Farts Gone By

With apologies to my contemporaries, whose toes this may step on. This phenomenon is not really their fault.

I read a post today lauding “old farts” (baby boomers) for their sense of decency which the remnant of a culture that we no longer have, and it reminded me that I was speaking with a friend the other day who likes to read original source material from before the modern era. He reads things like personal memoirs and letters to spouses and relatives. He has noticed an incredible depth of soul, expressive ability, and diversity of thought compared to modern culture. By modern he would mean following the great revolutions … French, American, Russian, Chinese.

So when we go back to old farts we get a distinct improvement over the degraded state of culture today and find a heartwarming respect for others that is the glue that binds a civil and peaceful society. But if we go back again to farts-gone-by we get another serious upgrade.

This has everything to do with the ascendancy of humanism, the birth of social engineering, and the means of mass dissemination of their programming. The misguided degeneracy and resulting suffering is bad now, but due to recent technological developments it is about to get downright borg-like.

Welcome to the Borg.

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Welcome to the Borg

Listen to the things Sophia says, and the way it says them. Sophia’s programming displays UN-speak on steroids. Please note that this UN-speak is intended to replace your free speech. Consider how it interrelates with surveillance and suppression of speech, respectively. Once human speech is properly censored, UN-Speak will carry the day.

The plan seems to be to collect data on our use of speech and target speech that disrupts the State narrative. Then State-speech can be injected in clever forms (of which cool robots is one) and the public consciousness can absorb this programming undisturbed.

See: A Neocon-backed Narrative Control Firm works to Destroy Alternative Media

And watch the video below:

With computer algorithms and A.I. this can all be done online in real time without much need for human intervention. With cellphones and the internet of things, this can be extended very deeply into the human experience and psyche. And I haven’t even mentioned the patented wireless brainwave entrainment technologies that can be deployed through the 5G network.

With the advent of this technology, the social engineers think they have become the new Lords of the Universe.

Welcome to the Borg.

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Next Exit: Volatility

Chris Cole, of Artemis Capital, has pointed out that there is a $2 trillion position in “short vol” that is like a barrel of nitroglycerin sitting in the office waiting for a spark. When that spark comes, he says, one to three years of pain will be required to vaporize it.

A “short volatility” position is one that shorts volatility. It is analogous to a short stock position, in which one makes money when the stock price drops. In the case of short volatility one makes money when stock price volatility drops.

With the Fed suppressing volatility since 2008/9, the short vol position has been pretty consistently profitable and so has become a very crowded trade. As the Fed has recently begun sterilizing the enormous monetary stimulus that it began in 2008/9 by selling holdings and has been gingerly raising interest rate targets as well, the financial system is becoming stressed and the short vol trade is losing its luster.

Zero Hedge reports that,

Cole argues that signs of these stressors are already appearing in the form of rising interbank lending rates and widening credit spreads. These risks have been amplified by the record levels of corporate debt that is only one notch above speculative grade – creating the potential for a wave of newly minted fallen angels to produce a reaction that blows up the entire market.

By “blows up” the market he is alluding in part to creating an increase in volatility as funds are forced to sell bonds that are downgraded to junk and as investors switch out of stocks – thereby setting of a short squeeze in the volatility shorts. Forced liquidation or neutralizing of short-volatility positions will drive volatility up just like a stock short squeeze drives stock prices up. As volatility rises investors will de-risk, driving stock prices down.

Cole says this will come in stages over one to three years. As quoted in Zero Hedge, he says we have only seen the beginning, “of what is going to be a multi-year cycle and rebalance in the vol regime as many of these institutional short volatility strategies come unwound.”

