazy. So I will give a little background:

His discussion of the landscaping layout of Apple headquarters sounds wacko even to me. However that is mainly because he doesn’t give enough framework for it. This layout, if he is correct, is based on a hermetic architectual technique that I call weaponized geomancy. This is a belief that power can be broadcast through symbols and rites. If it seems ridiculous that those leading a cutting edge computer company would have such beliefs, consider the following links:

Weaponized geomancy definitely is  believed in and used by the rich and powerful.

As for Apple, consider that their first computer model was given a list price of $666.66, and that their logo is an Apple with a bite taken out of it. The first is the “number of the beast”, which is a reference to the Antichrist; and the second represents Eve taking a bite from the Apple in the Garden of Eden. Both are intended by company leadership to invoke and spread the power of Lucifer. This policy decision by Apple is not just circumstance. The core world elite are Luciferian, and Luciferianism (Imbriano is calling it “Satanism”) is popular in their circles. Again, check the links above, and Red Shoes vs. Trump.

His main focus is participation by Apple in a eugenics program. He proposes that Apple is intentionally sterilizing the children of America. Doesn’t seem likely, does it? This would be Apple along with other influencers and also legislators and bureaucrat. Do you remember Eisenhower’s military-industrial complex? This is the education-sterilization complex. The world elite are keen on eugenics, and have been for generations, so the question then remains, how are they implementing their plans? Imbriano seems to have discovered one of their methods.

Imbriano has found evidence that the wireless Apple devices that have been deployed in schools all across the country radiate wireless energy that will probably sterilize many if not most of the children being victimized by this system. He manages to make believe that this is intentional sound like fundamentalist Christian lunacy. But it is based on sound logic, which is laid out clearly in the article, Apple 666, Artemis, iPads (infertility pads), Project Inkwell, Connect ED, E-rate, and Agenda 21-an expose with an all star cast – 2015 had lowest U.S. fertility rate ever, down 600,000 births, by I recommend it and won’t be quoting it here, except to let them make one point. They explain that rats have been experimented on in a successful attempt to sterilize them using wireless energy. This was not a health test, but more of a weapons test. They say, particularly given that successful experiment:

At the very least, you would think the government and industry would have gone to great lengths replicating animal experiments in the United States to determine if the classroom application of this technology is safe. No such thing folks. (Apple 666 …)

So, if you find Imbriano’s overtly Christian presentation off-putting, please try to ignore that and try to use the framework I have offered to focus your attention on the conspiracy he is exposing.

This link cuts in at about 15 minutes. He will first mention 5G at about 32 minutes in:

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Is there a Guillotine in your Future?

Check out the guillotine. It’s a nice piece of equipment – very chic!


The guillotine pictured is a piece of artwork done by a Tom Sachs in 1998. According to Danilovic, on Minds, the DHS has purchased 30 thousand Chanel Guillotines and they are stored in 2 military installations here in America: half in Georgia, the other half in Montana. Whether Danilovic is right or wrong, the United States has been passing more and more laws that lead to a Police State, and some laws that lead to beheadings. So the idea that DHS might be storing guillotines is not as far fetched as it might seem.

So the whole thing got me to thinking. Looking at this picture, at first I thought, “if I were making these I wouldn’t put my brand all over them like that.” But then …

  • It started looking like a swank piece of gym equipment.
  • Then I pictured beheadings as media events.
  • I added an “N” to the brand and it is “Channel” … as in a broadcast channel such as Channel 5 or whatever.
  • Then I imagined the crime: horrible repeated crimes, or treason and/or crimes of corruption that the people have known about for a long time.
  • I thought of the public frustration that monstrous criminals are still at large, and considered it rising to a fever pitch.
  • And what figures the public might want to see get their just desserts: Hillary? Trump? Soros? Weinstein?

So that’s how it could start. Am I talking about the French Revolution or some near-future America? You might say, it is not our culture to desire to see such a bloody display of vengeance. GuillotineMedievalWell it never has been, but American culture has been rotting away beneath the surface. How many enjoy the bloody and self-righteous violence depicted in the entertainment media or computer games? How many enjoy “reality TV”? How much pent-up violence is held in the hearts of our lower classes?

Perhaps the law abiding citizens of France in the late 1700s before the French Revolution would never have believed they or their neighbors would soon be cheering the guillotining of thousands in the public square. But the Reign of Terror that they fell into following the revolution not only thrilled to the guillotine, but carried out monstrous acts beyond that.

