Perfect Storm 2010-2020

Prophecy from John Paul Jackson

Judging by the video embedded below, this man really is a christian.

The above site has study notes for the video below, and a bunch of other stuff.

He wrote the book Divine Chaos.

The video I took notes from is gone. Here is an “official” link:

 The Perfect Storm

Why is this storm coming? God wants us to repent from our sins and walk with him. Our sins are changing our culture and giving Satan the legal right to hurt us.

This will come in waves during the time from 2010-2020. The primary focus is the United States.

5 Elements

Religion – Churches will file bankruptcy, and house churches will grow in number. A lot of church leadership immorality will  be exposed beyond the Catholic stuff.

Politics – Pray for Obama. Islam wants to kill him to start riots here and make him a “martyr”. We will see the worst riots in history: race or economic. A robinhood mentality will rise. More political corruption will be uncovered. Terrorist activity will rise. Rural land will become precious. Social Security and retirement accts will become of little value. Uunited States will bring home most of its troops to save money and will cut much foreign aide. Islam will grow and will try to force its way into our schools. It will take ove a major city by a “multiplation project.” Intitiative to put a pres in White House by 2024. Economics – A bubble of hope will allow U.S. folks to make preps. Commercial paper and consumer credit is another domino that will fall. Malls will close. Waves of inflation and staglation and deflation will follow one another rapidly. Dollar will fall to peso and Canadian dollar and a new “Amero-dollar” will arise. People in cities will grow their own food.

War- A dirty bomb in a U.S. port city. Israel be attacked with nuclear material being released. Israel will strike back with missile strikes and bomb Iran. Anti-semitism will rise. Then Russia will create an oil crisis and seek to take Ukraine. Mubaric will be replaced with a new terrorist govt. Pakistan will become more terroristic.

Geophysical Events – He keeps hearing the prhase “the woes of 2012”. Jet streams will go wild and cause major weather shifts around the world. Earth quakes in coastal areas and the midwest. A volcanoe will erupt in the U.S. Thunderstorms with hail and 24″ of rain in 24 hours. 3′ of snow in 6 hours. Tornadoes with winds over 350 mph. Tornadoes in new places. Hurricaine with with winds over 180 mph and storm surges miles inland. Another hurricane witha 500mi diameter. A blight will hit a hybrid seed crop. Draught. A national food shortage will occur. Epidemic will take many lives in the U.S. and elsewhere. Signs in the sun, moon and stars. A bubble around our solar system is weakening and harmful rays will cause new skin diseases. Earth’s magentic fields  are wnd will shift and reduce their protective effect. Also our electronic communications will suffer.

4 To Do’s

Return to knowing God and His ways

Re-learn how to contend for the faith

Return to the love of God’s Word

Declare assemblies of repentance and fasting

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