Hemp Hearts

I am told that the Latin for Hemp means “perfect food”. And so it seems to be! And apparently, hemp plants can “eat radiation“.

Hemp Hearts

This hemp hearts testimonial will amaze you!

A hemp hearts diet. (Hemp hearts are delicious!)

Hemp Oil. What you want in hemp oil phytocannabinoids (CBD). What you don’t want is oil from the hemp rope industry. The hemp rope industry uses micro-organisms to break down the plant stems so that the material for rope can be extracted. To this industry, whatever pulp is leftover after they get their rope materials is a waste by-product. Hemp oil can be extracted from this by-product, but is a contaminated product that you don’t want. Check out this recipe for hemp oil and make your own!

Kannaway is using oil from the PhytoSphere Systems process …  whatever that is.

So does Dixie Elixir, but these products combine CBD oil with THC.

2 Responses to Hemp Hearts

  1. Chris Cullnane says:

    Al, How long have you used hemp hearts? How much and what do you buy monthly?

    • icliks says:

      We discovered them a few years ago but never used them consistently. Now for the past month or so I have started using them on cereal, granola, on salads or in meal-replacement shakes. That means I eat them raw. They taste nice and nutty and have a good texture. I can’t tell you how much I will use in a month … probably 1-5 lbs. Janice read me a list of their benefits and particularly the testimony of the man that lost 50 lbs in 50 days eating them (not trying to lose weight) and more importantly saw his list of serious health issues go away. Just click on the link if you haven’t.

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