Exposed Satan’s Last Days

Pastor Riggs

Generational SRA/DID

A Round Table Discussion

Part II Main Interview

Pastors, counselors, and therapists that have been working with satanic ritual abuse survivors for years, when they saw the Nephilim Mother interviews on the byte show, said that this is the missing piece.

The Morningstar Testimony Church was formed maybe in the 1970s or 80s. For some of its members, it turned out that occult issues were making it difficult for them to hear the word of God. They were dissociated (multiple personalities) and in a non-churchgoing personality were still attending occult rituals.

This has been a real warfare. It has uncovered not only satanic ritual abuse, but the world order agenda that it is helping unfold.

As word got out about the church, people came to the church from around the country who had occult experience in their past. Some were not getting better and remained stuck in occult bondage. Some were manifesting spirits. From 1985-91 some did not get resolution. Then the pastor read Uncovering The Mystery of MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder), by Dr. James Frieson. MPD is now called SRA/DID, I guess because it’s harder to remember! Just kidding.

It is trauma in early childhood that causes the personality to split. When it is done intentionally the splintered personalities can be programmed. The programmers are structuring in an agenda to bring in the new world order and the antichrist. Restoration from SRA/DID takes years.

Morningstar Church has been doing this work with ritual abuse survivors for 27 years. It has been a huge challenge and blessing and has caused the pastor and his wife to grow spiritually and to learn that they must depend on the Lord Jesus Christ.

The pastor believes that this SRA/DID program is the end game. It is used to facilitate a hybrid breeding program that has been going on since WWII. The UFO phenomenon: some of it is demonic, and some of it is real hardware.

Events on a global scale, the UN, centering in Jerusalem, a sanctuary of satanic rituals is going on in North Korea.

7/7/12, Syracuse, NY

Introducing the witnesses, using their bloodline names as close as I can hear them:

Susana Oldenburg, European/Russian aristocracy;

Sara Alishaba (sp?) daughter of Joseph of the Levite, Dan, and with the 13 bloodlines added through genetic manipulation;

Jennifer Diane, not from a specific royal bloodline but was structured in a spiritual way to be a convergence of what the other bloodlines represented. She was created to be a gateway to Gen. 6:2 in this generation;

Juliana, European bloodline. Mother was Sax-Cobern-Gottha (sp?) of the Windsor line and her father was one of her sons;

Constantina Annarivi (?)  Alexandry Elizabeth, her mother is European royalty but her father was brought it to be the foundation for a new bloodline;

Christina, mother was European gentile and father was Jewish, someone from the tribe of Dan with the 13 kings of the earth spliced into that;

Peter is new bloodline, shield for the new bloodline;

American name is Daniel something, and European name Daniel Michael George. He is a Collins, which is a hidden name for the house of Windsor which originated from the Sax-Coberne-Gottha line. He is the culmination of the 13 Germanic bloodlines.

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