Spirulina – Protein and More


It’s not how much meat you eat, or even how much complete protein is in the food you eat; but how much biliprotein you manage to get your liver to secrete.

“The usable protein in Spirulina … because of its digestibility and amino acid balance, is around 90%, the highest of any protein other than casein … . For comparison, an 8 ounce steak is about 22% protein only 15% of which is usable by the body. So that 8 ounce steak gives only about 1.8 ounces of protein, only .27 ounce (7.6 grams) of which is actually usable protein. Spirulina, however being 70% protein and 90% digestible, provides 5 ounces (140 grams) of usable protein in each 8 ounces.”

Serving oz Protein grams Assimilation percent Assimilated grams
Spirulina 1 16.8 90.00% 15.12
Steak 8 50.5 15.00% 7.58

(table by icliks)

“That is 18 times more protein than steak, with little, if any, waste. In addition, most of spirulina’s proteins are already in the proper form that the body itself creates in the liver so there is little energy lost in digestion. These building blocks of the body are called biliproteins. Spirulina is the most prolific source of biliproteins presently known.” (Spirulina – the Magic Food)

So Vitacost has 16 oz for $19.95, Amazon for $17.40 or $25.80, and RawFoodWorld for $27.50 or $39.95. The cost at $24/lb is $1.50/oz to assimilate 15 grams of protein. That is like paying $1.50 for a lb of beef.

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