Norway Spiral Resolved

See also the return of the nephilim!

This apparently new phenomenon is being seen over numerous countries.

The spiral “over” Norway on Dec 9, 2009. Well, as seen from Skervoy, in Norway, looking east southeast.

This is the same as the spiral over China in 1981 and 1988 (pictured below). Seeing them on video, the similarity is definite. Norway videos are here. And see the China video. Another Chinese spiral in 2006, I think. And as seen over Tomsk, Russia, in 2005. And concentric circles were seen here over Ireland in 2008.

I am noting the comparisons with the Norway spiral event… being it was a blue spiral the same as the SA spiral.

October the 18th 2009 a spiral was photographed over South Africa. “It never got any real media attention out of South Africa which is very surprising considering the attention the Norway spiral had. … A photographer out taking shots of a storm and a few other people with cameras caught the event of a spiral in the sky.” Read more at Strange.


In subsequent years, we had the the Australian Spiral in 2010 and on June 7, 2012 there was another spiral, this time seen in the skies over the Middle East:

And crop circles.

Returning to the Norway spiral, we have here that is was not a rocket. Really. Really? On the other hand, here is some strong pro-rocket evidence from Richard Hoagland. Well, if a rocket, what was deployed in this rocket or was this just a third-stage failure? Hoagland links it to the pyramid ufo photographed over Moscow that same night (the spiral was in the morning). He then offers an explanation that combines a rocket and HAARP … and the pyramid. It’s really good work.

This phenomenon could be exclusively generated by modern technologies, but if so someone is attempting to replicate a technology or natural phenomenon that existed in pre-history and was referenced by ancient cultures around the world. Notice the connection between the symbology on this badge from the Office of Information Awareness and the black pyramid found in Ecuador apparently from the most ancient culture known.

The spiral was a phenomenon viewed by the ancients.

Notice the spirals in this gateway in India…


From the Sanchi temple:

Which looks architecturally similar to this (much) earlier passage tomb in Newgrange, Ireland …

The design of the Sanchi temple is clearly derived from that of the Newgrange passage tomb. Notice the circular vertical wall, on which there is a dome-shaped “ceiling.” Also note that they are both sacred places in which one can go and commune with the “gods,” so they serve a similar function.

And they both display spirals. On the entrance stone and inside at Newgrange, we see this:

It is “often referred to as a Celtic design, but this was carved at least 2500 years before the Celts reached Ireland.” Celtic lore described a people that preceded and continually battled against them, called the Fomori, and described them as terrifying one-eyed giants. The idea of the Fomori could reflect an earlier people that the Celts once had to battle in order to establish themselves there.

A culture that spread between Ireland and India? This is the Aryan (Indo European) spiral. Well I suppose it’s broader than that. It would include Indo-Sumerian, and for that matter American. For the ancient Mayans the spiral, as the “galactic butterfly,” came to represent the center of the Milky Way. For them the center of the Milky Way represented the source of all of the consciousness that ever existed in the galaxy. This consciousness materialized as ancestor-gods. To depict, use, or wear a Galactic Butterfly was to anticipate materialization of the ancestors. The Mayans believed that every person was connected to the center of the galaxy through the sun. The Aztecs also used this symbol. It is said that the sun lines up between the earth and the galactic center on December 21, 2012 and that that is the end of a long Mayan calendar cycle.

Ultimately it is probably a portal or gateway to the galactic center that is hypothesized at the center of the spiral form. An image of this as sculpted by the earliest known civilization may be seen in this video, about 4:40 minutes in and it is explained a little here. Notice that this center is also depicted as a tetrahedron. The tetrahedron is regarded by Richard Hoagland as the natural geometry associated with a portal between our material dimensions and additional or “higher” or “spiritual” dimensions. It is also associated with geomagnetism.

More spiral petroglyphs.

Apparently the swastika and the maltese cross were used by most ancient cultures to represent something that might be described as the spiritual energy that governs the material world through spin and gravity.