The deterioration of French culture and society could be seen prior to the revolution, if one were to look beneath the surface:

Sex orgies, financial scandals, and foreign intrigues became everyday occurrences among the high officials of the black nobility [not skin color, but subversiveness], while the kings of France, seeing no alternative to “going with the flow” let license reign. …  Idleness and tile [sic] pursuit of vice were foremost in the minds of the people …

As in the United States today, … favouritism became one of the principal causes contributing to the outbreak of the Revolution. The rot was very high on the vine. … (The French Revolution, Eustice Mullins)

The parallel to American society today is obvious.

Following the revolution all hell broke loose – literally. The slaughter began when, following the revolution, France was governed by a body called the National Assembly, made up of 655 members, about two-thirds of whom were Masons. In an early exercise in social engineering, Freemasonry had been heavily involved in subverting the French crown and fomenting the revolution in the first place. Part of that effort had been promoting humanism as a replacement for traditional Catholic theology.

The ideological basis for [the atrocities to come] had been enshrined by the National Assembly on August 26, 1789, which formally adopted the Declaration of the Rights of Man. This led directly to the formation of the Revolutionary Tribunal, established March 10, 1793, which then set up the Committee of Public Safety … led by Marat.

[In celebration] a great Festival of Reason was held at the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Mercier’s account describes “the infuriated populace dancing before the sanctuary and howling the Carmagnole (the Song of the Revolution).

The men wore no breeches (the sans culottes); the necks and breasts of the women were bare. In their wild whirling, they imitated those whirlwinds, the forerunner of tempests, that ravage and destroy all that is in their path. In the darkness of the sacristy, they indulged in the abominable desires that had been kindled in them during the day. The mob howled for worship of Virtue instead of that Jew slave and his adulterous woman of Galilee, his mother. (The French Revolution, Eustice Mullins)

Thus was born the ideology of the Left, and it was with this Assembly that the term was first used.

The Assembly itself was split into two rival groups: the Girondins from Bordeaux, who envisioned a modest type of federated Republic; and the Paris Sections, seated high on the left, and thereby called the Mountain. From that day on, revolutionaries have always chosen the Left as their symbolic place. The Mountain consisted of forty-eight sections of the Paris Commune, led by Marat, and composed of hooligans and criminals. The entire Assembly of 655 members had among its members 405 Masons.

Marat, whose person came to exemplify the excesses of the Revolution … [l]ike the later revolutionary, Karl Marx, … always seemed to find support in England for his work, principally among the Masonic Brethren there. … (The French Revolution, Eustice Mullins)

The Lords of England were using Masonry to destroy the power of their chief rival, the French crown. There is much more to the Masonic involvement in the French revolution, but that is not the point of this post, which is more about the parallels to contemporary America.

Marat proceeded to lead the French into a surveillance driven Police State. Does that sound familiar? This has been the obsession of American politicians since the Twin Towers fell in 2001 and they enshrined the Surveillance State in the resulting Patriot Act.

With the power of the Paris Sections behind him, Marat appointed himself the head of a Committee on Surveillance. He then arrested some four thousand people and the slaughter began. It was a Sunday, September 2, 1792, when the first victims, twenty-four priests, were led into a garden, one by one, and beaten to death. Some twelve hundred souls were killed during that September, more than one hundred and fifty being slaughtered at the Carmelite Convent.  (The French Revolution, Eustice Mullins)

More than just a police state, a gruesome bloodlust took over the people of the country.

The murderers foreswore the convenience of guns [and] preferred the greater satisfaction of finishing off their victims with axes, shovels, and knives. …

In the provinces, the massacres were carried out by lunatics, who seem to have been specially recruited for this purpose.  The most notorious of the mass murderers was one Carrier, who was said to be the subject of frequent fainting fits, falling to the floor, foaming at the mouth, and howling and snapping at everyone like an animal. He had an obsessive desire to torture and kill small children, as did his assistant, the hunchback Du Rel, a homicidal maniac who delighted in killing children by repeatedly puncturing their bodies with sharpened sticks.

