What to Do

The Biblical Examiner

Special E mail Edition
April 8, 2009

… First, get out of debt …

Second, seek a “recession” proof occupation, or at least something on the side …

Third, bartering. … These horrendous bailout  programs will bring at the very least unheard of inflation, if not a total collapse of the US, bankruptcy. …  It is just a matter of time. …

Fourth, arm yourselves. … Load up on ammo from places that will sell it without taking your name and address. See



Everyone should have one shotgun in their homes. … One long rifle with a good scope. …



Fifth, make an appointment with your sheriff, and see where he stands on the gun and ammo issues, the house to house search (use the above auricle about Iowa as your concern),
even home education issues. …

Sixth, have at least 30 days worth of basic food for your family.

Seventh, community. One of the more distressing things today about the ease of transportation and being scattered, is that those with like minds live so far apart. … Each family should have a community “party” (block party) a couple times a year. At the least, every one should know all those within their block (or within seeing distance, in our

Eighth, get passports for all the family. …

Ninth, be very “noisy” about issues that concern you as well as the general public. …

Tenth, husbands must assure their wives that they have a plan or are working on a plan for her and her children s safety. …

Eleventh, because of the planned chaos, there will be riots in the cities. The riots will …  challenge law enforcement so that marshal law will be enforced, and the military called out.  …

Twelfth. Understand that there will be drug wars coming to your community or communities near you. The government has refused to stop the illegals from coming in. The planned result is that these illegals will create great chaos which will need  a military presence in each community.

Where can we go??

Proverbs 21:31 The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the LORD. …

Psalms 64: The wicked who are in authority are taking counsel together, whetting their swords, bending their bows, and shooting at those who are trying to do right. They encourage
themselves in their evil matters, and lay snares for whoever they can snare. But the day shall come when God shall shoot at them. They will fall into the pit they digged for the righteous. …

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