James Bailey, in his The God-Kings & the Titans, says that Professor Marcel F. Homet (Sons of the Sun, Spearman 1963), professor of classical Arabic (U. of Algiers), and an archaeologist was “powerfully impressed by the similarity of the megalithic monuments of the Amazon to those of his home country of Algeria (and) the inscriptions upon them. It was the combination of the same dolmens and the same inscriptions from the opposite sides of the Atlantic which impressed him. (Bailey 233)” Bailey continues that professor Homet, “recalls the many urn-burials he found in the Amazon, (saying,) ‘These urns were bi-conical in form and are set in grottoes and rock crypts, the walls of which are decorated with drawings. There one can see swastikas, triple triangles, zigzag lines, spirals, meander fret work, forms which one could call pure Mycenaean or Trojan, which is to say they are so analogous that only a common fountainhead can be assumed. These urns which we were to find for the first time in the north Amazon, are identical with the Etruscan ones in Italy and those found in Lausitz in Germany. They are also very similar to the urns in Brittany which date back to the Celtic epoch in France. And all These urns are the relatives of those of prehistoric Crete.'” (Bailey, 234 quoting Homet 119).

The spiral is a phenomenon rooted in nature – and therefore science

Stone age petroglyphs depicted not only spirals, but other shapes described by high current phenomena.

from Dr. Perrat: “This event was natural and occurs when two Birkeland currents interact, usually around 300 -500 km above Earth. Birkeland currents
most often occur in pairs because of the 1/r attractive force between them. This is not an EISCAT heating phenomena.
Not the HAARP and plasma research facility, they do not have the capability to produce such high density plasma events, only minor aurora.”

from Plasma Universe:


Near-Earth Manifestations of the Plasma Universe.

Today we have only very weak auroras in the upper ionosphere. In the past, as NASA’s THEMIS satellites have discovered, they were a million-million times more energetic and located say, 1 million km from Earth. Petroglyphs are pictures of these, we know, from thermonuclear explosion pictures underground and very high energy experiments in canyons. Also, from supercomputer modeling.

(I have to insert my question here for this to make sense)
And one last thing, given the rise in cosmic ray flux recently and the drop in strength of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field, can we expect more of these types of events in the future?

No, the cosmic flux will not change anything but dense plasma entering the solar system, as is now happening, will.

I sent him one more in order to get some clarification regarding the actual effects on our solar system due to this dense plasma. So far the only thing I know we can expect is more of these high density events.


Here is another interesting read along these lines: Spiral Dynamics: The Conch & the Earth’s Rotation. And according to this article from the Times of India, “in February (2008 or 2009), HAARP managed to induce a strange bull’s-eye pattern in the night sky.  Instead of the expected fuzzy, doughnut-shaped blob, surprising irregular luminescent bands radiated out from the centre of the bull’s-eye, according to Todd Pedersen, a research physicist.” See this patent. And see this discussion of electron as wave. A post on this page identifies the source as a new version of HAARP, called EISCAT.

So, what has modern science stumbled onto? A natural phenomenon? A sign of the return of the Aryan age? A sign of the coming of Maitreya as Share International claims? Anything to do with Project Blue Beam? A sign of the return of the nephilim? All of the above?

It couldn’t be the return of planet X, because it’s not there. You can see that it’s not there … here:

The ancients depicted the spiral in the possession of VIPs

The locations of these glyphs is random. I think one is from Australia and the others from America. They are the first ones of this type that I found. The spirals are depicted here not up in the sky, nor are they “in the wild.” They are held by power figures that presumably control and use them. The first pictures indicate that these dudes have four fingers (well, three fingers and a thumb, probably).

I notice several symbols, being associated with these personages: Four-fingered hand, six-fingered hand, hand-held spiral, hand-held tree or (very large) mushroom or pyramid with energy flowing out the bottom, horns or antennea or pigtails, and etc. For more pics, check out True Gems – Indian Rock Art.The Minoan Epiphany - Conclusions


One symbol that stands out among the rock glyphs above is the three-branched
clade worn on the tunic of the figure at the top left standing with its apparently tamed beast. The clade appears to be a sort of “family crest.” Look at this very similar theme in the depiction of the Phrygian goddess Kybele from Turkey. Not only does she wear the three-branched clade, but she is riding a tamed lion.



