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Cryptocurrency is the new money. But as of the start of 2017 only about 6% of the world’s population know anything about it. The world waits, mostly oblivious, for the company or group to come forward that has the business model that will change that.

Cryptocurrency, which is based on a special kind of database called a blockchain, is the latest evolution in payments. It is more efficient and more secure than existing forms (debit/credit cards, checks, and such), and it is here to stay. The financial industry has taken notice, and banks around the world are developing their own blockchain technologies. Banks around the world will begin offering their own blockchain transaction services within a year.

For example:

BitCoin is currently the leader among the existing cryptocurrencies. It will be for a long time, and it is seeing more and more acceptance by merchants – especially, as a store of value, but also for shopping online. It is mostly popular in Asia and among computer tech types. But it has become famous, if to most only as a niche oddity.

There are over a thousand other cryptocurrencies, too. But who has heard of them? Most of them are languishing for lack of public awareness and participation. Cryptocurrency and the blockchain have proven themselves to technical experts and business managers to be a superior transaction technology and are at the threshold, ready and waiting to step out into broad public acceptance. Some catalyst will make this happen. But what? Who will take it there? Will the world wait for the banks?

Enter the PRO currency, with its iPro Network (IPN):


  1. PRO currency – a real, tradeable, spendable e-currency;
  2. PRO Rebate Rewards – offered currently at over 4,000 recognizable brandname retailers;
  3. IPN Featured Products;
  4. IPN Affiliate Program.

IPN has developed a platform that stands at the center bringing together the merchant, cryptocurrency (the PRO currency), and consumers, with an easy to use shopping application that offers cash back rewards to the shopper in the form of  its PRO currency. These are not just reward points for use at a specific store or with an expiration date, but are an actual cryptocurrency. As a real cryptocurrency they can be held as a store of value. They never expire. They can be traded on the cryptocurrency exchanges. And they can be used to purchase real things.

Pro Announces

Macy’s, eBay, Priceline, Amazon, Walmart, JC Penney, Kohls, NewEgg, and so on.

The IPN provides the retailer a growing buyers club of shoppers very keen to shop where they can acquire PRO coins through the reward program. As you can see by the names above, major retailers are seeing the potential in this arrangement and will be available when this platform comes online in the winter of 2017.

PRO, The Future of Commerce

Cash back rewards of up to 100% posted to your account as PRO coins – usable for online purchases at a growing number of stores, and tradable on the cryptocurrency exchanges.

 The IPN, through its network of satisfied shoppers and its affiliate program, provides a growing army of people telling other people about the benefits, the uses, and the ins and outs of cryptocurrency and of PRO coin and the IPN network. For those interested, the company offers education in online marketing and on cryptocurrency.
The IPN business model is here now – one to two years ahead of the banks. Besides that it is independent of the banks, which in the current financial climate is a serious plus. This model is very likely to be the catalyst that takes cryptocurrency to its next stage – taking it out of the niche realm and into the realm of acceptance and use among the general population.
The IPN network, while just opening up in the United States, is starting with a core group of consumer/affiliates, and over 4,000 retailers. This is a very strong start, but it is only the start. The network offers a multi-level affiliate reward system, and so current users are very keen to explain how this all works to others – and thus it will grow. As has been proven in the past with other companies, this is potentially an extremely fast growing business model. It is particularly suited to the kind of product or service that is superior in concept and execution but needs to be explained to people for it to be picked up and tried. It is perfectly suited to educating the public about blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and how to use it.
And yes, you can become involved. If you are interested in reviewing the opportunity, use the form below to get a password so you can visit our Information page.


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