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Red Shoes, Then and Now

We don’t know when the tradition of the red shoes began. But we know it goes back at least to circa 550 B.C. when a pair of rose-red slippers led to the slave girl, Rhodopis,  becoming the bride of Pharoah Amasis. It occurred when she was bathing in her garden pool. It is a common theme for the gods to take an interest in beautiful young women when they bathe. In this case it was the form of an eagle that responded. It,

swooped right down and picked up one of her rose-red slippers in its talons. Then it soared up into the air again on its great wings and, still carrying the slipper, flew away to the south over the valley of the Nile. … [T]he eagle seemed to have been sent by the gods – perhaps by Horus himself whose sacred bird he was. For he flew straight up the Nile to Memphis and then swooped, down towards the palace. … Down over the courtyard swooped the eagle and dropped the rose-red slipper of Rhodopis into Pharaoh’s lap. …

Pharaoh was so moved by what had happened that he issued a decree:

“Let my messengers go forth [taking] with them this rose-red slipper which the divine bird of Horus has brought to me, and let them declare that her from whose foot this slipper came shall be the bride of Pharaoh!”

It is a common theme in ancient times for deities, kings and princes (who were typically thought to be deities or half-deities) to abduct beautiful women and make them their consort or queen, and bring forth royal seed by them. This ancient Eyptian story uses the abduction of the red slippers to confer on this beautiful slave girl a royal status that she could hitherto only dream of.

Hans Christian Anderson apparently knew about the red shoes, when in 1845 he published:

There was once a little girl who was very pretty and delicate, but in summer she was forced to run about with bare feet, she was so poor, and in winter wear very large wooden shoes, which made her little insteps quite red, and that looked so dangerous!

The theme is familiar. We start with a beautiful but poor and long-suffering girl. In this case an old Dame notices her and provides the red shoes that transitions her to a life of royal luxury. This seems like a subtle reference to the magic of witchcraft. Old Dames are typically witches in tales such as this as well as in myth and legend.

In the middle of the village lived old Dame Shoemaker; she sat and sewed together, as well as she could, a little pair of shoes out of old red strips of cloth; they were very clumsy, but it was a kind thought. They were meant for the little girl.

The shoes then arrive in the young girls life at a moment of deep trauma: the day of her mother’s burial. This makes subtle reference to ritual child abuse. It is known today that red shoes are worn by Luciferian practitioners during the ritual sacrifice of children. These same type of people ritually abuse other children sexually in order to traumatize and then program their minds so that the children, when grown, can be given positions of power and influence. Elite families do this to their own children, who when grown become royalty, aristocracy, or something similar in practice.

In the case of the little girl in The Red Shoes,

On the very day her mother was buried, Karen received the red shoes, and wore them for the first time. They were certainly not intended for mourning, but she had no others, and with stockingless feet she followed the poor straw coffin in them.

This event led directly to her induction into a royal family.

Suddenly a large old carriage drove up, and a large old lady sat in it: she looked at the little girl, felt compassion for her, and then said to the clergyman:

“Here, give me the little girl. I will adopt her!”

And Karen believed all this happened on account of the red shoes, but the old lady thought they were horrible, and they were burnt.

Disney (who was involved in the esoteric sciences) apparently knew about the red shoes. In the book, the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy didn’t wear ruby slippers. But in the Disney version she did. Witchcraft, gold (yellow bricks), and world power (the emerald city) were all involved.


Today we know that red shoes are used by Luciferians among the elite to confer, through their use in ritual blood sacrifice, wealth, fame, and power.


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Facebook, a product of Tavistock, for the Black Nobility

A month ago at a Facebook conference in London, Baron Richard Beecroft Allan stepped onto the stage instead of Zuckerberg. Allan is taking over Facebook policy in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Sir Nick Clegg, formerly(?) Deputy Prime Minister of Britain, is taking over Facebook’s global affairs. These men are both run by Tavistock – the author of the CIA MK-Ultra mind control program. This confirms that Facebook, with its immense social presence and its information gathering capacity, is a front for Tavistock, which as we will see is a front for the European Black Nobility The black nobility is a lineage that traces back through King Merovee to the emperors of Rome and beyond, and engages the participation of high-level banking families as well as secret mystery schools in support of its power.

