Smart Grid / EMP

The smart grid incorporates electromagnetic radiation from the electrical grid, cellular grid signals, internet wi-fi signals, HAARP, satellite signals, and chemtrails.

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Smart Grid EM Energy and Radiation


from End Times Report

Faraday cages can be built to totally enclose sensitive equipment not in use.  This subject is covered in more detail at this link for Faraday cages.  You can modify a surplus ammo box to make a Faraday cage. Or you can simply buy a galvanized 33 gallon trash can, line it inside with some non-conductive material, load your emergency electronics inside it, and tape it shut with metallized duct-tape, as it says here. The link also describes what to put in there.

In general, the equipment is placed in a metal or foil covered box (tinfoil will do it), insulated on the inside, and preferably grounded.  Exposed radios and similar equipment (i.e., not inside such a box) are extremely difficult to protect, particularly if they are plugged into a 110 volt household electric circuit.  Thus, spare equipment stored in Faraday cages would be most advantageous. If the Faraday cages are sitting on a conductive surface, they should be grounded.  Grounding is safer in any case, though.


Top 10 Vehicles to Survive EMP

EMP-Hardening your Car

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