The Hybrid Hair

Listen in. If you start at 1 hour and 7 minutes (the link might start you there) it takes about 5 minutes to get to the hair, but the context is helpful. If you want the whole interview, it starts about 39 minutes in.

Some notes:

L.A. Marzulli, the author interviewed on Coast to Coast above, visited South America to see nephilim remains and artifacts on exhibit there.

His team was given a strand of hair from one of the ancient nephelim skulls there. It was red hair. The “spectrographic” analysis of this hair sample does not match human hair. However the nephelim hair did prove to be of the same species as another sample that was saved from a contemporary abduction experience!

The abductee claims that during his experience he was forced to have sex with a blond female and was able to save a strand of her hair. This blond hair had been analyzed by the same machine used to analyze the red hair from the ancient nephelim skull. The analysis indicates that these two beings were of the same species. This species is thus proven to have existed for thousands of years and to still exist today.

So that ends my notes from the above Coast to Coast interview.

While I disagree with the following, in which it says there will not be a new temple built where the antichrist will sit, the video does identify the species conducting the hybridization program as Seraphim (the link cuts you in where he says this). Besides that, the video is very interesting generally.

Also visit, Alice down the evolutionary Rabbit Hole. And if these entities are currently at war with you, you should know that you actually can stop them. Visit the Alien Resistance site.

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