The Death Wobble means your front suspension needs work.

Engine Oil Additives

F250 diesel holds 6 quarts (5.7 litres).

Superchargers are very sensitive to inadequate lubrication upon startup.

In the list below, Suprotec says it should be added three times. This seems like a good rule of thumb for any treatment. Also do not overuse.

  • Rev-X Engine Oil Treatment – Additive Diesel
  • BestLine Diesel Engine Treament
  • Archoil AR9100
  • Resurs Diesel Oil Additive (Russian) – This decreases oil use, increases compression, cold start protection, etc. 1 150g bottle for up to 6 litres of oil. Recommended with every oil change. $24 on eBay
  • Resurs Next Generation Nano Remetalizer (but it doesn’t say for diesel) – If you have to shake a product, don’t buy it. This product does not need to be shaken and so metal particles don’t settle to your oil pan, but circulate. It does not treat the oil (So I figure it goes well with XL Nanolube, below).
  • XL Nanolube oil additive for gas/diesel. Low surface tension nanofilm eliminates dry starts. XL also stops burning of oil. Detox: treat twice and for large engine use 12oz each time. 2 8oz for $38.50 Made in USA. I LIKE THIS PRODUCT
  • TuFoil Engine Oil Treatment for gas/diesel 237 ml – Guinness “world’s most efficient lubricant”. 8oz for $17.25 on eBay. (treats how much oil?)
  • XADO Maximum Metal Conditioner for Diesel Truck – Engine Oil Additive – This resurfaces worn areas for better compression, less oil use, cold start protection, etc. Treats up to 45 quart capacity for $129 on eBay.
  • Prolong Engine Treatment (Oil Additive) Diesel/Gasoline
  • Omega 909 super engine oil additives treatment lubricant for diesel/gasoline – I am less impressed than with others. 45ml treats up to 7 litres for $34 on eBay.
  • Suprotec Offroad 4×4 Diesel compression restorer (Russian) – This resurfaces worn areas with a metal that retains oil resulting in better compression and better lubrication on start-up. Usage instructions are robust. $71 on eBay!
  • Suprotec Active 2 in 1 – Two 90ml bottles treats car or light truck twice.
  • Suprotec Active = ATOMIUM Diesel Active Plus Engine Oil Additive

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