Free Speech in Britain

The government of England is at war against the rights of its people. The battle is heating up as Tommy Robinson and Martin Sellner head to Britain’s symbol of liberty and the freedom to dissent – Speaker’s Corner – to speak their minds.

Martin Sellner was detained for three days upon arrival in England and prevented from entering the country. During his detention, Sellner wrote what he would say if he were able to get to Speaker’s Corner.

Here is Tommy Robinson at Speaker’s Corner, delivering Sellner’s speech.

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Merkel and Friends

Read the caption and look at those kids. Have you heard of the book, Thanks for the Memories, the biography of Brice Taylor? Have you heard the testimony of “Rose of Sharon”? How about Carolyn Hamlett?

Or maybe you have seen the testimony of the “illuminati wife,” Kay Griggs, who describes some of what is going on in our military.

If the photo really is what what it says it is, which is very possible, then this is a little piece of the clandestine program for world control run by and for the elite. If the photo is not what it says it is, then the links I am providing make the point.

We are not talking about soft tactics here, such as propagandafalse flag incidents, or even brainwave entrainment. The program I am talking about here involves abduction and hardcore trauma, serially perpetrated on children.

This clandestine program is unbelievably malevolent – the key word there being “unbelievably.” In that regard, my post, The Mind Control Industry, is a helpful introduction to the subject.

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Schiff the Shill – Interview Monkey

According to Rick Wells, in Mark Levin – Adam SCHIFF Is A RUSSIA SHILL, Mueller A HIT MAN After Trump (Marach 15, 2018), Mark Levin made some comments on Fox News regarding California congressman Adam Schiff, who has been stumping hard for Mueller’s Russia-Gate investigation for fourteen months.

Now that the Intelligence Committee has wrapped up their interviews in the Russia hoax inquiry, Schiff can’t let it go. He has a list of 30 more people he still wants interviewed. Levin, “takes note of the names that aren’t on it,” and he makes some comments as to why.

It is because Schiff is not interested in an actual investigation of the facts we now have on the ground. Levin explains:

Mr. Schiff is a shill for the Russian government. …

He didn’t say we should subpoena Hillary Clinton even though it was the Clinton campaign that laundered money through a law firm and this Fusion GPS. To do what? To corroborate and collude with the Russians with their phony dossier.

He notes that Schiff didn’t ask for any Clinton campaign officials, although we know they colluded, or the former heads of the DNC, Wasserman Schultz and Brazile, asking where their money that was paid to the Russians in the process of building the fake dossier came from. …

[And] Barack Obama was ‘president’ of the United States when the Russians were interfering with our election. Don’t we, the American people want to hear from Barack Obama in an open committee hearing? Well, Mr. Shill for the Russians Schiff, he doesn’t. …

What about Loretta Lynch and her role … in the FISA warrants as Attorney General? She’s not on his list. Neither are other senior Department of Justice officials in the Obama administration. (quoted  in Mark Levin – Adam SCHIFF Is A RUSSIA SHILL, Mueller A HIT MAN After Trump)

Wells adds about Schiff:,

He also doesn’t want Clinton Foundation employees or those at the money laundering law firm Perkins Coie to testify. He doesn’t want Susan Rice to come back despite her stand down order to those sounding the alarm over potential Russian cyber threats or Ben Rhodes, her deputy and partner in crime at the NSC. (Mark Levin – Adam SCHIFF Is A RUSSIA SHILL, Mueller A HIT MAN After Trump)

Calling Schiff a leaker, Levin challenges him to take a lie detector test. He says the entire Mueller team are leakers. And since Mueller requested “Rodentstein” to expand the scope of his investigation, Levin asked why he didn’t ask him for authority to investigate corruption in the Clinton campaign, Comey, the DOJ, FBI or what really happened in the FISA court. Never one to mince words or to wait for the obvious, he answers his own question:

I’ll tell you why, cause this guy’s a hit man…this man is out to get the President, that’s why. (quoted in Mark Levin – Adam SCHIFF Is A RUSSIA SHILL, Mueller A HIT MAN After Trump)

And Wells closes with this invitation:

If you’re also fed up with Facebook censorship targeting patriots and America, look for me on GAB at, and on my website http://RickWells.US  – Please SUBSCRIBE in the right sidebar at RickWells.US to receive my posts directly by email, safely beyond the censorship of little comrade Zuckerberg. Thanks for reading my work.  (Mark Levin – Adam SCHIFF Is A RUSSIA SHILL, Mueller A HIT MAN After Trump)

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Xenophobia of Jihad

What if as a United States citizen, after realizing that the current wave of illegals in the country is bringing in disease, poverty, ignorance, crime, and in the case of jihadists, hatred of our liberty, you begin speaking out against it and so you are diagnosed as xenophobic?


