Swine Flu Phase II

Russian Health Ministry Officials reporting to President Medvedev today are warning in their reports that the World must prepare for a “tidal wave of death” of “unprecedented dimension” due to the current swine flu pandemic sweeping across the Globe at frightening speed.

Raising the concerns of Russian Scientists, these reports say, is not the current H1N1 variant of the new Swine Influenza Virus, but its “certainty” to mix with the much more deadly H5N1 variant known as Bird Flu, and of which we can read:

“In October 2004, researchers discovered that H5N1 is far more dangerous than was previously believed. Waterfowl were revealed to be directly spreading the highly pathogenic strain of H5N1 to chickens, crows, pigeons, and other birds, and the virus was increasing its ability to infect mammals as well. From this point on, avian flu experts increasingly referred to containment as a strategy that can delay, but not ultimately prevent, a future avian flu pandemic.”

Even worse for our World, these reports continue, is that this new H1N1 variant Swine Flu already contains RNA segments of the dreaded H5N1 Bird Flu along with H3N2 swine flu variant only previously found in China, South Korea and Vietnam in a ‘mixture’ that United Nations Scientists say could only have been possible due to deliberate manipulation, and as we can read:

“According to a source known to former NSA official Wayne Madsen, “A top scientist for the United Nations, who has examined the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in Africa, as well as HIV/AIDS victims, concluded that H1N1 possesses certain transmission “vectors” that suggest that the new flu strain has been genetically-manufactured as a military biological warfare weapon.”

These new fears being raised by the UN we had previously reported on many times, including our April 9, 2005 report “World’s Scientists Confirm Human Origin of Deadly Flu Virus as United States Prepares for Institution of Martial Law” wherein we reported from the Wired News Service:

“Samples taken from South Korean pigs contain genes from a human flu virus created by scientists in 1933, and one American flu researcher says the sequences could represent a dangerous situation for humans.

The World Health Organization, which monitors the worldwide spread of flu, is remaining mum until researchers finish an investigation of the pig samples.

The presence of a man-made human flu virus in pigs may be worrisome for several reasons. First, a man-made virus has no business in pigs — did the virus get there naturally, or was it a lab accident? More frighteningly, but less likely, was it bioterrorism? Second, viruses often use pigs as a conduit to humans, who would have little or no immune resistance to this particular strain of flu since no one has been exposed to it.

“In terms of flu, pigs have always represented a danger to humans because these animals act as a mixing vessel for various strains of influenza,” said Dick Thompson, a spokesman for the World Health Organization.

But WHO won’t be convinced that the data is real — that the human sequences are not a result of laboratory contamination instead of human virus in a pig — until more laboratories can verify the samples.

Henry Niman, founder of Recombinomics and a researcher who has sleuthed the spread of bird flu and its changing genetic makeup for two years, says the investigation is moving too slowly. If pigs in Korea are carrying a man-made human flu, authorities should take action immediately to prevent it from spreading.”

Russian Scientists further point out in their reports that the difference between the mortality rates in the United States and Mexico from this bizarre Swine Flu variant is due to the American public having been previously “introduced” to a H3N8 RNA component of the Bird Flu unleashed upon dogs in their country 4 years ago which is currently giving these people more immunity than the Mexican people, and which we reported on in our June 10,2005 report, “Mutated Bird Flu Hits Dogs in United States, Tens of Thousands Killed as US Government Issues News Censorship Orders Under New Quarantine Provision Laws”, and wherein we had reported:

“The fatalities in greyhounds this season appear to parallel the deaths in Florida last year, but the scope of the infections is markedly greater this season. Last season dog racing tracks were closed in Florida, but this season the closings are nationwide and the number of fatal infections has increased markedly. Last season H3N8 avian influenza was isolated in Florida. This was the first reported isolation of influenza virus from dogs. H3N8 has been previously associated with equine influenza. There have been H3N8 outbreaks in horses in Florida, Wisconsin, and Kentucky, which may be related to the outbreak in racing dogs.”

Now, to anyone wanting the greatest understanding of this current Swine Flu Pandemic, they must understand the vital connection it has with this H3N8 component that ‘mysteriously jumped’ from horses to birds, a critical component to this unfolding story especially when viewed in light of the US Military this past week releasing the following information:

“Vials of a potentially harmful pathogen have gone missing at Fort Detrick, the Army’s main biodefense lab. The samples of Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis (VEE) virus are relatively small. The Army has found “no evidence yet of criminal misconduct,” the Washington Post reports. And the virus usually causes only “a mild flulike illness” — although “brain inflammation and death” are possible, too. “It has potential for use as a biological weapon but is far less lethal than some other agents the lab works with.”

To the significance of the US Military releasing this information when they did, we can further read as reported by the UPI News Service:

“An investigation of the death of 21 polo horses centers on whether they died from a toxin, a virus or a contagious disease, said officials in Wellington, Fla.

“The magnitude of this is shocking,” said Peter Rizzo, executive director of the United States Polo Association. “Whatever killed these horses, we don’t want to see it again.” The horses died Sunday, some collapsing on the polo grounds where hundreds of people had come to watch the U.S. Open Polo Championship, while others died in a nearby stable, The Palm Beach (Fla.) Post reported Tuesday.

The horses belonged to team Lechuza Caracas, owned by Venezuelan multimillionaire Victor Vargas who cradled several of the horses in his arms as they lay dying, the Post reported.”

There are those, of course, who will claim that it is just a coincidence that after the top banker for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, Victor Vargas, had 21 of his finest horses killed, the US Military reports the missing vials of Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis from their main bio weapon lab. But, to those knowing how the World’s Intelligence Organizations and Military Services communicate with one another, the message from the US Military about the attack on these horses from Venezuela could not have been plainer: “Prepare for an imminent bio attack!”