BeecroftCoateOfArmsThe researcher Michael McKibben unearthed Baron R. B. Allan’s connections to this through family ties when he decided to identify just who Mr. Allan was. He learned that Allan plays his family ties very close to the vest, and there were no obvious records that named even his parents. Apparently this is because he is the scion of a family of spies.

McKibben’s investigations eventually revealed that Allan’s grandfather, Baron Richard Beecroft, had been the chief of staff of the British War Office during WWII. In this position Beecroft ran the “public relations” work of the agency that would soon become the Tavistock Institute. After the war this was re-organized as Tavistock, a private entity, with funding from the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and the British royal family. It was re-purposed for the mass mind manipulation of civilian populations in peacetime. With this development, social engineering via secret psy-ops got seriously underway in the British empire.

BeesFleurDeLisLooking at this another way, the name Beecroft itself is intriguing. Bees are a symbol for the magic craft that empowered the Merovingian kings, and “croft” may be an archaic form of “craft”. If this is the derivation, the Beecroft name originated from the family maintaining secret sciences for the Merovingian lineage going back many generations. The bees take us back all the way through the Roman emperors to the Python mysteries of Greece and the power of the ancient Pharaohs.

McKibben was not following the ancient roots of the Beecroft name, and researched back just three generations. The practice of secret statecraft is a Beecroft family tradition at least that far. Richard Allan remains true to the mold, carrying forward  the science of shaping public opinion through Facebook. He was first hired by Facebook in the summer of 2010, the year that Hillary’s presidential campaign contracted with Facebook for campaigning strategy support. Now his responsibilities have enlarged and he is over Facebook strategies in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

He has also “intermarried” with the Beecroft spycraft dynasty. His first wife was in the Beecroft family as well as he, and was the daughter of a high-level Mason headquartered in the Leeds community where Richard Allan’s great grandfather on the Beaumont side was born, and his grandfather John Beecroft Beaumont, Provincial Grand Registrar of the Leeds & District Masonic Lodge of Installed Masters No. 7918, died, and where his mother and father were married. His current lover, Dr. Ana Elena Padilla Jargstorf, (by whom he has twin daughters) represented the British Psychological Society in Parliament and is deeply embedded in the British establishment. It is obvious from her credentials and relationships to government that she – like the other figures in this constellation – is also involved in molding public opinion in support of the State.

FB007Richard Allan’s career and his family lineage underscore the principle that spy agencies such as MI6 and Tavistock, and secret societies such as the Masons, work hand in glove with each other and belong when they are at rest in the pocket of the European black nobility. Facebook is but one propaganda arm, through Tavistock, of this dynasty.


See Also:

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China and the Great Collapse

The financial and economic implosion that is coming defies description. “Great depression” fails to describe the magnitude and intensity of a worldwide financial implosion and reset/replacement of the fiat money system. So, what? Great collapse?

Harry Dent, while not responsible for the above, does say this:

[L]ook out below when China’s real estate bubble blows.

It will be the greatest deflation of wealth in modern history and become the epicenter of a global real estate crash AND the next great reset in stocks and financial assets… similar to late 1929-1932.

But is (probably) not happening now. Maybe the end of 2019 or in 2020? What is more likely to be happening now is a declaration of martial law in order to round up the Deep State criminals and bring them before military tribunals.

I hope so.

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The Grinch that Stole

the days after Christmas!

The QAnon drones continue to harass us with fear-mongering alerts about impending martial law, military tribunals to convict and incarcerate key players (thousands) in the Deep State, and even the great financial reset.

The latest alert is for the day after Christmas. Do I think it’s possible? Yes. Do I think you should be prepared for the worst? Of course.


So consider yourself alerted. Hopefully nothing comes of this, but if it does I hope you will be prepared for the possibility of social unrest and violence, the closing of banks, and the disruption of social services.

Think about it. It could happen here.

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