The first thing to consider is drinking and topically applying structured water. It should make anything else you do more effective and may turn out to be the only thing you need.

And consider this:

There is a connection between acne, the brain, and bacteria in the gut. According to research by dermatologists John Stokes and Donald Pillsbury,

Experimental studies show that psychological stress stagnates normal small intestinal transit time, encourages overgrowth of bacteria, and compromises the intestinal barrier. SIBO [small intestinal bacterial over growth] is strongly associated with depression and anxiety, while eradication of SIBO improves emotional symptoms….

A recent report indicates that SIBO is 10 times more prevalent in those with acne rosacea vs. healthy controls. Correction of SIBO leads to marked clinical improvement in patients with rosacea.

There are two technologies that should be particularly effective in dealing with these conditions: modulated far infrared, and negative ion flood. The first, which produces a deep penetrating heat, utilizes the connection between bacteria in the gut and body heat. Body heat is needed to activate enzymes, and to suppress undesirable bacteria in the gut. The second, negative ions, are noted to help with relaxation, anxiety, and depression.

For heat you could sleep with a hot water bottle, maybe. I would not recommend electric blankets or heating pads due to their undesirable emf effect. For ions there are numerous air purifiers that charge the air with ions that you then breathe, and there are alkalizing (providing/producing negative ions) foods and supplements. But check out the bio-mat. It provides the deepest penetrating heat available while also flooding the body with negative ions. We will be trying this in the fall/winter of 2012 for David, and will keep you posted.


David has acne. As of Christmas, 2008 he looked like this:

pic coming… (???)

Starting in January of 2009, we tried … Click Here!

As of the summer of 2012 has the acne somewhat under control but it is still present.


One Response to Acne

  1. icliks says:

    Well, now its 2012 and he still has acne, although it is better and he is able to control it through diet. Mainly eating no carbohydrates … just oils, fats, meats, and veggies. The quality of the food is important (grass-fed, etc.) and he supplements with a super-green powder and some other things.

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