These two madmen herded more than five hundred peasant boys and girls into a field outside of Nantes, where they clubbed them to death, with the aid of misfits like themselves who eagerly joined in the slaughter. Carrier was famed for having invented the infamous Noyades in the Loire. Large rafts of victims were floated onto the river; plugs were then removed, and all on board were drowned. Some six thousand people were killed in this manner. …

Another notorious madman, Lebas at Arras, first executed all of the rich who fell into his hands so that he could seize their wine cellars and their jewels. He then set himself up in a requisitioned mansion which overlooked the town square. When there were no more rich to be had, he began to murder the poor, of whom there were many. He had them beaten to death in the square, while he and his friends looked on from overhead, celebrating with orgiastic frenzies. …

Many of the acts committed during the orgy of terror defy belief. The fate of the Princess de Lamballe, a pleasant, middle-aged aristocrat who had escaped from the city, was typical. Driven by loyalty to her mistress, Marie Antoinette, she returned to Paris to administer to her mistress. The Princess was promptly seized by the mob, publicly disembowelled, and her private parts paraded through the city as trophies of the triumph of the Revolution! …

After the storming of the Guilerriers, a young apprentice fell into the hands of the mob. A great pan was fetched, and a fire built under it. He was then fried in butter, after which the revolutionaries enjoyed a feast.

The cemeteries of Paris became the scenes of nightly orgies, many of them mystical rites which had not been seen on earth since the destruction of the Temples of Baal. Graves were torn open, and the remains used in fiendish rites. … (The French Revolution, Eustice Mullins)

Culturally and socially, America has been traveling down the road that leads to a French Revolution. And politically, the groundwork is being laid for a surveillance driven Police State: stripping the people of privacy, curtailing free speech, and attacking gun rights. That, plus the ominous warehousing of thousands of chic guillotines by the DHS, forces us to ask the question. Are the guillotines in store for a new Reign of Terror – this time in America?

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The Airport Plague

“At least FOUR flights full of sick people land in Western nations in past 36 hours 1. Two planes at Philadelphia International Airport. PA 2. One plane at John F. Kennedy International Airport, NYC 3. One plane in Perpignan, France (Tweet by Amy Mek, September 6, 2018)

The best summary I saw of the group of events below (excepting first one, which is quite strange but seems unrelated to the rest) was Quarantined Aircraft and Sick Passengers. It’s Not as Scary as It Sounds, September 7, 20178, by the NYT). You might want to just read it instead of the posts below. The cluster of airline sicknesses seems to be mostly related to people returning from the Hajj, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Here are the news items in chronological order:

May 31, 2018, Portugal

A strange incident occurred on May 31 last at Faro airport, in Portugal. An airplane that made the Amsterdam – Gran Canaria section, had to make an emergency landing due to [a stench coming from a Russian man] named Andrey Suchillin, which was so strong that it even caused vomiting and dizziness in the other passengers.

When the plane landed, the man was taken to a medical center, where he was [found to have] a serious infection, …  the patient died. (Russian passenger who forced an aircraft to stop for its bad smell died as a result of an infection, June 27, 2018, translated by Chrome)

July 27, 2018, Florida

A Spirit Airlines flight from New York to Florida had to divert and make an emergency landing Thursday night, after something on the plane that smelled like “dirty socks” caused several people to get sick, WSOC reported. (‘Dirty sock’ odor sickens passengers on Spirit Airlines flight, July 27, 2018)

August 28, 2018, UN Warning re. Yemen

I read someone claiming that cholera itself is not contagious, but other diseases could find opportunity to ride along.

The United Nations is warning of a possible “third wave” of the cholera epidemic in Yemen, which is already “the largest outbreak on record.” … [H]umanitarian organizations are trying to avoid a large-scale resurgence and have vaccinated more than 385,000 people in August … . (U.N. warns of possible new ‘third wave’ of Yemen’s chronic cholera epidemic, August 28, 2018)

September 5, 2018, France

Algeria last month experienced its first outbreak of cholera in 22 years, with two fatalities. … French authorities evacuated a plane carrying 141 passengers and crew after it arrived in the French city of Perpignan from Algeria on Wednesday with a child on board suspected of being infected with cholera, the fire brigade said.

Doctors later found the eight-year-old boy was not infected, a local government official said. He had been taken to hospital for checks after bouts of vomiting and diarrhea during the flight. (Cholera ruled out after suspect case on Algeria-France flight September 5, 2018)

September 5, 2018, NYC

An Emirates airline Airbus A380 superjumbo jet was briefly quarantined at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport after numerous (up to 100) passengers fell ill on a flight arriving from Dubai early Wednesday.

