1) Cars and Trucks

A car or truck old enough to use points and condensor will survive an EMP attack.

A horse, mule, 4 wheeler, dirt bike are good if some of your travel needs to be off-road.

Owner’s Manuals

Ethanol messes up small engines especially. Buy the blue gasoline additive that says its good for ethanol problems.

Improve your car or truck’s gas mileage and power (I haven’t tried this yet. Have you?):

Car Hacks

Unlock your Car:

2) The lowly Bicycle

Bicycle Hacks

3) The Motorcycle

What you want is a combination road and dirt bike. And a bike like that can be a real asset once you’ve had to bug out.

Dual Sport: Perfect SHTF Motorcycle

Motorcycle Parts

4) The Hovercraft

Well, I can’t resist. You can build a personal hovercraft and thus travel over water as well as land (they are likely to throw stones while travelling over land).

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