Kangen Water has more anti-oxidant potential than any known food, so it is first on my list here.

Inhaling hydrogen gas is said to be even more effective than drinking “the hydrogen-rich waters”.

Black tea and green tea both have strong antioxidant powers, and so many people drink them I will give them next mention.

Vitamin C with bioflavinoids, Resveretrol, Brown seaweed, Vitamin D3 with Cultured Nutrients Organic Fruits and Vegetables, Mushrooms for their beta glucans (I use Lion’s Mane for its brain boosting activity), the ACE vitamins, and astaxanthin all have anti-oxidant properties and/or the eight sugars. These work terrifically well in combination, and especially to prevent something you feel coming on!

Ecklonia cava has shown “higher scavenging activities” towards free radicals.

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