Mandatory Service – Pandemic Preparedness Partnerships

The Biblical Examiner – Special E mail Edition

April 8, 2009

… Late last year, The Washington Post noted the incoming Obama Administration is going to “earmark” at least 20,000 troops returning from Iraq to deal with “domestic emergencies.” Since then, the Army Times has broken the story that the domestic emergency army unit has been increased to 80,000 troops, who are being trained right now in Georgia. …

America is being convinced that it is necessary to use the US military rather than the National Guard to control social turmoil, which is a direct violation of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878.
Do we think that it is simply fate that has placed our National Guard overseas, while the regular Army returns to the states to prepare for civilian law enforcement? Social unrest is the responsibility of the state governors who are to control the National Guard, not the president. …

It is a well-known fact that Lenin used planned chaos to bring about his (revolution). … The cry of the average man today as he is faced with any kind of chaotic situation is, “Why doesn’t  Washington do something?” Every answer to every chaotic condition is always the same. More control by the elite planners, including military  type control.

(JOTS) has learned (of upcoming training for) a possible pandemic outbreak (in) northeast Ohio (on) April 29th (2009).

In February of this year, (JOTS learned) about pandemic training occurring at First Energy in Akron, Ohio, … pandemic training (namely for bird flu) being common at some corporations.  (But oddly) First Energy was touting that they had the vaccine for the “possible” outbreak, for the employees and for the family members of the employees.  …  The power point presentation of the February meeting is included here. How can they have a vaccine for a “possible” strain of flu that doesn’t exist yet? Does anybody know?

… First Energy is expected to meet with 1200 employees, over the next two weeks, gathering medical info about them (and) is “encouraging” its employees to get the vaccination that’s
to be offered to them.  …

(Pandemic preparedness is an offshoot of) Obama’s mandatory service proposal (signed into law) last week. … Ohio is going to be tied into this mandatory civilian service.  It made us recall a commercial that’s been running on local (Ohio) TV, regarding joining the Ohio Citizen CorpsOhio is ahead of the curve, apparently, not waiting for the law to be enacted. The commercials encourage volunteers to sign up, to help in times of disasters and civil emergencies, citing 9/11 in the commercial as a reason to “volunteer”.

(Researching) the Ohio Citizen Corps, (JOTS) ran across a training and exercise session to be occurring in Summit County in April (which is the county First Energy’s Akron headquarters is located).  Digging further brought (JOTS) to the following link, which mentions FEMA classes being held locally and a training exercise to follow.  Listed under the training area of the link, volunteers are encouraged to take FEMA courses ICS 100 and ICS 700, both which are linked into the medical training area of the FEMA site.

FEMA was asking for 200 “victims” for an exercise that is to occur on April 29th.  …

The FEMA training was going to occur at the Church in Green (local mega church).  …  For those who are unaware, Clergy Response Teams (set up, in cooperation with FEMA)
have been put in place to “quell dissent” during national emergencies and disasters.  (As an example:) After the 2008 Presidential election, there’s an incident of an Assembly of God church (in Ohio) was
telling its congregation to submit to Obama and the government.  In both cases, the pastors and clergy present a twist on Romans 13, where they commonly state that submitting to government is a Christian thing to do and that Christians should lead the way in submission. …

Apparently no one is having a problem with the infamous argument about the separation of church and state issue, that’s commonly debated.

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