And as we had reported in our April 25, 2009 report, “Mexican Drug Cartel Linked With al Qaeda Unleashes Pandemic”, this is exactly what occurred with the unleashing of this Swine Flu bio weapon by the powerful Sinaloa Cartel and their CIA backed al Qaeda allies, and which from these new Russian reports point to it having been an aerosol type release which prior to its full unleashing upon the Mexican people the operatives responsible could not resist the opportunity to also hurt Chavez.

Even worse for our World is the fact that the US Military now controls both the causes and the cures for this new Swine Flu virus as they, not the World Health Organization, are the holders to the secrets of the most dreaded diseases on Earth, and as we can read:

“A large and rapidly growing global US military virus collection system parallels the World Health Organization’s Global Influenza Surveillance Network (WHO GISN) but does not entirely share its public health purposes.

The US military system is a source of viruses for the WHO GISN; but it does not give most of its virus collections to WHO. It does keep all the lab specimens and viruses it collects for its own use.

Wider knowledge of the extent of the US military virus collection system and its ambiguous relationship to the WHO GISN system will raise important questions for the WHO Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Inter-Governmental Meeting (PIP IGM), which will convene in Geneva the second week of December.

The extent of the Pentagon’s quiet but large virus collecting and its relationships with the WHO GISN will surprise many. For example, the Pentagon claims credit for having collected several important influenza viruses that were subsequently selected by WHO for use in seasonal and H5N1 pre-pandemic vaccines from 2000 through the present, including viruses from Panama, Peru, Nepal, Malaysia, and Indonesia.”

This information on the US Military becomes even more critical when combined with the information we released on July 4, 2008, in our report titled “Top French Bird Flu Researcher Brutally Murdered In London”, and where in we had stated:

“Most interesting about these reports, however, is not just the brutal murder of Mr. Bonomo, but the area of study he was embarked upon at London’s Imperial Collage, one of the World’s premier institutions investigating the deadly H5N1 Avian Flu Virus, and which is being reported to be the claim made by the Indonesian Government that this deadly virus has been ‘engineered’ by the United States.

Indonesian Health Minister Siti Fadillah Supari has joined an ever growing list of government officials calling for the ‘immediate’ closure of the United States Naval Medical Research Unit 2 (NAMRU-2) located in their Nation, and has stated:

“This laboratory has been in Indonesia without a permit for over 40 years for research of diseases. Various types of viruses from Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Indonesia had been studied in this laboratory,” she said.

The minister suspected that the results of the research work may be used for a certain dangerous and mysterious target and she was also very concerned about the government for being unable to prevent the country from threats of foreign powers already inside the country.”

It is also important to note that yesterday, Indonesia’s Health Minister continued her warnings about the US and this bioengineered Swine Flu, and as we can read as reported by Iran’s Press News Service:

“As swine flu continues to take its toll, claims surface that the deadly four-part flu virus could have been created for “bio-terror attacks.” Speaking at a conference to reassure the public over hers government’s response to the swine flu threat, Indonesian Heath Minister Siti Fadilah Supari said Tuesday that the controversial virus could have been man-made.

She declined to elaborate on her claim but she had previously accused Western governments of making and spreading viruses in the developing world to boost pharmaceutical companies’ profits.”

Important to note in Dr. Supari’s warnings is the fact that those who stand the most to gain in this current pandemic are those of the US Military-Intelligence-Political-Media Establishment, including former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and former US Secretary of State George Shultz who are among the major stock holders of the pharmaceutical company that makes the anti-viral drug Tamiflu.

The amassing of hundreds of millions of dollars during times of crisis like these are the stock in trade for these American Oligarchs as during the 2001 Anthrax attacks upon the United States, the Bush Family and their cronies, through their ownership of the $95 Billion worth Carlyle Group, made tens of millions from the sale of the former Nazi German owned Bayer Pharmaceutical antibiotic drug Cipro.

To any skeptical, or disbelieving Americans, who cannot comprehend the madness being perpetrated against them, they only have themselves to blame as the September 11, 2001 attacks upon their Nation proved, beyond all doubt, that these people have lost nearly all of their ability to separate fact from fiction. And, nowhere is this more evident in the fact that as the World begins closing its doors to North America, and as Egypt is now joining other Nations and had ordered the mass killing of every pig in their country, and as Nation after Nation begins banning the importation of North American pork products, the United States is allowing their borders to stay open and is warning the World not to ban its pork.

Russia, of course, is laughing off these new warnings from the US and is now even expanding its bans on North American meat products, while China has just issued a warning to the Americans to quit blaming it for this new Swine Flu, as both Nations are aware of the insidious plans being laid for the massacre of tens of millions due to this bio attack.

To the CIA being the financial backers of the giant US swine corporation Smithfield’s move to Mexico where it has created the World’s largest pig murdering operation and is said to be the epicenter of this new Swine Flu virus we cannot say.

What can be said though is this, for anyone unleashing an aerosol bio engineered influenza virus, in Mexico they couldn’t have picked a better place if their planning was for the unleashing of a Global Pandemic on a scale not seen since the Spanish Flu outbreak of 1918, especially when combined with the fact that pigs are nature’s natural breeding ground for flu viruses and this ‘interesting’ 2004 report from the US Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy that says:

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will soon launch experiments designed to combine the H5N1 virus and human flu viruses and then see how the resulting hybrids affect animals. The goal is to assess the chances that such a “reassortant” virus will emerge and how dangerous it might be.”

Today we know that answer…it’s dangerous, really, really dangerous!

© April 29, 2009 EU and US all rights reserved

from http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1229.htm but I’m not sure I trust the site.

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