Ezekiel’s Wheel and the Eyes of Horus

It’s astronomy! This is someone’s comment on a page in the Common Sense Show website:

“I went out at night to watch the stars at midnight of Dec 20th…. or you could say 12:01 am of Dec 21 and what I saw gave it all away. You see the moon was exactly due west and it looked like an eyeball…. also known as one of the eyes of Horus. You would have to read up on the 2 eyes of Horus to understand what I am talking about but basically just as the sun rises the moon is one of the eyeballs and is positioned over Sirius with the moon being the eyeball and Sirius being the socket and the sun is the other eyeball which is positioned in Orion which is the other eye socket. Thus you have the 2 eyes of Horus coming into view. in a rare astronomical event that only repeats this exact position every 25,920 years. In ancient times it was counted as day one in a calender called the great year which marks the 25,920 years of precession.

“There is clear evidence of this when you decode the man in the middle of the Mayan calender round which is basically showing Orion the hunter or you could say the sun in Orion. The symbol around the man is the same symbol as the Illuminati compass and square which is also the symbol for Orion. One just has to look carefully in Orion and you can see the compass and square symbol there and this symbol clearly represents Orion. The same man is also described in the book of Ezekiel …. ” they four had the face of a man, and the face of a lion, on the right side: and they four had the face of an ox on the left side; they four also had the face of an eagle”… the man in the middle is Orion the Hunter and when you view Orion from the southern hemisphere… the lion is on the right {constellation Leo} and the ox is on the left {constellation Taurus} and the Eagle is above which is the constellation Signus X3 known at the time as a swan which at the time was the position of the North pole star.. the part of the sky that never moves and everything in the sky revolves around that spot. The wheel within a wheel was merely representing the whole zodiac and not a UFO as some people have poorly misinterpreted this text.

“You may ask why this is so significant?… well its because the stars move backwards against the sky and if you were to plant a cross in the ground and line it up with the sun in Orion on Dec 21 it would go out by one degree every 72 years and since there are 360 degrees in a complete circle it would take 360 x 72 = 25,920 years for the sun to come back to the same spot and line up exactly in the same position. .So now you know the real truth as to what this is all about. It’s a calender and nothing more.

Ok, well I disagree on the “nothing more” part. I believe the gospel is written in the stars and some alignments are given as prophetic signs. Take for example the Birth of the Manchild.

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