If you had been charged with a crime you might still have had some constitutional protections. But being diagnosed by the psychiatric profession? Not so much. You could be put on a forced round of therapy sessions along with a regimen of oxytocin – if you want to keep your job, that is.

As far as I know this isn’t happening yet, but here is the groundwork for it. John Rappoport, on 3/13/18 in his Outrageous chemical-dosing experiment to force friendship toward migrants, says:

I really hope you understand this. It is not a fantasy. It isn’t science fiction. It isn’t satire. … It’s a published study that appears on the website of the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

The title of the study is, “Oxytocin-enforced norm compliance reduces xenophobic outgroup rejection.” (Reference: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2017 Aug 29;114(35):9314-9319.)

Xenophobia is defined as: “fear or hatred of foreigners, people from different cultures,  or strangers.” (  …

The published study details a successful attempt at chemical mind control. The goal is making people more “happy and friendly” about mass migration, by changing their hormonal response toward migrants. …

quotes from the new study:

… “we tested the propensity of 183 Caucasian participants to make donations to people in need, half of whom were refugees (outgroup) and half of whom were natives (ingroup). …”

Interestingly enough, the authors of the study never considered dosing male immigrants of military age with the oxytocin “love hormone.” Heaven forbid. That would be “interfering in their culture.”




Call me paranoid.

No, on second thought, don’t!



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Jihad an Inside Job

Thank God it can’t happen here!

Can it?

But doesn’t this beg the question, what is going on with this? How and why could the British Government be intentionally destroying its own country? And how and why could the Eurozone be doing the same thing? And how and why could America be so close behind and following down the same road? How can we think anything else but that Jihad is an inside job?

It turns out that “extremist Islam” was a creation of the Western oligarchy (see the Medieval Roots of Jihad linked below) and that it is fostered, empowered, and protected by that same oligarchy today (visit the other links below).

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Hypnotic Effects of 5G

PowerFigureHoldingPyramidStoneDrawingIn ancient times the elite had their ways of managing the attitudes of their subjects.

The petroglyph pictured here displays a seated figure holding a pyramid. On or above its head is what looks kind of like a satellite dish antenna, and above that a radiant object hovers.

To get the full implication of what this ancient author was trying to map out, notice also the subservient figures approaching from the right (and for more, click on Nephelim Return.

Today, we see in the activities of the social engineers, the same impulse to control (See The Disney DreamTheosophy, by Carolyn Hamlett or New Age New World). They are using all sorts of techniques to get and maintain control over the population. They consider it a matter of national security. 5GDisneyShadowIt seems unlikely, though, that we will see our political, cultural, or religious leaders going around holding forth hand-held pyramids. But we are, however, seeing the media and the internet being used to manipulate social discourse and public opinion in order to guide social behavior. And patents exist for brainwave-entrainment transmitters.

It seems only natural, then, to ask at what point the internet signal will become an effective extension of their mental manipulation – not just by misleading, throttling or beguiling -but by directly influencing the biological organs and hormones that influence emotion and mental function.

Now that we are on the cusp of a transition from 4G wireless communication to 5G, people are asking whether there is a hidden government agenda piggy-backing on the consumer and industry demand for faster transmission speeds. The 5g grid will only be available in the cities. 5G_CelltowerThe micro-cell towers that serve it up can not transmit through the vegetation of the countryside. Additionally the towers will have to be placed within 850 feet of each other. It’s pretty intense, and what with the government and the large corporations lying to us every time we turn around, people are concerned.

Will this be the technology that acquires our consciousness in similar fashion to what the ancients were doing? The following video mentions some patents I am told. Haven’t watched it yet.

Here are some links (which I have not read) that should help to clarify the situation:

Here is Dr. Ross Adey’s work and the CIA funded Pandora Project.

Here is a good start down the rabbit hole:

It is far worse already:

This link does a decent job explaining and exploring the hazards of a 5G network, it is a long talk show and takes awhile to get to the meat of the subject but well worth it.

This guy touches on the 5G grid on many of his podcasts:


Advanced Ultrawideband Radar: Signals, Targets, and Applications edited by James D. Taylor

5G is in the microwave, millimeter and submillimeter frequency range.

Ultra wideband radar includes microwaves and millimeter frequencies.


UWB Millimeter-Wave FMCW Radar using Hilbert Transform Methods

Read the document, Everything you need to Know about 5G, available at the Institute for Electric and Electronic Engineeers (IEEE)

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Hillary’s Haiti

Why am I not surprised…

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