Emirates confirmed an incident of illness on board Flight 203, which landed in New York around 9:15 a.m. EDT and was sent to a staging area to be inspected by Port Authority and CDC officials. … Ultimately, 19 people were deemed “sick,”  according to Eric Phillips, spokesman for New York City Mayor …  10 were hospitalized, and nine “refused medical attention. … Symptoms still pointing to the flu.” (Emirates plane briefly quarantined at John F. Kennedy airport after 19 passengers are deemed sick September 5, 2018)

September 6, 2018, Philadelphia

Twelve passengers arriving at Philadelphia International Airport on two separate American Airlines flights were temporarily quarantined after showing flu-like symptoms … . Several of the sick passengers were returning from pilgrimages to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, on American Airlines flight 755, which originated in Paris. These travelers exhibited similar symptoms to the 19 passengers, also travelling from Mecca (Flight 203 above?), who were quarantined in New York Wednesday morning, according to customs officials. …

September 5 and 6, 2018, Philadelphia and NYC

Additional passengers Philadelphia-bound American Airlines flight 717 from Munich, Germany, also showed flu-like symptoms. They, too, were returning from Mecca. …  Several people are still being medically evaluated by the CDC and local health officials, according to CBP.

On Wednesday (Sept. 5), a double-decker Emirates Airlines flight … was quarantined for several hours so CDC officials could evaluate 100 passengers. … Officials said 10 people – three passengers and seven crew members – ended up hospitalized … while the CDC sought to determine what caused the sickness. (Philadelphia-Bound American Airlines Passengers Quarantined After Showing Flu-Like Symptoms, Customs Officials Say, September 6, 2018)

September 5 and 6, 2018, Philadelphia and NYC

Several sick passengers at the Philadelphia airport … on American Airlines flights arriving from Paris and Munich and reported flu-like symptoms like coughing, fever, or vomiting akin to the passengers on an Emirates flight at JFK International airport in New York just one day before … prompted the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to hold 250 people for medical examination. … The passengers—except for the 12 affected—are in the process of being released. (Passengers arriving from France and Germany report flu-like symptoms at Philadelphia airport, September 7, 2018)

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Goodfellas Resorts and the President

Here is the story Mueller, I think, will never find. According to Recluse, in Goodfellas Part VIII: Sons of Cohn, July 22,2018, Trump became a player in politics during the 1980s while serving as CEO of a gaming company by the name of Resorts International.

While often overlooked. Trump’s tenure at Resorts was likely a pivotal moment in the Orange One’s public life. It effectively announced his arrival as a real player in deep politics. (Goodfellas Part VIII: Sons of Cohn)

Resorts International had emerged from a CIA front named the Mary Carter Paint Company (The Roy Cohn Mob and ‘Dirty Dick’ Morris PDF file). Recluse goes on to say that Mary Carter Paint was used, “to sponsor anti-Castro operations in Florida during the early 1960s.” He says that as Resorts International it introduced the Bahama’s Paradise Island to legalized gambling. It is interesting to note the backers:

It had an assortment of powerful and curious backers that included President Richard M. Nixon, billionaire Howard Hughes, “rogue” financiers Robert Vesco and William Mellon Hitchcock and the inevitable Lansky associates. It also owned its own private intelligence company outright. It was known as Intertel and was heavily staffed with various members of the US intelligence community. (Goodfellas Part VIII: Sons of Cohn)

This is the consortium that has maneuvered Trump into the White House.

Both the Syndicate and Intertel were still heavily involved in Resorts at the time of Trump’s CEO-ship. The two represented the confluence of powers that ultimately brought Trump into the White House. (Goodfellas Part VIII: Sons of Cohn)

So when we hear talk about, or we think in terms of, Trump versus “the Deep State”, this is not really accurate. Trump does not stand alone, and the reason he is finding success in the battle with the Deep State is that he is backed by powerful groups.

Trump versus the Deep State is more like a gang war, with different factions duking it out than it is a single hero standing against the world. Perhaps it is right-leaning factions versus left-leaning factions. Perhaps it is the international Jewish mob versus an old guard that inherited the mantle of the ex-Nazis who founded the CIA. No doubt it is a heavily layered and interwoven matrix of players each with multiple allegiances. And it seems to me that this is supposed to look to us like an emerging victory of grass-roots populism over the New World Order, Rothschild and Soros, Freemasonic/Jesuit empire.

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