This image of Kybele standing displays the same body shape as two of the rock glyphs above, and she has four “pigtails” like the glyph at the top left.



And to the right she is seated, with tamed beasts and holding her hands in essentially the same position as the rock glyph above at the top left, complete with a round dias or drum in her left hand. There is nothing written on it, but one can imagine that when she “lights it up” with her super-human powers and holds it forward for devotees to adore, they might see a spiral pattern as their minds are brought under her spell. It is clear from the petroglyph pictured in this link that ancient deities brought their subjects under a psychic power.

Below is Kybele apparently holding the disk for adoration.


The bottom half of this statue shows that she has owls as well as lions.




A much more ancient diety, the winged Sumerian Inanna-Ishtar holds up rings, with rods. She wears the Shugurra crown, has bird feet, and has owls and lions at her disposal. She is the Sumerian-Babylonian predecessor of the Phrygian Kybele.






That brings us to this relief of the Sumerian god, Anu, supreme god of the sky. He is both father and lover of Inanna. He holds two three-branched clades. He emerges through a ring as though he is the rod, and as through a portal from another dimension. The Hindu Shiva and the Greek Poseidon are also known by a form of three-branched clade: the trident, which in their case is a long-handled weapon.

It is mentioned in the Spiral Dynamics: The Conch & the Earth’s Rotation page referred to above that the Hindu god, Vishnu, is “commonly depicted with a spiraling conch in one of his hands. This is a spiral symbol.

So who were these power figure(s)? And what were their spirals? These were the pagan gods of antiquity and the spirals appear to be a phenomenon associated with their presence and activities. Personally, I think the spiral is what their subjects saw when being brought under the mental control of these beings, and possibly when they used their powers for other things. The spiral may be a standing wave pattern similar in nature to the patterns known from cymatics, which the ancient gods appear to have used to manipulate gravity.

The ring and the stick of Anu and his consort has been used by modern organizations in their logos. It is unlikely that this has occurred by random chance, but reflects the beliefs of the owners and operators of these organizations. To see more on this, visit my post, The Money of the Beast – Redux. If you don’t already know, it may surprise you who is doing this, and why.

19 Responses to Norway Spiral Resolved

  1. John says:

    There are just too many spirals throughout history to connect this spiral with all of them and narrow things down to a particular culture.

  2. icliks says:

    The connection starts with the Newgrange passage tomb and moves to India with the Sanchi temple. The architecture and purpose for the buildings are just too similar to be random. This reflects the presence of Aryan history from Ireland, across Europe, into Indo-China (?) – India and probably China, I don’t remember.

    The Aryans contemplated a “mystical” spiral – hence its presence at their sacred sites mentioned above.

    The theory in the Spiral Dynamics article is that the Aryans get the spiral from natural phenomena. The article mentions some, but it is also possible (speculatively) that luminescent spirals in our atmosphere once occured more frequently. The ancients would have thought them miraculous and taken them as great signs. Maybe natural conditions are becoming right for these to occur again.

    There is no doubt that the incident in Norway and that in China are the same thing (as each other). There are rumors of others, but I haven’t chased that down.

    Whether other ancient cultures besides the Aryan contemplated the spiral I don’t know.

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. David says:

    For what it’s worth, these Celtic mounds (ignoring for the present the Indian edifice) were for burying nobles and were considered the gateways to the other world. It is very likely that these spirals were protective symbols carved to guard the dead since this kind of practice is well known across the world’s tombs.

  4. David says:

    Oh, and also those celtic mounds, if they are actually celtic, would not be “Aryan.” The Celts are a very distinct people group. Not that they aren’t allowed spirals, but you need much more than a domed building to link the entire Indian people group to the Celts.

  5. Melinda Chamberlain says:

    Many people have seen a strong connection between Celtic language and Indian sanskrit in the Ayurveda (sp?). Also fabric with woven Celtic plaid has been found in ancient Chinese burial site.

  6. Janice says:

    I think we can all agree that it’s a very complex subject…

  7. Melinda Chamberlain says:

    Oops! I think it was the Baghavad Gita

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